10 realistic scenarios of the Apocalypse

Today, as always, the problem of the end of the world raises very serious — I don’t know where did this tradition. Even rolling out another film on this topic — «world War Z» where brad pitt to save humanity from another threat of a tragic end. Although the invasion of zombies still seems to be something quite out of the ordinary. If the world and roll downhill, then most likely, it will happen less dramatic way. For example, one of the following ten ways.

1. Storms on the Sun

storms on the sun

The sun is harsh type. Of course, thanks to him we have light and heat to exist, but it can and destroy us — and not blink an eye. On the surface of the Sun frequently occur so-called outbreaks such explosive energy release on the sun’s surface. Of course, the naked eye is difficult to distinguish between them. But if you imagine that will the strong flash… the Last was in 1859, it even lit up the Telegraph lines. Imagine what harm it could bring to modern society, tied to the telecommunications infrastructure. The world literally would sink into darkness.

2. The eruption of the volcano

the eruption of the volcano

In 2010, the Earth reminded people of all the devastating forces that hide in its depths, the eruption of the volcano with the unpronounceable name in Iceland. Above him, then stood a massive pillar hell of a mess, which then occupied the area more than 250 million square meters. For several days air traffic over Europe stopped. Not bad, huh? And, you know, in Yellowstone national Park has an active volcano that could cause a disaster 10 000 times worse. To wreak havoc in the already slim ranks of humanity, would be enough eruption two or three of the five existing in the world SUPERVOLCANO in close sequence, the ecosystem will turn into nothing, the sun will be closed and people will wallow in hunger.

3. The collision of the planet with a solid asteroid


Many theorists believe the Apocalypse that the end of the world nothing to do with the fact that mankind creates. I confess, dude, I also like to think so. So you can give yourself to the will of the chaotic dance of the giant celestial bodies and more than anything not to worry — at least with regard to our involvement in the end of human civilization. In 1994 the comet shoemaker—levy crashed into Jupiter and caused on its surface flare with a diameter of almost 6 km. How’s that? Many believe that the dinosaurs became extinct because fell to Earth an asteroid the size of 10 km, and to knock us off balance, enough for the guy six times less. Fortunately, astronomers observed such a large near Earth asteroids, but there is one asteroid the size of 270 m, and it will be here in 2029. Hurrah!

4. Pandemic


In recent years we had several times a good to survive due to various epidemics (avian, swine flu — me too, yeah). Fortunately, it’s not turned into a fatal epidemic, but this luck can not be repeated always. Bacteria and viruses mutate to survive, and the development of new deadly diseases — only a matter of time. During the last flu epidemic in 1918, the disease claimed many lives, and incurable viral infections like HIV shes changed the lives of mankind. Our world gets more and more internal links, it becomes increasingly consolidated and global, that greatly increases the speed of the pandemic to all corners of the globe.

5. The clathrate of methane

the clathrate methane

One of the most terrible threats to life on Earth lies on the seabed and waiting for only a small warming, to break free and kill us all. The methane clathrate is a form of ice that exists at the bottom of oceans. This ice contains a large amount of the greenhouse gas methane. As soon as the average temperature of the planet increasing, the methane within these ICES will explode and release a lot of gas, ash and smoke, which will escape from the water, like a huge geyser. The first such explosion will start a real chain of explosions, and eventually our ecosystem will come to an end. BAM! — and here we are on the verge of extinction.

6. Colony collapse

colony collapse

Earth’s ecosystem is a set of interrelated parts, and if one of them fails, the consequences can be catastrophic. Colony collapse is a phenomenon in which a whole population of worker bees suddenly disappearing. There are several theories regarding the cause of this phenomenon: the increased use of pesticides, electromagnetic radiation, etc., Bees pollinate plants, and this is very important: without them, many crops will not begin.

7. Taking to heaven alive

taking to heaven alive

Disclaimer: we do not support any religion, it’s just fun to imagine it. Many believe that there are some supernatural forces that control mankind. Perhaps the most popular theory among Christians God, in their opinion, could come down to earth and take all true believers with him to heaven. Just imagine, millions of people could disappear, despite the fact what they were doing in a given time: driving, doing surgery, I operated a nuclear reactor. That’s where it will be chaos!

8. Nuclear war

nuclear war

Nuclear war was for the generation of the eighties practically the same as for us of the invasion of zombies. The cold war with the United States sparked the arms race and obsession to stock up on nuclear weapons, and more, more — all its reserves will be enough to destroy the planet several times in a row. But also Iran and North Korea are rushing to contribute to the nuclear deposits, so the Apocalypse is real. Just a hundred bombs, if they blow up in a short period of time, can cause a nuclear winter — the worst climate change on the planet will be incredibly cold as in the atmosphere will be a suspension of particles that cover the solar light. And this pleasure will not last one thousand years. So the planet will have time to empty as much as possible. Death, destruction, yay!

9. Moving the black hole

black hole

Remember … all and Sundry because of the Large hadron Collider: the type of humanity will create artificial black hole that will engulf the entire Solar system? This did not happen, however, the danger of black holes is still there. Recently discovered moving black holes. They sweep through space, leaving a full gravitational Destro. If this thing will fly anywhere close (by cosmic standards) from the Ground, we’re screwed. At least change the orbit of rotation of the Earth around the Sun, and it does not end good.

10. Restart the simulator


There is a probability that the reality is not as simple as we think. Maybe what we are experiencing is only a simulation created by the code of some giant super computer. As in «the Matrix», but quite a realistic idea. Three scientists from the University of Washington published a theory to explain some of the inconsistencies in our world it’s such garbage.

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