10 quotes by Stephen king

Poradi.s.ua_31.07.2015_6TGJ6x2kRpJ9XThe king of Horror has long been not young in body but strong in spirit, and he has a lot to learn. No one can deny that Stephen king is a phenomenal writer for generations of people around the world. He is full of international awards, adaptations and just a huge number of written novels. He also worked on some comics. On account of his millions of dollars, but he never flaunts them: walking in a normal pair of jeans, drives a normal car and eats regular food. Edition manygoodtips.com decided to post the most interesting quotes by Stephen king, a man whom you can admire, even though the attitude to his work.

1. About youth

14, 15, 16 years you don’t exist. You yet, you just have to come. You only make yourself.If you think about it, the way things are. At this age, you nobody takes seriously, but it’s not doing you any favours. You pointless trying to get to his feet, but doing a lot of stupid things. Have a sense of humor to the «difficulties» that occur during these years, and try to make yourself better.

2. About religion

I believe that any organized religion will sooner or later lead to mass murder.If someone puts you in your right hand the Bible, sooner or later he will put in his left a pistol.It is difficult to refute the idea of king. You can see for yourself what is happening in Syria, Iraq these days. In other world religions is simply no way to hold such a terror, as they still have to obey secular laws and to be, in essence, an appendage of the state. Although the Christian themes are very close to the king and reflected in his texts.

3. The horrors

Let’s look at the truth. On some level the horror to appeal to our negative and aggressive sides. When the book is a series of brutal murders, as I have in the «Dead zone», some part of the personality of the reader enjoys it.Probably, someone will deny it, but everyone has their dark side. Horror allows smooth out the corners of our personality, to relax and release some of our deepest desires in a relatively safe direction. Thus people can get rid of stress or perhaps delay the idea of becoming a serial killer.

4. About money

In my pocket is $ 70-80. If you run out of cigarettes I’ll go and buy them if you need a new pair of jeans – I buy if I’m running out of petrol – I go to the gas station. Beyond that my ambitions do not apply.At all times a sign of bad taste was the flaunting of their good financial situation. When mankind thinks of everything in terms of money alone, the phrase king it seems to come from the age of dinosaurs. But you don’t actually have that much right. When you stop to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and other things of the happiness you bring.

5. About the traps

There are traps that await anyone with enough money. You can drink yourself to death, die from an overdose, you can drive yourself to the grave by hard work or constant partying, you have access to all these options. And I decided I didn’t want this life. And if I have become dependent on the bottle, it would be wise to take her to hell. Once and for all that I did.I want to add that such «traps» exist for people who are not burdened with a large capital. They are just as likely to go the wrong way and not understand the difference between self-destruction and fun. In any case, you’re a grown man, and therefore to control your queries should be able to.

6. About priorities

You have to prioritize in your life, decide what’s best for you in the first place. As for me, I like to keep my job, my family, his identity and keep distance from the outside world with its luster and people who can not live without news about the starsit is Always good to do it. To evaluate the importance of a particular element of life is not easy, but worth it. It is not necessary to copy the priorities of other people. Understand what is important to you. Just like it is possible to live bright and full life.

7. On self-deception

If what you’re doing, you pay the refusal of the «I», you have to stop.And how often are you honest with yourself? Think about that every time you go against yourself, you destroy a piece of his personality, cheated and killed everything he believed in. Sometimes a momentary advantage may cost much more than you thought.

8. On taxes

You will ask me: «what, you’re like a rich man?» I answer: «Thank God for that». Because I grew up in a poor family, my mother turned for help to the state when the steering was the Republicans, and was refused. That’s where I went. As a rich person, I pay the tax on 28%. I want to ask, why am I not paying 50%? Why all the rich are not paying 50%?

From a speech by Stephen king at the Congress of trade unions of Florida, March 2011.In our country the income tax is one for all – 13%. That is, there is no difference in how much you earn: $ 100 million per year, or 100 thousand. You will pay along with all. If this is true? Well, you never know.

9. On mad men

Once in my house, broke a window, climbed up the guy who was screaming he had a bomb (actually it was a dummy) and now he will undermine me for what I through telepathy stole his idea for the book «misery» – fortunately, quickly the police arrived.Some guy from California is suing me for the reason that I and Ronald Reagan conspired together and killed John Lennon. My life cannot be called boring.They always surround us – we must be cautious. And when you shall have the glory, crazy around you becomes more and more.

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