10 qualities of a winner

manygoodtips.com_31.03.2014_d2RmVT6iLnFbbLife has been a series of successes and failures. But, some of us give up, having failed, and go with the flow. Others, on the contrary, again and again, trying to sail through adversity and move towards their goal. Having won once, we are looking for new paths, set higher goals and strive to achieve again. Each victory makes us more confident and strong.

But if we are not lucky, then we look at the winners with some envy, and think that winning is in their blood that they were born winners. But actually, any dude, didn’t wallow in his laziness, can be a winner. This can require considerable effort and sacrifice, but in the end, the winner takes it all.

How to become a winner? Well, first set a goal, for a start not too complicated when you reach it, you will get motivated on your new goals, more ambitious. Every, even the smallest victory gives us great confidence and reveals our potential. And that the path to achieving the goal was not too difficult, try to develop the qualities of the winner:

1. He has a dream. Without a dream, our life lacks focus-and we drift to nowhere.

2. He prepares everything that he needs to do, and awareness of preparedness gives him confidence in his abilities.

3. He completely focused on the present, not distracted by future or past.

4. He is full of passion and lust for life. It makes him move forward and never give up.

5. He is willing to do what is necessary. He realizes that winning will involve some sacrifices.

6. He takes responsibility for his own life. He knows it’s his job — to set and achieve a goal.

7. He’s persistent and resilient, he continues to move forward, even when on his way there are obstacles.

8. He drew attention to the failure. He doesn’t cut corners and don’t ignore the situation when things go wrong.

9. He has an optimistic and positive approach. He understands the value of good relationships.

10. He strives for perfection and doing everything possible to achieve it. He will compete with other winners, to push the boundaries.