10 qualities of a girl that you should pay attention to

Perfect girls do not exist, same as there are no unicorns (we smashed your imagination, forgive us). But this does not mean that will not be the girl you want to do with my life. A lot of guys act on impulse when you decide to start a serious relationship, but we do not recommend to rely only on internal feelings — they can be pretty damn deceiving, and after several months of living together you will understand it. Instead, you should pay attention to the positive qualities of a girl that is able to make you happy. What is the quality? You’ll know soon!1 She is not looking for «serious relationships»

You’re thinking that we’re contradicting yourself. But you have to understand that the friend who is always looking for a serious relationship, wants to have children, find a good house and «reliable» men are the girlfriend, who goes by profit, not by feelings. A girl will love you, and you will feel it when you start to see her every day. However, if you met a girl who doesn’t reconcile you, but continues to love you, then you picked the right life partner.

2 She sees you not the way, but a real person Before thinking about a serious relationship, try to analyze the feelings of a friend to you. There is a possibility that she doesn’t know the real you, but knows the way that you might yourself have created? It is dangerous to live with someone who does not understand your true nature, your flaws and personal characteristics. But if a girl knows your problem and is not afraid of them, you can try your luck. This girl does not live by myth and will be able to understand the real you.

3 She’s not looking for salvation , Such persons are common. They are looking for a man who could get them out of your ass, worthless existence. They can be nice, beautiful and loyal (to some extent). But their desire to live with you is based on the desire to live a better life — they want a beautiful life. Be vigilant and beware of girls who are looking for a patron. You have to understand that to build a healthy relationship is easier with that friend who sees you as their Savior. It is much nicer to live with someone who owns a financial and psychological independence.

4, It radiates warmth

In the physical sense, and not only through sex, although the latter we are more interested in. It so happened that we were born men, and man’s world is no place for softness, but this does not mean that we don’t want to be loved and feel that love physically through touch, warmth, woman, intimacy. Friend doesn’t just have to give it to you — she must want. And if you talk about sex, you know you want a girl without complexes and with a healthy interest in experimentation — this friend can be taught. 5 She is an optimist Well. If you select only optimists, half decent women will be left without the boys. But from personal experience, we will continue to say that with the optimist, life is easier, nicer and quieter. They do not complain about their girlfriends, job, physical condition, and broken dreams. They can easily cope with problems and help to cope with your optimist’s good in moments when you are faced with a serious crisis in life. If your girl optimist, appreciate it — you are so lucky.

6 She’s the cheerleader, not the coach Some guys need a «strong hand», but most of us prefer girls who support our decisions and not try to change them. You’re a man, so you will always find it difficult to live with a girl who will control you. You can, of course, to surrender to, but happy future life is not exactly call. In a relationship need not «coach» and «cheerleader» that will support you even when you take a wrong decision.

7 She is ready for the challenges Luck can turn on you at any time. So if you chose «Tu», the friend can quickly turn the tractor of Peter pig and go beyond the horizon. Some girls just do not know how to cope with crises. They are good when things are going well. But when it’s a «bad» ex-cuties turn into horrible bitches. And it can be for you a real kick. But such behavior is always predictable, if you ask for.

8 She is not afraid of new experiences

All complain that life is short. This is true, if you live bright and beautiful. But if you spend your whole life doing the same, then life would be incredibly boring and long, and you won’t like this. So you need a girl who is ready for new impressions, challenges and experiences. It will be strange to live with a friend of 20 years, and so never to try with it anal sex. Will be very sad to live with a girl who is anxious to go abroad or to relocate to a new experience. In General, look for a friend who is not afraid of the new.

9 She is able to think for themselves if we wanted someone to care, I would take the cat. There are of course men who want weak-willed girl, who will assume the role of a doll to feed and you need to make all the decisions. There are even girls who dream of becoming a «doll», to make life easier. But if we focus on our tastes, we like independent women who are able to think for themselves. With them interesting to live them more fun to love them more respect.

10-She really loves you There is a breed of friends, which believes that feelings have only them, and men should wear on their souls, Kevlar body armor, to be happy with soup and a Blowjob. When the relationship is spontaneous and short-lived, only this is enough, but when you’re serious, then girlfriend needs to understand that the game is over, and you need to understand that among all the people to you it nourishes the best feelings.

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