10 psychological tricks to help make your life easier

Communication is hard, even when it comes to those closest to you. We fight, and start conflict with coldness relative to each other. With this you can not do nothing, only experience will help you understand your loved ones. But what to do when strangers depends on your job, you start to complicate your life? What to do when you complicate your life? Resolving internal and external conflicts takes a lot of energy. But you can always find a simple way. Just use our universal techniques that should not be confused with the harmful manipulation of people. Our methods are harmless and effective.1 Look in the eye when you get an unsatisfactory response

Sometimes we don’t like the answer to the question we ask. Instead repeat the question or ask to repeat it on others, look people in the eye. This will cause your companion to feel under pressure, pushed into a corner that will have a positive effect on the answers, he will modify his thoughts and answer.

2 Stay calm, when someone raises his voice at you For this you need to make a big effort, but it pays off. When the screamer acts in anger, the mirror of our behavior could trigger a psychopath to rash acts. But the feeling of anger cools quickly, so it is important to wait for the moment that will be replaced by anger at the guilt. If you’re going to act, then your opponent will be first to apologize.

3 Sit close to an aggressor to avoid attack

If you are going to meet with an aggressive person, then you should know that the discussion can turn into a massacre, or at least the flood of unwarranted criticism. Therefore, it is important to limit the personal space of the aggressor — it will reduce his confidence in his arguments. Sit closer and you’ll find a large decrease in the level of aggression. It works everywhere, even in a relationship with a girl. 4 Remember all the names if you want like If you want to be popular, you train your memory. Call all the people by name — this should make a habit of it, because when you call a person by name, he immediately begins to «open up» in front of you. The interviewee feels special because they appeal specifically to him and not to a faceless person in the crowd whose name nobody knows.

5 Write down thoughts when you feel the anxiety we All feel anxiety, stress and anxiety. If nothing is done, then anxiety can become a chronic condition of the body. But it can be overcome. It is sufficient to tell about their experiences. It is not necessary to share with a real person — just record your thoughts in a journal and then close it. Believe it or not, this helps to quickly get back to normal.

6 Limit the choice when you need to make a decision quickly

Some people believe that it is better to have a wide choice and more information to make the right decision. However, if to speak about the facts large selection paralyzes many opportunities. And when you have to take a hard and fast solution, a great choice may tip you in favor of wrong decisions. This situation can be compared to a big supermarket. You had to buy a dozen eggs, but you come to the store, you see a large amount of food and buy all, but not eggs. Therefore we suggest you limit the choice to reduce it to a number of clearly defined options, and the tones not to think. This will save time to consider every option.

7 Posture is an important component of confidence is the Correct posture can really boost your confidence. Understand that to follow this is not easy, and when working at a computer, the easiest way to be twisted boy. But try now to stand up straight, take up more space with his body, like animals, when you see the enemy. When take up more space (and this eliminates any curvature), then begin to feel and understand its power.

8 surefire ways to win in rock, scissors, paper

A small thing, but if you don’t want to take out the garbage, then our knowledge will help you. When you play this famous game, then put a random question right before the show sign. Usually sudden question confuses the enemy and most commonly causes him to show a pair of scissors. 9 Make people feel needed when you ask for help If you need someone to help you, but start with the phrase: «I need your help». People love to feel needed and I hate the guilt. When you start the conversation with this phrase, it is likely that you will get the help they need.

10 Warm up the hands before a handshake, you Know that cold hands cause people to mistrust. In winter they are difficult to keep warm, so you need to heat them up (rubbing against each other or hold under running hot water) to let a person feel friendly atmosphere. Make sure your hands are warm, if you have an important meeting. You could say that we are too rigorous, but the trajectory of life often depends on such trifles.

According to the materials of Eric Wagner

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