10 promising video games of 2016, which you didn’t know. Part II

Will finish magic ten video games, the publication of which is not trumpeted on every corner. And in vain, some of them deserve more respect than veterans of the French resistance. Pay attention, remember, record, bookmark, not to forget and not to miss. Some of them are more epic and more difficult for many of the recent «blockbuster games».


Platforms: PC, PS4

Office Ninja Theory, who in his time gave the world such hits as Devil May Cry and Heavenly Sword, knows how to do fast combo-based action games. Therefore, special concerns Hellblade causes.

The game’s plot is simultaneously banal and bizarre. The main character, a girl-warrior named Senua (eng. Senua), goes to a dark and dangerous journey into the depths of hell. The catch is that hell is a mentally disturbed subconscious of the girl. Here are the metamorphosis in the gloomy nooks and crannies of the subconscious.

The most colourful and prominent aspect of any game is the speech of the developers. If they listen, it is almost always under their sensitive fingers will hit that will overshadow GTA. And if he does not «shoot», then only the fault of the audience. So this time: the game was praised praises, and the words «parents» of the game, they emphasize three things: well-developed combat system, well written stories and a unique art design. Indeed, judging by the trailer, dark and mysterious story, based, by the way, in Celtic mythology, has a large claim to the title of masterpiece. If only the gameplay to be improved then it will just flash.

Torment: Tides Of Numenera

Platform: PC

Torment: Tides Of Numenera is a great game, about which little is heard but which has been waiting for. Waiting for adults only, I missed the first two parts of Fallout, and other popular gems in the ‘ 90s crpg genre.

To create the game Brian Fargo collected Kickstart $40000000, making the game one of the most funded.

The action game will take place in a fantasy world for a tabletop roleplaying game Numenera. In this medieval world view on the technology (stored as numenor – relics left over from long ago ceased to exist civilizations) is different from magic. In the end we are promised a world unlike any other, deep storyline and personality of the characters worked even better than in life. Eloquent the developers swore up and down that in this game the selection will really have an impact. Even the fight is not always necessary. How will actually, they’ll keep my word will come True Crime will see soon. Beta test the game has already passed, and so soon her direct access.


Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

The second debilitating, ultra-hard platformer from this list is definitely inspired by the classics of the 90s, like Rastan & Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts. When you look at the gameplay, you hear a rumbling metal soundtrack, and enjoy the melancholy color palette, involuntarily transported to the 90s. Even want to drink «Hershey Cola», chewing «Stimorol» and in a worn-out sweater to go on a radio market to buy a new album Megadeth and some VHS. Only, unlike their ancestors, the game is developed with the technical sophistication that was not available in those early years.

You control hardy’s hefty and strong, as the market economy, Viking, armed with big two-handed sword. He goes on his way through the rain, the wind, dodging zombies, ghosts and giant, hard-as-nails red-hot, knights seeking adventures on his hard iron armor. Well then again recall the good old sastlevania.

No need to treat the game like to pass the fun for half an hour. It’s closer to Dark Souls than in Call of Duty, which can be completed in two hours. After all, it did gross the guys that live by the principle «the mistakes you have to pay.» So this game does not forgive mistakes. Be vigilant, be strong, brave, clever, skillful, and enjoy beautiful animated blood.

Styx: Shards Of Darkness

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Styx: Master of Shadows is a prequel to the events shown good results. However, the talented stealth did not disclose fully its enormous possibilities. This honorable mission was entrusted to a new part of any game.

We promise a literally unique fantasy-world and stealth mechanics with the gameplay, which was not seen since Splinter Cell and The Thief. And if the first part did not become a blockbuster, new, judging by the reviews and promises, fully deserves this title.

To play the old familiar fan of the series – a Goblin with a talking mythological name Styx (the Styx – the river across which dead soul was transported to the realm of Hades). Among the characteristic abilities of the Goblin ropes and new mechanics of the murders. In addition, the second part offers an unprecedented freedom of movement. Let’s hope that the word «unprecedented» is not the regular trash with the huge, but empty, boring and meaningless world like most recent rpg thrown on the shelves in game industry.

As for the plot, it is closely connected with the previous part. After the fall of the tower of Akenash unexpected events forced the Goblin Styx out of the shadows and get into Körangar – the city of the dark elves, probably considered impregnable. Diplomatic summit, which takes place in the city, is just a cover for something more sinister. What… Here, according to the laws of television it is appropriate to say: «we’ll find out very soon.»

P. S. Trailer, unfortunately, is not, as of the date of withdrawal. God grant that in General this year released.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Here is the game from which the author of the article drooling! And no Mount&Blad’IB and Chiverly is not necessary. I can’t wait to drink wine, macnut unwashed hand of the woman hips to jump on a horse, sharpen a sword (in the game such manipulations are not just affordable, but also depicts in great detail), and then cut another Bohemian vampire.

No, there is no magical beast, as in «the Witcher», instead the emphasis is on an impressive, small-scale historicity of the story. Although the games are very similar. Similar in its scale, well conceived down to the smallest detail, rough, masculine, realistic violence, and partly by geography: the Polish «Witcher», Czech «Deliverance» – Eastern European development on the rise. It is a pity that our country is not concerned.

The events in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance take place in the Kingdom of Bohemia (nowadays Czech Republic). The first act takes place in a real location on the sázava and Rataje that the game was heavily modified. The game begins in 1403. Its action takes place in the late middle ages, when the Great Western schism, and the events that took place in Bohemia, ended the Hussite wars. In General, a useful game at the same time and history can be learned.

Why is this game not trumpeted on every corner? Must, must! Because it is embedded with more money than in fucking Albania, in the history of its fucking existence. See for yourself what a beauty: the hero of the game will have to sleep and eat, not to die. Equipment will deteriorate over time and require repair. Food also will eventually deteriorate. To repair armor or weapons, collect or create a new thing, to fish, to steal from people, to open the closed chests, to cook, to do alcohol or drugs, the player will play mini-games. In General, skills that are useful in real life.

Players are not tied to the initial class, so they were saved from the boring duty to sharpen your skills. The game offers a side of the warrior, bard and other medieval crafts, which need to skillfully handle the Mace.

Even the battle here is bigger than anywhere else. Until you master parry and block, to go into battle not worth it. There is even room simple coincidences inherent in a more real world than slot. For example, slid off the armor that you tripped, sprawled on the ground, and on top of your bright little head hysterically dropped the hammer. Then only the «Game over». Or one wrong move and BAM! – you’re on the enemy’s spear, as the boar on the spit.

Quests in the game can go in different ways. While the passing game will events such as castle sieges and large scale battles. Every character in the game has its own daily schedule which can change depending on the players actions. Characters will react to player actions. Don’t forget, the game is based on real events, and therefore only depends on you, what place in history you occupy. Behave shamefully and unworthily will remember stuff. Behave wisely and well – will remember with joy. Although this is the middle ages, what kind of kindness. Except that the relative. Thank you to the chief ideologist of this game Daniel Varva a love for details and its history. A real man: wanted to create a similar game created. Almost formed, PAH-PAH, touch wood.

While we wait for the summer, max in autumn 2016, to plunge into the computer bout. Down with real life is virtual! Especially since it is not different from the real. Who wanted to feel medieval oppressors of the Czech nation – welcome! The glory of king Sigismund! The glory of the Holy Roman Empire!

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