10 promising video games of 2016, which you didn’t know. Part I

Everyone has heard about the release of the new Warhammer, Mafia, DOOM. But these babies indie world forgot. And in vain, maybe they are not so raspiarili, and budgets, they have less, but playing them is certainly not less interesting. For those who have not went to the third «the Witcher» and heave from Follaut 4 (if there are any).

The Witness

Platforms: PC, PS4

The Witness (and in our «Witness») has long been in a strange limbo, and during its «sagging» had become one of the most anticipated indie games of recent years, remaining unknown to the mainstream. Largely expect a miracle just because her «father» is a brilliant mind of indie modernity Jonathan blow, someone with a light hand found the life of the legendary Baldur’s gate. So, players are waiting for a beautiful, cozy graphics, megakone puzzle (at least, much more interesting than Assasin’s Creed) and strange music.

In the story the main character wakes up in the basement of the house. After gets out, he realizes that he is in an unknown place, namely, on a mysterious island full of puzzles. In the search for answers to questions he finds an audiotape on which a voice of a man. He knows about the island, and will probably help to get out of here.

During the game, my dear indie-hobo, you’ll have to surf the gorgeous open world in the framework of a single island and to solve complex, scattered puzzle. Systematically, region by region, to eventually conquer the mountain in the center of the island.

The game will be a total of 650 puzzles, and not all of them are necessary to progress through the game. Besides, blow has intrigued the gaming press stories about a unique puzzle for geniuses that will be able to solve only 1% of the population. Average minds are able to go through the main storyline in just 25-40 hours.

Unreal Tournament

Platform: PC

Someone will say, «Dude, what the hell are you mentioned here a Hoax? You think we don’t know? And I have it in ‘ 99!» Of course, the game is legendary. Just live classics. But there is a high probability that you do not know about the plans of the great offices of Epic games. Do you know that the new Unreal will be distributed for free? This is not a demo, but a normal big game. No microtransactions, even game purchases will not. Just download the game from the server and play.

All because of the new game was developed in cooperation with the community of modders. The gaming community just send your drawings, paintings, ideas, and cooperation with developers of «sawed» the Playground of their dreams.

The game was constantly delayed, the next deadline (and, God willing, the last) was the beginning of 2016. So stocking up on popcorn and waiting when will finish the last Chapter to enjoy the joint efforts of the unsinkable Union fans and developers. If you get a masterpiece, I’ve decided to expect very large changes. Hey, you lovers of «pogamat», prepare projects to change their favorite games, in case you need.


Platforms: PC, PS4

Who would have thought that playing for the Forester, who oversees fire safety in Yellowstone reserve will be so exciting.

You are given a character named Henry. It is in his virtual skin is proposed to immerse the player. Only that Henry will not walk in the reserve and to make sure that the chanterelles did not take the matches, and to deal with the aftermath of a fire that actually occurred in 1988.

In the story, Henry discovers that, besides him, in the Park there is a mysterious stranger who behaves, to put it mildly, not in pioneer launches fireworks, hacking into the hut. Here you are invited to walk through the Park, and clean up after troublemakers, and to solve other issues shouldered by the ordinary of the chief of fire safety. And best of all, in several versions.

You constantly locates and loads tasks boss with amazing biblical name Delilah. As we remember from a very interesting book due to the infidelity of a bitch named Delilah legendary Samson lost his hair, and then life. So I was plagued by vague doubts…

Judging by the trailer, it will be a very pretty sight. And let the main character clay hand, but the beauty of Wyoming very nicely drawn.


Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Wii U

In 1998 Nintendo released the game Banjo-kazooie, became a cult classic in the genre of «collectathon», in other words, «run through the landscape and collect flowers and coins». Yooka-Laylee is considered as the spiritual heirs of the wild beasts that roam the forest in search of stuff. The money collected the whole world, through Kikstarter. Gathered rather quickly, in less than a year.

Will have to play two crazy animals: chameleon Yucca and bat Leyli, who sits with Yuki on the head and from time to time, glaring paws in chameleon the skin, transports it through the air.

During their adventures, Yucca, and Leyli will collect items to unlock new worlds. On each level there will be boss and at least one arcade game before the last boss the player will have a quiz («quiz show challenge»), as it was in the series Banjo-Kazooie. And most importantly, rides on the trolley! God, we were waiting for! I know, it sounds childish, but actually very exciting. I am particularly pleased that in the game you can play through co-op.

The genre of «platformer» really need fresh blood, because he stagnated like Leonid Brezhnev in his post. Whether it will change anything, we learn this fall.

Salt And Sanctuary

Platforms: PC, PS4

Aesthetic 2D-hardcore with some unreal graphics. I have the feeling that it drew on paper, and then put in the rain. Oiled and mesmerizing as the scenery «Hedgehog in the fog». But the hell that is happening in this blurry surroundings, quickly sobering.

The plot of the game protagonist arrives on a mysterious island for many centuries cut off from the rest of the world. It is inhabited by the same traveller, but lost his mind. The only hope for the hero is the search for Relics, capable to protect from the dangers of the island.

You will always have to manage your stamina when you attack, calculate time and position from which you attack roaming the map evil. And to attack is than: here to you and sticks, and swords, and crossbows. And all of this will affect the fighting style (for example, a character who uses heavy weapons, will be less mobile).

The developers called the game a spiritual successor Catslevania and Dark Souls. There is in it something of the Shank and even don’t Starve. In any case, the atmosphere is captivating and adds to the expectations of Feb – that’s when it happens.

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