10 products that will almost never spoil

Often have to buy food once a week or even two ahead. Make some stocks for months and even years. But sometimes we gain things, and then bitterly realize that we bought lost. The products were subjected to decay, spoilage, fungus. The food tends to deteriorate – the way of the world.

What if there’s some kind of hell, and the stores will be closed? Variants of development of events in this regard are many: technological disaster, the global cold war or even a zombie Apocalypse In such situations… manygoodtips.com can not leave his readers without food, so we decided to compile a list of those products that almost never go bad and which can help to relive a nightmare. Dispense with canned.

1. White rice

Rice is different. And brown rice, which many think is more useful than white, has one significant drawback. Because of the oils contained in it, brown rice can be stored for at least 6 months. But white rice up to 30 years. Wow! Perhaps we should all stock up on tons of rice, but there is one condition. So white rice was able to live up to 30 years, it must be kept in vacuum containers at a sufficiently cool temperature.

2. Honey

There was a story that archaeologists have found the old jar of honey. She was 5,500 years. Maybe it is the bike, but the fact that honey is very durable – recognized fact. So you should appreciate what you give us bees. The hive these dudes work harder than the miners. When properly packaging your honey could be transferred to the grandchildren. So the house should always be a jar-another. Besides, he’s much steeper than sugar.

3. Salt

And salt that we buy, usually viable for 5 years. All this is due to the addition of iodine. Yes, it is necessary not only that the food was delicious, but in order to have the ability to save other products. This spice has long been used for these purposes. Without a salt, for example, can make a dried fish or jerky. Therefore, salt is a practical thing that you must have in sufficient quantity. Otherwise, how else to store food, if the electricity disappears?

4. Soy sauce

Shelf life of soy sauce is controversial. It all depends on what was added to it. But if it’s really soy sauce, it can store a large amount of time. However, if you opened it, it is better to put in the refrigerator, of course.

5. Dried beans

Beans with a light feeding of a Hollywood movie forever branded themselves with food of the poor. Though in the Russian literature there is an expression like «leave the bean», that is nothing. In General, this is not quite true. Beans are fairly inexpensive, but have good nutritional value, and taste quite normal. Scientists claim that the quality of beans may decrease over time, but they can be edible for 30 years. Therefore, we should not underestimate them, beans will help you to survive.

6. Maple syrup

We can’t say that maple syrup is stored forever. In General, in our world should refrain from using the word «forever» and «forever.» We might then have avoided many problems. However, the staff of the University of Utah with full confidence declare that maple syrup could «live» forever. Sugar in this syrup allow to resist microbial growth much better than in many other foods.

7. Powdered milk

It’s tasteless, but it is often we drink. Or do you think that milk in Tetra Pak brings you merry milkman, who had just hours ago have milked the cow? So, drinking it is not so nice, but it is unlikely you will be happy and concerned about taste during emergencies.

8. Sugar

Sugar is hygroscopic. In simple words, he has the ability to absorb moisture even from the air, so you’ll need it. Moisture is one of the most frustrating things for food storage. So maybe sugar is not needed in huge quantities in order for them to eat. But it is quite suitable in order to keep the products dry. Water is absorbed by the sugar under the influence of the molecular forces. Otherwise, this effect is called capillary force.

9. Alcohol

Some people like alcoholic beverages, but they usually always quickly deteriorate. This is particularly true for flavored alcoholic beverages, cocktails or wines that are made from concentrate. What happens with whiskey, rum or tequila? And nothing! In addition to the remarkable powers of longevity, these drinks will brighten up your life.

10. Pemmican

We come to the most important, because no single man can not live without meat. So what the hell is this, pemmican?

In fact, pemmican – meat food concentrate, like beef jerky. The Indians took him in a hunting expedition, and we have it is popular with so-called «preppers». The distinctive features of pemmican is easy digestibility, good nutritional value and low volume, and low weight. If you love Jules Verne, you could learn about pemmican from the novel «the journey and the adventures of captain Gutters».

Now you can buy pemmican in different stores for advanced hardcore hikers. It is sold in the form of powdered dried meat mixed with berries and melted fat. But you can of course try to make pemmican according to original Indian recipe.

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