10 philosophers who will change your life

By.kom.ua_4.03.2015_AV4b8PyxMCz3KPhilosophy forces us to ask questions and think about everything we take for granted. So today we made for you a selection of outstanding thinkers as present and past to you wiggled at your leisure with their rusty brains, picking up any of the works nieprzetarty men and women.

1. Hannah Arendt


Hannah Arendt is one of the most famous political philosophers of the modern age. After expulsion from Germany in 1933, she thought seriously about topical issues of our time and I began to diligently seek answers to the questions of life, the Universe and everything in General. Fully immersed in themselves and in their reflections on politics, civil society, the origins of totalitarianism, evil and forgiveness, Hannah tried through his quest to come to terms with the terrible political events of the time. Although quite difficult to categorize the ideas of Arendt, one General scheme, Hanna in each work (more than 450) calls upon humanity to «carefully think about what we do.»

Most famous work:

«The origins of totalitarianism», 1951

«The banality of evil: Eichmann in Jerusalem», 1963

2. Noam Chomsky


A Professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of technology by day and a critic of the American policy of the United States in the evening, Noam Chomsky is active as a philosopher outside the academic sphere, and to her. His political comments are hitting the nail, and once in two eyes. The philosopher asks questions aimed at creating new insights to the public. Chomsky changed the face of linguistics in the mid 20th century, published his classification of formal languages, called the Chomsky hierarchy. And «the new York times Review Beech» stated that «Noam Chomsky is probably the most important of living intellectuals.»

Most famous work:

«Syntactic structures», 1957

«The problem of knowledge and freedom», 1971

«Necessary illusions: thought control in democratic societies», 1992

«Hegemony or a fight for survival: the US desire to dominate the world», 2003

3. Alain de botton.


English writer and philosopher, member of the Royal literary society, and television presenter Alain de botton I am sure that, as in Ancient Greece, modern philosophy must also have a certain practical value for companies. His writings, documentaries and discussions cover different aspects of human life, from the professional working sphere, ending with issues of personal development and the search for love and happiness.

Most famous work:

«Experiences of love», 1997

«Concern status», 2004

«The architecture of happiness», 2006

4. Epicurus


Epicurus – Greek philosopher, was born on the Greek island of Samos, and founder of the epicurean school of philosophy. A great thinker of the past categorically insisted that the road to happiness is through the pursuit of pleasure. Surround yourself with friends, stay self-sufficient and not go on the rampage – that is his unchanging principle. The word «epicurean» became synonymous with gluttony and idleness due to out-of-context provisions. Well, we offer you to personally read the work of the famous philosopher and to draw their own conclusions.

Most famous work:

The collection of aphorisms «the Main idea»

5. Arne Ness


Climber, social activist and philosopher, a native of Norway, Arne Naess was a major player in the global environmental movement and author of a unique perspective in the debate about the destruction of the natural world. Ness is considered to be the Creator of the concept of «deep ecology» and founder of the eponymous flow.

Most famous work:

«Interpretation and Accuracy», 1950

6. Martha Nussbaum


American Martha Nussbaum with a loud voice talks about social justice based on the ancient philosophy of Aristotle, where each person is the bearer of inherent dignity. Nussbaum argues that regardless of mental abilities, gender, or age, each representative of the human race should be treated in such a respectful way. March also believes that the society is not functioning for mutual benefit and for the sake of love to each other. In the end, the power of positive thinking has not been canceled.

Most famous work:

«Not for profit. Why democracy needs the Humanities», 2014

7. Jean-Paul Sartre


His name has become almost synonymous with existentialism. French philosopher, playwright and novelist, who had created their major works between 1930 and 1940, bequeathed to their descendants a great idea that man is doomed to freedom. However, we already wrote about this, and if you are in an unfortunate coincidence, missed this article, you can fill the gap right here.

Most famous work:

«Nausea», the 1938

«Behind closed doors», 1943

8. Peter Singer


After the publication of his famous book «animal Liberation» (1975, Australian philosopher Peter singer has become a cult person for all activists to protect the rights of our smaller brethren. Be prepared for the fact that this dude will make you a new look at your food on the plate, as well as inspire small sacrifices for the sake of those less fortunate.

Most famous work:

«Animal liberation», 1975

9. Baruch Spinoza


Although the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza lived in the 17th century, his philosophy remains largely relevant today. In his main work called «Ethics», Spinoza describes his subject of study like a mathematical equation, and protests against the idea of absolute freedom of the human person, arguing that even our mind works in accordance with the principles of the physical laws of nature.

Most famous work:

«Ethics», 1674

10. Slavoj Zizek


Slovenian philosopher, cultural critic and founder of the Lublin school of philosophy Slavoj Zizek became a significant figure in modern pop culture. Glory calls himself a «militant atheist» and his book instantly diverge enormous circulation and become bestsellers.

Most famous work:

«Year of impossible. The art of dreaming dangerously», 2012

«Welcome to the desert of reality», 2002

«The puppet and the dwarf. Christianity between heresy and rebellion», 2009

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