10 of the worst Bank robberies

Perhaps, you imagine, man, to Rob a Bank for presupniki is like to play in the Champions League for the players. Well, and besides, there really is a lot of money. Yes and try to do this better than to Rob the nearest supermarket or fast food. Tricky bro build for this diabolical scheme and the kids easier — simply idiotic. Today we will tell you about the ten worst plans Bank robberies.


Invisible Heist, 2002

Many burglars have used the chips with disguises, except for one guy from Tehran, which destroyed his disguise. Loser-thief fell through the fault of the sorcerer, who for five million rials (at the time $ 625) promised to make him completely invisible. The man was not able to check out, acted «witchcraft», until then, until it broke into the Bank and tried to snatch money from clients. As the wizard fucked up, dude was quite visible, he was immediately seized and called the police. History is silent, got the police to unscrupulous sorcerer.

the Bank

To Rob a Bank, which moved in 2011

When guys are going to Rob the Bank, they try to learn about it as much as possible: hours of work, the layout of the building, how close is security, etc. But best of all, of course, to begin with in order to know whether this Bank so far. One loser from Germany, a Siegfried K., are completely screwed in this. He burst into the hall, armed with a toy gun, took a woman hostage, demanding to open the cash register and toss him 10 000 euros. Unfortunately for this guy, the Bank that once lived in this house, moved 17 years ago, and at that time this building was the center of physical therapy. After he realized how much he was mistaken, he got passed by a guy to remove all the money from the ATM and fled the scene. Needless to say, soon after he was arrested.

Bank robbery

Dude robbed a Bank, knowing that he was being watched by GPS, 2009

If you’re not in trouble with the law, the Bank you better not loot. One scumbag named Harry Lee Damons Santa Clara was arrested and convicted of attempted rape in 2009. Cops equipped» his GPS device to monitor his movements. But it’s not very steamed about this, and decided to Rob a branch of Citibank, without removing a foot of the GPS bracelet. Do I need to explain to you that the cops figured it out once or twice?

Bank robbery

Dude robbed a Bank, 2002

There’s one basic rule: never Rob a Bank with which you have been associated. History teacher Alvin Jumpp from South Philadelphia, this rule is ignored. He robbed a Bank, which is regularly addressed — the Mount Laurel branch of the Farmers & Mechanics for more than ten thousand dollars in April 2002. After that, he immediately went to the Bank and put into your account part of the money, among whom were marked bills. The cashier recognized his voice, and, of course, he was immediately caught by the cops. His disciples were in shock: he was always trying to keep them from committing crimes.


Armed… zucchini, 1984

Hardly can you imagine a Bank robbery unarmed man. Although it happens sometimes. If you have no firearms, you can use a toy that makes real. But what if you don’t have even that? Dude from the American city of white plains (new York) decided to improvise during a robbery of the local Bank, Village Savings, using the threat of a small zucchini, which he kept in his pocket in the manner of a pistol. . He fled the scene with two thousand dollars in his pocket. We could only envy the skill and ingenuity of this bro, if he hadn’t failed, showing your neighbor the zucchini in my fridge. Three times he managed to escape from the cops, but then it just got thrown in jail.


Rob a Bank and finish your beer, 2011

An important point in a Bank robbery is to figure out an exit strategy. You need to save yourself and your newly acquired cash as quickly as possible. For a dude from Florida named John Robin whittle it didn’t make any difference. One day, in December 2011, whittle went into the Hayloft Bar in Port Richey, ordered a beer and drank exactly half. Then he went out, telling he’d be back in half an hour to finish. He went straight to wells Fargo Bank, robbed it and remembered I haven’t finished my beer. Of course the police picked him up ten minutes after his return to the Bank.

the robber

The robber pretended to be a tree, 2007

We have said that dressing up is the key to successful robbery. The robber need to «fit in» and not draw attention to himself, that the witnesses could not describe it in details. James Caldwell of Manchester in 2007, broke into a Bank in costume, which was more suitable for duck hunting. Caldwell entered the Citizens Bank in Manchester, as soon as it opened, disguised with branches, which fastened on his head and clothes. HE demanded the cashier the money and she absolutely stunned by his appearance, gave him cash, then the robber fled through the main entrance. However, he failed to get lost in the foliage, and who recognized his face and called the police.

Bank robbery

Back for more, 2012

The old proverb says: «Never return to the scene of the crime». And this is true. For some unknown reason, bad guys like to go back to where they’ve done something wrong. For a burglar by the name of Arthur Brundage it was a real failure. In October 2012 Brundage went to new York the Syracuse Bank and handed the teller a note that demanded $ 20,000. Despite the fact that the offender is not even threatened her with a gun, the cashier put the money in his bag, and the thief is safely escaped. After he counted the money, it turned out that there was a little less than twenty Grand, and he found nothing better than to return to the Bank and demand balance. The police were already there and detained him at the scene. What’s he expect?


Call in advance, 2010

No Bank robbery is not without surprise. The robbers need to get in and out before the police get here, it’s over. How stupid you have to be offender from Connecticut to albert Bailey, to call to the Bank that he was going to Rob? Ten minutes before going in, Bailey called back and said they were putting the money in bags. He then sent an accomplice to take the prey, and they tried to escape by car. These two could not even assume that ten minute head start gave Bank employees an opportunity to put in a bag with a special paint. Naturally, punctual robbers were arrested.

Bank robbery

I want to be caught, 2011

The worst result of a robbery is to get caught the cops with a mountain of cash in hands. But James Verona had another idea. In Gastonia, North Carolina, he worked as a truck driver in Coca-Cola for 17 years before he lost his job. He suffered from chronic back pain and a weird ball in my throat. Verona came to the Bank Wells Fargo and the note demanded the teller… one dollar. Verona wanted to go to the hospital to get free treatment that they otherwise could not afford.

Bank robbery

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