10 of the coolest jobs in the world

In interviews, dude, you probably asked, how do you imagine your dream job. You certainly anything there that he want to make a good impression, and immediately forgot about this stupid question. Or Vice versa, coming out of the HR office started to imagine what would you like to earn a living, coulda woulda. Unfortunately, not all of these dreams come true, but look at these dudes who are really lucky! Those who have been able to get a real dream job.

1. Caretaker of a Paradise island


Ben Southall from Petersfield walked 35 000 applicants for one of the best posts that can be. His duties include swimming, walking and relaxing on Hamilton island in the Great Barrier Reef. About the results of his observations he writes in advertising blog. Ben signed a contract worth $111 000 for six months — during this time it will work as a caretaker of an Australian tropical island. Now belongs to him completely free to live in the Villa with three bedrooms and swimming pool.

Before Southall got the job, he had to spend on the island four days, during which not only was a long interview, but swimming in the crystal clear water, relax on the beautiful beach, BBQ facilities and Spa treatments. In addition, the contestants also competed in her blog abilities, have passed tests in swimming and personal interviews.

2. Tester of luxury beds


A student from the University of Birmingham managed to get a real dream job! Isn’t it a Paradise to sleep on the job and lie in bed as long as you like? And for someone is work! For example, for a 22-year-old Roisin Madigan, who works as a tester bed and even gets money for it.

Gets a girl, no less, of £1,000 — and that’s because she is sleeping on designer beds every day for a month. The student participates in test beds, luxury well-known company Simon Horn Ltd. This company sells luxury beds, which are made especially for the hotel Savoy. General Manager Craig Roylance said that the responsibility of Roisin is not only an objective assessment of the appearance of the beds, but the introduction of a new perspective on what makes a good sleep. The girl will be carried out in the beds in the showroom (Edgebaston) eight hours from 10 PM to 6 am, and then to describe their experiences in the blog.

3. Test water slides

water slides

Tommy Lynch will be the envy of any office worker. Last year he traveled 27,000 km to test waterslides at various resorts. Lynch is 29 and his job is to estimate the height, speed, number of water slides, pools for a touchdown and the safety of these rides. In 2008, he felt the water slides in Lanzarote, Majorca, Egypt, Turkey, Costa del Sol, Cyprus, Algarve, Dominican Republic and Mexico. This year Tommy will visit Greece, Turkey, Florida, Jamaica and Ibiza.

4. The evaluator of the quality of the prostitutes


DJ Jamie Raskon no different from us: he, too, moonlight to make ends meet. But the Chilean surpassed all the dudes at the coolness of his schlock: you would not believe the other, but it controls the quality of the brothels!

Generally Raskon works as a model and DJ. Once in Santiago, he met with Madame Fiorelli (you probably know what it is) when he was working on a story about the sexual revolution. Madam Fiorella offered him a gig. In fact, she needed someone to conduct the final stage interview with the girls she hires. Wow, she only thought of it. Happens all of the following: girls who want to work on Fiorello, providing VIP escort services, pass two interviews, a psychological test and photo shoot. As a result, the number of candidates was reduced to six, and they all pass the last test with Jamie — all in one day. He even makes notes: for example, how well the girls moved the hips adequate and whether their groans. See, even here it was not possible to avoid paper work! Jamie works only once a month, and accumulates over the year, as many as 70 girls.

5. Wine taster and part-time blogger


This is heavenly life: imagine a man, living on the North coast of California, and even free, but still every day to taste wine of the 450 different wineries, unsubscribing about their experiences on Twitter and Facebook! And for this pleasure you also pay $10,000 per month. Can you believe it? Hardy Wallace from Atlanta first applied for the position and was eventually accepted into the winery Murphy-Goode. Now within six months he will be spamming social networks about what wines he’s tried it and what are his impressions. And to get such a warm place, he needed neither more nor less, just record a video telling about yourself and post it on YouTube, the buzz?

6. Taster sweets


Another cool job from student Harry Wilcher: in his 12 years, he is the chief taster in a candy factory. Work Harry is that he tries sweets, cooked according to secret recipes. The student got the job after winning the contest, which was conducted by Matlow Swizzell in search of a new employee. According to him, after his first shift, the boy felt as though he was in a fairy tale «Charlie and the chocolate factory». He conquered the judges, describing the taste and smell of your favorite sweets, candy. Now the guy’s got a really sweet life.

7. Test condoms

An Australian company has announced a set on a rather strange post — test condom. Marketing Manager was hired about two hundred Australians over the age of 18 years. Unfortunately, this work was not paid, but those who passed the tests received a free set of products that mere mortals would have cost $60. How much is our money, about 2000 rubles? Good set of turns! The job of the tester is to use all this stuff and give the manufacturer a true account of how things are there. One hundred lucky winners will receive a bonus of $1000. Maybe it’s not so much, but, man, we know that such work refuses no one, moreover: no one is against even take it home and to work overtime!

8. Tester World of Warcraft

world of warkraft

Do you play WoW? Any good? Per hour to earn 200 gold and get to 80 level in two weeks? If so, you can try to get a very cool job, the dream of more than 12 million gamers worldwide, the game tester World of Warcraft. On the website of the developer of the game company «Blizzard» the truth has few vacancies. There’s plenty to choose from: the site presents one vacancy related to MMORPG. They are currently looking for beta testers for WoW that speak foreign languages. So you, man, it’s good enough: go for it! It’s fun to make the game my job. By the way, you have to play at least 4 hours a day.

9. Entertainment Director


6-year-old boy who wanted to be a Director of the National railway Museum in York, got there a few other post and entertainment Director (or the Director of entertainment, who knows, how is called such a strange job). Ambitious guy got this (mind you, dude, not the ROM) the post after the substitute of the head of the Museum, Andrew Scott, who is retiring. Sam Posn sent to the Museum of your resume labeled «summary of vacancy Director» and was asked about the interview at York. In summary, the boy listed the qualities that made him suitable for the position, including his love for trains: «I’m only six, but I’m quite cut out for this. I have a train and I’m good with it. I can even keep track of two trains at once!» The staff was so inspired by this letter, which has taken the unanimous decision to appoint Sam «entertainment Director». His task is to figure out how to make the Museum interesting for children.

10. Rider-photographer for Google Maps

Carty Google

Google hired two lucky people to ride around France on tricycles stringency bikes and taking photos of different historical places that are impossible to remove from the vehicle. These tricycles are equipped with nine cameras, a computer, a generator and GPS. With the help of these miracle machines you can just send three-dimensional images Google Maps Street View. Dissect cyclists on the roads of France dressed in Google t-shirts and white helmets, and admire attractions: Versailles, the Luxembourg gardens and the bustling centre of Paris.

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