10 myths about nutrition that it is time to stop believing

myths about nutritionEach of us believes in something. Someone-in the theory of evolution and the big Bang, someone in the flying spaghetti monster. So let’s separate the facts from the myths.

1. Egg yolk is harmful

They are as harmful as, for example, Masturbation. In reasonable quantities is good for health and generally is the norm. And when you start to pull your boyfriend five times a day, using any tucked under the arm of a lubricant (lotion, soap, my tears of loneliness), this is becoming a problem.

95% of the nutrients contained in the egg are in the yolks. All of the calcium, vitamins B6, B12, A, D, E — all this is based in the yolk. If you eat some proteins, it is better to drink a protein shake.

2. Whole grain wheat is useful

It’s like saying that any Blowjob is cool. About my naive dude, and if you do it by going to the Nutcracker?

In whole wheat virtually the same glycemic index as white bread. The difference is infinitesimal. Can watch different special websites which contains information about such things, check that I was right. It’s like chocolate to replace the sugar.

3. Saturated fats are bad

Maybe to friends it is. And for dudes it’s all in the numbers. Saturated fats and testosterone — best friends. But even your best friend can you to freak out when it in your life too much. Fat from milk and meat — do the normal thing. It is not necessary to take as a rule the absorption of such fat, but to neglect it also should not be. And a couple of words about the fats.

4. Artificial sweeteners better than sugar

Not better. They are cheating your brain, he realizes that he has not received sugar when I wanted it, and begins to force you to eat even more. Not the best deal. Then eat the honey better.

5. In the nuts a lot of protein

Especially strongly believe it ladies. No, no and no. Nuts contain healthy fats, so they are good. However, protein nuts are not as healthy and good as from the well-known proteinaceous products. It is not necessary to reject the nuts — just don’t kid yourself that it is a complete protein food. So they are good.

6. Useful protein bars

Protein bars about as good for you as anal sex good for girl friends. That is not really something. They like it because you like it, come on. It’s like poke in the ear a pencil, while the man enjoys screaming, «Eeeee!», and then a couple of shots to the skull and be done with it. If you like this, then you must first ask yourself a few questions.

In protein bars full of sugar, but the protein quality is very mediocre. Sometimes to entertain themselves they can be, but better eating real food, not synthesized in laboratories.

7. At one time, you can eat no more than 30 grams of protein

Is a pseudo-science. In 3-4 hours your body can process just 30-40 grams of protein, and it’s true. It seems, based on this such myths.

You do not understand dudes handing out such advice is that if in your stomach, the more protein, the body will process it longer. Not disappear as good.

8. You can withdraw toxins from the body

It is hipster yagofarova statements. Do not buy products that «remove toxins from your body.» If you want to clean the colon or just make yourself an enema and spend the whole day on the toilet. What to suffer.

9. Fruit — bad

Anyone who says that you should lay off the fruit, let eats shit and dies. The difference between natural sugars and processed sugar — it’s like the difference between a lantern and the moon. I really need to explain what good fruit?

10. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Nothing of the sort. Yes, so they say; they say it speeds up metabolism. And they say that fasting is harmful. Say a lot of things in common. Here it is necessary to listen to your body and not to push a food, if not climbing.

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