10 movies that must watch for every entrepreneur

Hollywood has long been clear — he likes drama. And entrepreneurs, he also envelops into matter, under the name of the show. But sometimes the best way to reflect the reality — it is just to remove the fantastic, funny and entertaining movie. Maybe you’re a business guy and just can’t wait to open your small business. In this case, our selection will help you. It is not so much practical advice, but full of experiences interpreted through the prism of cinema.

1. Startup.com (Startup.com), 2001


Let’s start with the serious documentary, which was filmed in 2001. The movie tells the story of two childhood friends — Kalale Isase Tuzman and Tom Herman, who created the famous website GovWorks.com. The project has enabled ordinary citizens to communicate directly with local authorities. For the year, the young entrepreneurs were able to earn 60 million dollars, hire hundreds of people and even meet with the President (then Clinton was). But then they face problems that are impossible to predict and, to top it off, destroyed the old friendship. The result is a cautionary tale based on real events, which are considered important aspects of the business enterprise.

2. Catch me if you can (Catch Me If You Can), 2002

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The story of a bold and successful swindler Frank Abagnale, whose role is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. This film is watched by millions, but I think one more viewing won’t hurt anyone.

The plot is just wonderful — a young DiCaprio outwits a lot of people who used to live by the rules. He easily becomes a pilot, a lawyer and a doctor, even without any education. So, the film is about a con man who was able to catch, but the story perfectly illustrates the entrepreneurial path filled with adventure. «Catch me if you can» considering the theme of creative problem solving, turning a bad situation into a good one.

3. Lord of war (Lord of War), 2005


If you like good thrillers, where a lot of action, the Saga of a Russian arms dealer for you. The film is a chronicle of the life of Yuri Orlov, played by Nicolas cage. He emigrated from the Ukraine and began to trade weapons. A legitimate business can not be named, but unless the criminals are not able to demonstrate entrepreneurial flair? Besides that he shows those qualities that are inherent in any successful businessman, he also asks questions that penetrate to the heart of gun problems.

It is interesting to observe not only the emergence of weapons of the Empire, but also how Yuri copes with negotiating and building customer loyalty. This is useful even if you’re a dealer in a Doner kebab and not with Kalashnikovs.

4. Wall street (Wall Street), 1987


Michael Douglas, Charlie sheen, and the mad pursuit of power and success in the financial capital of the world — what could be better? This film received his Oscar statuette, and we are sure that gave it is not just.

The hero of Charlie sheen, which we will see throughout the film, is an ambitious broker who follows the Holy life, greed is good. He is sure that everything can be bought and everything can be sold, he wants to be the best in the business. This young broker meets an old predator financial market (Michael Douglas), who becomes his sort of mentor. Once there is a lot of money, the crowd of gorgeous girls and lots of fun. In fact, the film perfectly shows what kind of people succeed in Finance.

5. 12 angry men (12 Angry Men), 1957


It’s a good movie, even if you never sit in the big chair. I don’t care that it was filmed half a century ago — still a great movie. It’s not just ranked sixth in the list of the best movies of all time according to IMDB. The story itself is written based on the play by Reginald rose (the name tells us nothing), and tells the story of 12 jurors who decide the fate of italoamericano teenager who may have murdered his father. The charges seem to convincingly prove the guilt of the guy and practically all jurors have agreed to provide the Italian court. However, among the twelve is one that goes against the charges. The meeting is delayed, what causes violent discontent among men, who hurry about their business. But we are talking about the future of man. Can a juror change the opinion of others? And suddenly the guy is a murderer?

What the movie will help the entrepreneur? Mainly a demonstration of various techniques of persuasion, negotiation, methods of conflict resolution and consensus building. All of this stuff in the film full.

6. Office space (Office Space), 1999


Without it, the movie selection is unthinkable. The fact that American Comedy makes fun of posh corporate culture 90 years. A lot of stereotypes, funny posts (for example, the company has a post of the programmer who worked on «2000 problem»), cartoon characters. If you’re an employee of some large company and spend all day at the office, you will see in the story many familiar elements of his life.

But despite the comedic nature, the film in some detail talks about the problem of layoffs of personnel, team-building, and balance between work and life.

7. The godfather (The Godfather), trilogy


Remember when you first thought about creating your business? After school, University or after years of dirty work? Probably, your answer is closer to the latter, but some of us inhaled gangster movies, especially cult trilogy called «the Godfather». We certainly don’t endorse crime family Corleone, but they have a lot to learn, especially the beginners.

If you look at the trilogy through the eyes burnout tycoon, you can see it in the theme of competition, corporate acquisitions, associations, alliances and continuity, without which your enterprise, long life never will be.

8. How to succeed in advertising (How to Get Ahead in Advertising), 1989


Comedy with a good dose of British humor, and in many ways, but a bit disgusting — the topic is about acne and advertising, what could be worse? So, we are served the story of the employee of the advertising Agency that can come up with excellent advertising to everything that you can touch and sell. But one topic he does not go. He can not think of advertising money from pimples. The advertiser is the loser in the end, receives a large portion of fatigue and, consequently, is released. And here he wakes up the next morning and finds on his neck such a huge boil. But the pimple is not just huge, he talks, too.

In General, this film is aimed against the dominance of advertising in modern society. However, the filmmakers unknowingly gave helpful advice on marketing strategies, market segmentation and branding. And as you are aware, the owner know more than not.

9. Thank you for Smoking (Thank You for Smoking), 2005


«Thank you for Smoking» is a perfect film for the entrepreneur who wants to learn some killer tricks with the sale of any product, even one that is harmful. The film tells an interesting story of tobacco lobbyist nick Naylor, who approached the question of marketing creative. It is perfectly found strong arguments in defense of Smoking, even in the most ambiguous and complex situations. The time spent watching this film will not be wasted.

What can be learned from the history of tobacco lobbyist? A lot of things. For example, you will learn about corporate communications, methods of crisis management, tactics of negotiations. In General, the film «Here smoke» very well disclosed subject PR.

10. The merchant of Venice (The Merchant of Venice), 2004


The film «the merchant of Venice» based on the play by William Shakespeare, already well — Shakespeare the most fashionable writer of all times and peoples. Also believe that this film is one of the trump role of al Pacino. This is debatable, but you’d better not — he perfectly displayed the character of Shylock, a greedy moneylender Jew.

Now, the film is set in Venice. It is now we only know the dirty channels of this region, and previously Venice tenaciously held in the clutches of the title of financial capital of Europe. The inhabitants were rich, cultural and exciting. And this is one of those residents, a young representative of the aristocracy, appeals to Shylock for financial assistance. The Jew no one likes, he engaged in usury, and generally infidel. Loan is the beginning of a long business partnership, which threatens to turn into a disaster.

From this film you can learn a little about commercial law, risk assessment and principles of business law. A cautionary tale written by Shakespeare.

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