10 most stupid ways to lose everything

To be honest with yourself, no brainer: people not very well able to handle money. Attracted by easy money, many invest their savings in stupid ways, make questionable bets and doing God knows what idiotic things. In this column we will tell you breathtaking stories about the jerks who lost everything they had, absolutely unbelievable, unthinkable stupid way.

1. So at the carnival 2013

guy s banana

This story happened recently, about her we told you. Actually, this idiot has inspired us to create a collection of stories about stupid bankruptcy. Now, recall. Henry Gribbohm was at a carnival in new Hampshire and saw a game in which, as he felt he could achieve success. All he had to do was to throw two balls in the bucket tilted, and he could win the Xbox 360. Henry, of course, wanted this Xbox — so much so that even spent on the game $ 300. But did not win. By gribbohm, however, did not stop there. He went home and he takes out all the family savings — and then returned to the carnival. Funny, but he squandered another $ 2,300 in the same game itself, and won the ill-fated Xbox — it’s easier went to the store and bought it. But the man did not leave empty-handed: he was given a consolation prize — a giant banana with dreadlocks. His children definitely appreciate it when it comes time to go to College.

2. Cheating Internet boyfriend, 2012

cheating Internet boyfriend

What do we know about the Internet for sure is that no one is in the vast Network of those who he is in real life. This is the hard way realized teacher named Alison Peters from England last year. After her marriage sadly ended 42 years later, Peters turned to the Dating sites and start «Dating» online with a man named Steve Meyers. Everything was fine, and then one day, Steve, a petroleum engineer who has worked on himself, asked his sweetheart money for equipment. And Alison’s boyfriend sent all of his savings — almost a quarter of a million dollars. After she lost all her money, she had to move out of the house and live in a trailer. On the other hand, due to this, she reconciled with her ex-husband — a blessing in disguise.

3. In the mattress, 2009

the money thrown away with the mattress

Many people are afraid to keep money in banks, especially after the financial crisis of 2008. The traditional alternative is to sew them into a mattress and sleep on millions. Unfortunately, in the case of an elderly woman from tel Aviv good intentions of her daughter was a bust. The woman in the media being careful not called, sewed up almost a million dollars in your mattress, but her daughter bought her a new one and threw the gold piece of furniture. Wow, dude! And because none of the money is not received: the mattress just burned at the dump with the trash. Who would have thought.

4. The child bought candy, 2012

child bought sweets

Do not combine in one bottle of young children and money. Of course, if your offspring namutili something extraordinary, it will have to pay out of pocket. But the story of a boy of nine, whom the media, again, is not called — this is pure, distilled madness. It is only known that he lives in Ukraine, in a city with a funny name Konotop. After he found the house the family savings (about $ 4,000) — by the way, they were lying on the couch, almost as in our previous heroine, enterprising child took them and went to the nearest shop where you bought sweets. Probably, he proudly threw the money on the counter and casually ordered: «all!» Needless to say about the reaction of parents?

5. Thai pig farm, 2012

Thai pig farm

Investments in foreign companies are a simple way to wealth, but I assure you, dude, don’t buy what you can’t see. We are taught by the example of the Scottish couple Jackie and Stephen Finlayson — they screwed up last year. After they saw the commercial one farm in Bangkok, they contacted the owner named Eddie Biggs and paid about us $ 90,000 for 15 sows and 150 pigs. They were promised that benefit will be 69% for 15 months, but instead they have not received a penny. Biggs complained that pigs or stolen, or died from some disease. And this couple was not the only one who fell for his promises.

6. Watched the dancers, 2001

we also looked at the strip

Some people are downright attract trouble. For example, two older brothers-Norwegian. Arne and Austino, Tokin, and they are both over 70, have long time no woman had attention, and they let the girl and her friend into the house when they called at their door one evening. The pair started to show them the strip, and it lasted as long as the brothers did not say, where are their savings, which (needless to say?) was stolen.

7. An initial public offering of Facebook, 2012

na IPO Facebook

Game in the stock market is almost gambling. Of course, you need to invest in a company about which you know something, how to predict the change in the price of their shares? So when Uma Swaminathan, a widow from new Jersey, put it on an initial public offering (IPO) of Facebook in all your remaining savings, she screwed up. Swaminathan told his broker to buy 6,200 shares in the social network when it became public, but then changed his mind. Unfortunately, the transaction has already taken place, and nothing could be done. Stocks began to plummet in price, and the widow became rich.

8. The is the end of the world, 2011

the is the end of the world

If you were waiting for the end of the world, you probably wouldn’t care about his cash. For Robert Fitzpatrick, a former employee of the new York subway, the Apocalypse of 2011 was obvious, because it is predicted by Evangelist Harold Camping. That is why Robert spent all his savings — $ 140,000 on advertising the end of the world all over the city, on 1,000 subway cars and bus stops. The message that the world will be destroyed on may 21, 2011 turned out to be wrong, and Fitzpatrick was left with nothing.

9. The termites ate, 2008

termites ate the money

Unlike all stories, this one is truly sad. In Dwarika Prasad really sad fate, because he’s lost their savings not their fault. He works as a currency trader and kept their savings in investment certificates, currency, and other paperwork in a protected Deposit box of the Bank in Patna. The man was sure that his savings would be safe and sound. One day, in 2008, he came to the Bank just to check on things and found that termites ate everything that was inside the safe. The Bank knew about the invasion of termites, but customers were not warned — weird, huh?

10. Fake gold bullion, 2009

fake gold bars

While gold prices recently fell, many people prefer to keep their savings, by buying precious metals. Unfortunately, the Fountains, the woman from California, did not know that people do not sell gold bullion out of the car, like flowers or milk. When the woman met the fraud, parked near some catering, she was shocked when I saw in gold bullion. They immediately began to fill in the story of how their brother was injured in the accident and he urgently needed money for surgery. They woman offered to sell gold at a discount. All three went to the nearest Bank, where the woman closed the account with their savings in exchange for three bars. The gold was fake and the woman is bankrupt.