10 most promising devices at the annual CES 2015

manygoodtips.com_2.03.2015_aPH5LetNBVs7bInternational exhibition consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas, is the most significant event for all lovers of modern gadgets and advanced technology. Here are the pearls of engineering from a variety of consumer spheres: from a communicative to a sports theme. Today we will introduce you to dozens of promising gadgets presented at CES 2015, and be prepared for the fact that a couple, if not all, you will want to purchase for their personal use.

1. Camera 360fly


This small device is of spherical shape is able to record everything at once, as it has the horizontal 360° and vertical 240°. Action camera will record every corner, angle and moment of your crazy schemes, which you can later view and edit in a convenient smartphone app. Pre-order is already available on the manufacturer’s website, although the official release date of the gadget for the mass market is still not announced.

2. Samsung 105″ TV Diehard


Curved TV with a diagonal of 105 inches with a resolution of UHD (5120×2160 pixels) resolution and 21:9 format offers perfect image quality and ensures excellent colour reproduction. A year ago this Samsung product has already participated in the exhibition, but this year the developers have stated that brought it to perfection, which will soon be able to enjoy all comers. Well, the rich.

3. LG G Flex 2


Bold curved design, 5.5 inch screen with HDTV format P-OLED, camera 13 Mpx – a nice addition to the main «chip» of the smartphone: the body of the gadget is made of smart plastic, and the back cover is not afraid of small and medium scratching, as the first begins to tighten wounds», and soon the traces of active intercourse device with keys and coins there is nothing left.

4. Kube Speaker


Portable multifunctional refrigerator Coolest Cooler will cool your beer or prepare with a blender protein shake, recharges your devices, and then allow you to enjoy your favorite music via a Bluetooth speaker. The developers claim that the battery will last for 20 hours of battery life. Selling Kube Speaker will begin at the end of April this year, so podnakopit some money and give to friends at toad fierce jealousy already in the may holidays.

5. Peri Duo Case


Thing, the appearance on the market which burn the legs of all the lovers of Apple’s smartphones. Peri Duo Case is a combination of robust back cover that protects device from scratches and damage built-in battery and Bluetooth speakers. Pre-order is already available on indiegogo.com and the price of the gadget – a little over a hundred bucks.

6. Devialet Phantom


Phantom is a brand new revolutionary standard for clean and powerful sound. French brand Devialet spent 10 years on research and creation of this compact and stylish speaker that you can compare the quality of sound from a concert speaker systems.

7. Oculus Rift Crescent Bay


The developers of Oculus VR first showed everyone the latest prototype of the helmet of the new generation of Crescent Bay. Critics and fans unanimously noted the high sound quality and image clarity. Well, we’ll believe their word.

8. Razer OSVR Hacker Dev Kit


Since we are talking about a deep dip into the waters of virtual reality, we can not ignore device developed by Razer. According to General Director of the company «OSVR is not an operating system, but rather a software platform open source. You can create a game and implement it support multiple devices, but now this way is not justified as the OSVR will perform the work on optimizing the game for any equipment.»

9. ZANO-drone


Forget about the ridiculous selfie sticks. This drone will present your narcissism to new heights. ZANO-drone is able to fly autonomously, avoiding obstacles, and record what happens to give you the perfect photos and videos with a favorite in the lead roles.

10. Netatmo Welcome


This thing can be both salvation and punishment for the consumer, it depends on what purpose will pursue the owner of this device. Netatmo Welcome is a smart camera which is equipped with a face detection function of family members or strangers in the apartment, and moreover, it is able to send reports of suspicious activities occurring within the walls of the housing. Well, if you’re the father. Bad if you live with your parents.

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