10 most epic moments of video games

If already started making films with computer games, there is nothing surprising in the fact that charge of epic in games much more than most other art forms. But there are some aspects that need to treat the game somewhat differently. At one point, the controller ceases to slip, and you’re the most collected. At such moments, try to pay attention to all aspects and nuances of the game, enjoy each scene, each drawn a mountain on the horizon.

1. Assassin’s Creed 2

The company Ubisoft has not only built an authentic Rome of the Renaissance, but did not make it smaller just to save it to disk. And most importantly: if you scale a computer assassin Ezio to the size of a normal man, the scale of the city would be exactly the same in the 16th century. All the Titanic work of the team understand that when you rise to the top of the Sanctuary of Brotherhood and enjoy the stunning views of the city.

However, no less excitement-filled aesthetic feel to the gamer. In many ways it was more interesting, better, and what exactly it has forced many to begin to collect on the hot trip to Florence. Do you remember Florence, my brother? Remember sitting on the spire of Santa Maria Del Fiore, including an eagle eye, we enjoyed the terracotta tiles of the Florentine houses, are being lost on a background of red sunset? How beautiful it was.

2. Metal Gear Solid 3

Honestly, Metal Gear Solid 3 is remembered for its cut-scenes than gameplay, and especially the excitement-filled final battle with the boss. You are standing in a field of white flowers, swaying in the wind, steel sky looms over a green canopy. Careless wind blows through the air white petals, sounds magical music, and at this very moment, nobody in the world except the snake and eve in a strange costume and taped with electrical tape nipples. After a moment, you will be amazed as the main character, nightmarish expose of eve and would love to see as a hero, with whom so much has been endured, shoot poor.

Very Japanese scene, starting with the swaying colors and finishing plans, but is it surprising if the name is kojima?

3. Final Fantasy XII

Create, similar to gurganov from Star wars; the old woman does walking around like the hare from «Nu, pogodi!»; the city’s architecture is reminiscent of a «Star wars», a parade that recalls Star wars; strange griffins, reminiscent of Warcraft III, furry creatures similar to gremlins nanomachine, and the battle that is reminiscent of the storming of Minas Tirith in Lord of the rings; effeminate boys and very beautiful girls. All together — long Intro to Final Fantasy XII. Know how to do beautiful and interesting.

4. Fallout 3

The first few minutes you spend in the bunker where he was hiding during the years of the lives of mankind. You don’t know anything except this bunker. You never appeared since, as the climbed from the mother and killed the first radharamana.

Soon your dad disappears, and your life changes dramatically. You have to come to the surface, in a post-apocalyptic Washington, to find the prodigal doctor. The doors open, and you’re blinded by the sun. Once your eyes adjust to your first glimpse of daylight, the landscape slowly comes into focus, and before you opens a huge, dangerous world, willing to research and is teeming with all sorts of nasty radiation and raiders.

It seems quite a simple point, but in many ways is the best thing in the game. Over time, the finish is interrupted by the nuclear explosion of a fourth «Fallout» — a farewell glance at the world will never be the same. And after a long conservation in the bunker you are convinced that with the explosion disappeared, the last human on earth.

5. God of War 3

God of War III is an amazing story where a wild, uncontrollable man with wings and super powers obviously influenced by their own insanity begins to destroy the gods of Greek mythology.

In the end, Kratos (namely the so-called man) is found with the epic dimensions of the Titan Kronos, who has personal scores with the main character for stealing Pandora’s box, after which the accident was sent to Tartarus.

To fight Cronus and matter is simply impossible, because it is so big contrast between the fighters, and it’s so well drawn that at first it becomes creepy. Kronos is so big that Kratos pressed his fingers like ants. If he had hit him in the urethra, ear or under the nail — titanium and would not have noticed. May not have noticed, because Kratos behaves very indecent: manages to pull off his nails, to hurt and to kill all sorts of creatures that like bugs jumping on the skin of a Titan and trying to stop the intruder.

However, this is a must see and even better to play.

6. Mass Effect

The first time the first part of the trilogy of Mass Effect from BioWare is intentionally limited: Shephard and his team fail the mission, then their spaceship «Normandy» visits the Citadel, the heart of the galactic community, and it is here the game significantly expands the scope of use.

From that moment the game does not let go, revelling in the numerous hooks in the gaming soul. Suddenly you find yourself absorbed in a complex world, alien races, flirting with women of different shapes and types, as well as interplanetary politics. The entrance to the Citadel is a kind of gate in the entire franchise, from that moment comes the waiting for the release of the new part.

7. BioShock

The beginning of BioShock was one of the strongest in the history of game making — it attracts by its simplicity, and then strikes the endless imagination of the makers of his city right into the ocean.

After a very mysterious stories from the mouths of your own character you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by twisted metal. Your only salvation is a mysterious lighthouse. And then — the awe of what he saw and detailed city.

Such delight experience playing Infinite, but only this time the mysterious lighthouse moves to the cloud city of Columbia, which is more like a fairy tale than reality. But the veil disappears as soon as you feel its dirty secrets.

However, much of the fun in this game (except the heroine) has taken the ride with a hook on the monorail. Given the landscape, it was just magical.

8. Bloodborne

Not normal things happen in Jarname — the city where the events unfold Bloodborne, which is the successor of the Souls series from the developers at From Software. While innocent citizens are hiding behind the doors of the premises, various beastmen, corrupt hunters, fierce dogs, werewolves and crazed servants of the Church filled the street with darkness. Everywhere a bloody mess. Nevertheless, this time around will go quite a natural course, while you will not be buried in Berginvest, because then fate will push you for the first time with the most dangerous enemy — naughty by spider Rum. Fight with her and her otherworldly broods is a turning point in Bloodborne. This opens a real Arnam; blood moon, shining city, Pomeranskaya Queen, the Amygdala becomes real, and for the first time come to this realization of the universal horror, hidden behind the Gothic facade of Bloodborne.

9. Far Cry 3

Under tableplay mighty reggae you have to commit a crime which in real life caused only some tears — with Napalm to set fire to a marijuana plantation. Like anything remarkable, but only at first glance. In fact, the race between the fire beds, with the consequent killing of bad people would not be so epic without the cheerful sound, the roar of explosions, the screams of crazed nerds and situation awareness. And he ardent cannabis looks very picturesque.

10. Skyrim

This game is epic everywhere, from white-bearded hermits, who had taken refuge in the High Hrothgar and ending with the most views with this very high Hrothgar. That is not listed, all epic flying after hitting the giant epic. The mission where you are with a hangover trying to settle the consequences of drinking with a Daedric Prince Sanguine — epic. Conversations with the dragon Parturnaks on the Throat of the world — epic. Killing the Emperor is epic. The dark brotherhood is an epic. The war with vampires is epic. Transform into a werewolf — epic. All epic.

But if I had to highlight something, then the final battle with the time eater Alduin in schirinowski Valhalla — Sovngarde. Around spirits of the dead drunken Nord, behind the Hall of Valor, and above you — the unearthly beauty of the Northern lights. And when you remember that they are fighting not for any sort of artifacts, and for the salvation of the world, perceive the battle as if you were there.

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