10 most bizarre ways to recover

There are different healers there are, perhaps, as much as all of humanity. However, despite this, all more or less significant advances in medicine have been made over the last two hundred years. And many folk remedies really do work! It is amazing how people ever discovered the healing properties of plants, for example. Still there are treatments that frankly baffle us. Who invented it? How it all came to his head?

1. Trepanation


In the middle ages the expression «when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail» is never more accurately described the profession of a surgeon — well, this protherough. These people believed that any problem can be solved by making the human body hole and letting out the «extra» blood, bile and evil spirits.

Trepanation is the drilling and scraping holes in the human skull. She was one of the first widely used methods of surgical intervention — the people thought that the hole in the skull to reduce swelling after blows to the head.

By the way, trepanation is still used in modern medicine mainly for the treatment of hematomas. And then there are freaks that make trepanation without medical indications: so, supposedly, the better the brain becomes saturated with blood, less pulsing blood vessels, and if you make a trepanning the children so they will grow up to be artists and geniuses — we just have to drill a hole in the skull. Strange people.

2. Heroin


Opiates like morphine and codeine — old terapevticheskie drugs known to man. But in the XVIII century, Western researchers began to realize that in fact, these substances people used, and it even surpasses their favor in the role of painkillers.

And the guys from the Aktiengesellschaft Farbenfabriken (the crazy Germans, they do read those long words?), which later became the giant pharmaceutical company Bayer, decided in 1897 to synthesize the least dangerous of the opiates by acetylation of morphine. Thus was created the heroin, apparently named for the heroic effect, which he made on patients during testing.

Unfortunately for Bayer and for many generations of rock musicians, heroin was the complete opposite of what was intended. It is absorbed by the body much faster than morphine, and is much better suited to the role of entertaining the drug.

As a result, in some States appeared first anti-drug laws, prior to the complete prohibition of heroin.

3. Banks


Did you know at all what to put the banks — it’s a Chinese folk medical procedure? What’s the salt? It is necessary to create vacuum in a small space (usually a light) and then prishpandorit this can on the back to back rushing blood. It turns out that banks are dry and wet — the differences are not so large, just a little more blood rushes to the skin, if the banks are wet. By the way, statistically, banks are no more effective than placebo. Science the efficiency of the cans does not confirm to this method of treatment tend grandmother. Perhaps that is why they are so popular — by the way, as in all third world countries. Makes you wonder…

4. Lobotomy


If you think that all of these barbaric methods of treatment is simply a relic of the past, the fruit dark, uneducated cultures, what do you say about a lobotomy? She appeared in 1935 and was used for the treatment of mental disorders, along with such amusing pieces, like eugenics and sterilization — well, it is closer to Nebra of the Third Reich. In the end, of course, the effectiveness of lobotomy has not been proved, although the man who invented the technique of lobotomy, and his name was Antonio EGAS Moniz was awarded the Nobel prize in 1949.

5. Malaria wonder drug

Anopheles mosquito

In the twentieth century, medical scientists were still trying to organize the various parts of human physiology, and often they thought captured the essence, when, in fact, merely stated vague relationships between different parts of the body.

One example of such misconceptions is the idea pyrotherapy, when heat was considered a good sign that the body is successfully fighting the infection.

However, this idea has its positive aspects: it was the source for the origin of immunology, but scientists and doctors like the Nazi Nobel laureate Julius Wagner-Jauregg insisted that a fever is always indicative of successful treatment of the disease. These guys deliberately ignored many of the scientific immunological discoveries made during the Second world war.

Even today, the «treatment of malaria» is considered as a miracle cure — for example, Dr. Henry Heimlich that without any evidence claims that «malariotherapy» strengthens the immune system so that it can resist HIV.

6. Electroshock therapy


In General it seems to be logical for the treatment of mental illness. In the end, mental illness is the result of poor nerve function, right?

It turns out that breakdown cannot be cured by simply replacing a few neurons, and rude approach to the treatment of neurological diseases, only worsens the situation.

After years of research it was found that electroshock treatments are also ineffective, like lobotomy, it only leads to a deterioration of the patients.

7. Weight loss with tapeworm


There is such an urban legend: supposedly a woman desperate to lose weight and deliberately swallowed a tapeworm egg to become slimmer. I wonder where did she get this egg? So, the story is not so absurd, except for this moment. In the past century in the United States are touting this method as a real replacement for diet and exercise for those who want to lose weight, and strain do not want. But it was a complete charlatan: as a result people were infected and could cause your body serious harm.

Rumor has it that this method of weight loss was popular among jockeys, except that it is nowhere documented and no evidence to support this theory was not found. The infection with tapeworm do a lot of side effects, so hardly anyone uses it for any purpose other than as a reason for visiting the doctor. However, some celebrities still admit that in the pursuit of a perfect body ready to eat the worm — admitted guests of the Tyra Banks Show in 2009.

8. Colloidal silver

blue dude

Silver has antibiotic properties. and, as a rule, non-toxic, so at the beginning of the last century it was used for washing wounds. However, when the light appeared more effective antibiotics, the medical silver is almost out of use.

Then, in the early nineties, there was a sudden surge in popularity of colloidal silver as a means of alternative medicine. Previously, weak antibiotic, now this tool was presented to hoo what, almost a panacea, it was anything from food additives to medicines against cancer.

Like many tools of alternative medicine, colloidal silver has had a positive impact on those it was used. And what is strange and even scary: people literally began to change color: they have gained manifold shades — from pale gray to deep blue. Beauty!

Silver can be deposited in the body over time, resulting in a condition called argyria, which is usual for miners who work on the extraction of silver. Surprisingly, but fact: many suffer from argyria continued to use and promote colloidal silver as a cure, claiming that they’re just unusual look and quite healthy.

9. Magnets


How do they work? Medical magnets — it is dark. As soon as you start to explain the principle of their work, all sounds pretty complicated, but working rule: the smarter speech sounds, the more likely it is to believe.

Of course, treatment magnets referred to as alternative medicine. They weave something about the iron in blood hemoglobin and an attraction, a rush of blood to points, responsible for what followed profit. How are you?

Well count, how would we live, if it were true? And when you pass through the metal detector, what would happen? And what would be the types who go around with metal detectors in the fields and are looking for something don’t know what? In short, the darkness.

10. Homeopathy

homeopathic medicines

Perhaps the most popular branch of alternative medicine. It appeared in the XVII century the efforts of the German guy Samuel Hannemann who had this bright idea when he translated ancient medical texts.

Based on the ancient medical tradition known as the «law of similars», Hahnemann suggested that the best treatment causes the same symptoms as the disease, the treatment of which it is directed. A questionable idea, of course. Is that the recipe Hahnemann’s works — but don’t worry, dude, it’s a placebo, too, gives the effect.

Modern day proponents of homeopathy, live only at the expense of public dissatisfaction with the pharmaceutical industry — well, the grandmothers, of course.

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