10 most bizarre and perverted video game

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The computer games industry at the moment — one of many interesting and original types of businesses. Also, what’s that, and to entertain a good game just can. And quite nice. Another true male form of passive recreation — view porn and erotica. No wonder that some game designers wanted to combine the two. Would be better if they didn’t. Today we will tell you about 10 most bizarre and perverted games on different platforms.

10. Bubble Bath Babes

We don’t know the history of the creation of this game, but I think that it looked like this: from the game designer suddenly started a boner while playing… Tetris. He came up with this. Each level is an 8-bit beauty (if you can say) gradually undresses, and we see her less than dressed after I finished another level. The only problem is that each level the game speed increases. Pretty weird to masturbate at the same time falling with great speed bubbles, but it carries. As Tetris.

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9.Strip Fighter 2 (Turbo Grafix 16)

In fact, it is another clone of «Street Fighter» only fighters here — naked girls in stages of undress. Generally, in the «SF» enough naked girls, so naked dancers, punks, freaks and girls in costume dominatrix was no surprise. But after each successful fight showed frightening pictures of the girls who wink at you strangely. As such a jerk, I’m sorry?

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8. Burning Desire (Atari 2600)

«Burning desire» was the name of this game. And she came out on Atari, the legendary console. Do you think 4 pixels sexy? We are definitely not! But when people FAP to Lara Croft, which is not shone pixel shaders and has a triangular sharp chest.

And what is the feature? Over a naked girl hanging the plane with a suspended naked in it a guy who puts out the fire around the girl with… what can extinguish it only naked guy. When this is all over she will thank. And you want people to FAP? The amazing thing is that the same FAP!

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7.The Yakyuken Special (Sega Saturn)

Japanese girls like many, many dudes. Like the game «Rock-scissors-paper». You play with the toy, gradually exposing the girl lovely. Only here’s the RUB: the game is very difficult, for the time, when you deprive them of the Asian chick, you can do it in real life to naked 30 women. Artificial intelligence is very much cheating.

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6. Gigolo (Atari 2600)

Who said that games on the Atari can be a little erotic? In any case, whoever said it, a strange man, and with him as you do not want to communicate more. «Gigolo» is a game about a male prostitute who needs to serve many women. You move around at home, try not to get into the house (otherwise you get thrown out of it) and avoiding the police. The game is quite difficult, and who will excite the couple of squares that mate? No, nafig it is necessary.

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5. Cho Aniki (Playstation)

Gomorra the first Sonya. Looks crazy weird. In fact, it is banal letalka and shooter. There’s nothing more we’re gonna write, just look at the screens and feel self-conscious.

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4.Beat ‘Em & Eat’ EM (Atari 2600)

Another horror for Atari. On the roof there is a man and frigs. The products of its activities is collected in two terrible pixel girls. It’s disgusting.

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3.Custer’s Revenge (Atari 2600)

Custer, a famous man of American history, the General, who lost to the Indians. In this game he seems to be taking revenge. Do you avoid flying arrows to reach the Indian girl, then to pull it into the cactus. Dubious spectacle.

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2. Boong-Ga Boong Ga (Arcade)

The arcade game developed by Koreans for the Japanese. Is a machine for divination… shit. Ass guy falls pixel shit, which is then read.

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1. Miss World ’96 Nude (Arcade)

This is a very strange game. Of course, girls in heels fucking hot, but when you commit a wrong action, they will turn into monsters. Pretty scary. And not at all exciting.

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