10 most anticipated sequels in 2017

Cinema has long turned into a large industry that works according to its own laws, and sometimes they are in conflict with the audience’s preferences. On wide screens often fall the bastards, the heirs of the great paintings that are only a shadow of the previous films. When you get attached to the characters so much that I can not wait for a new episode of their adventures, this state of Affairs is causing heartache and pain. It is hoped that the part of the filmmakers, if you suddenly decide to make a sequel, make quality and cool movie. We really don’t want schlock, especially in 2017 — the year when released a huge amount of sequels.

1 Thor: Ragnarok

We think that the Marvel movies have become very diverse, so in the chair of Director of the new film about Thor sat an extravagant guy named Taika, Waititi. He made two great films: «Hunting savages» and «Real vampires». If you watched the movies, then some idea of why we are waiting for «Ragnarok» as never waited for movies with comic book characters (excluding the movies by Alan Moore).

At present it is difficult to say what will be «Ragnarok». But the presence of the Hulk as one of the Central characters of the film we can only be happy — we love this nerd. In the story it will be about «the final battle between good and evil» which must culminate in the destruction of Asgard. Loki screwed up again, and his dim-witted but muscular brother will have to disentangle.

World premiere: 25 Oct

2 pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

To be honest, we already forgot what was the last part of «Pirates of the Caribbean», but that franchise is so stuck in the brain, which to miss another movie with captain Jack Sparrow, we are not able. This time the danger for the captain is a pack of ghostly pirates from the Devil’s triangle. They planned to destroy all the pirates that obviously does not like Jack. Here is a new adventure that is not without mystic artifacts, shots of ship guns and battles on swords.

By the way, I doubt that this film will be the last. We are already seeing a tenth of the «Pirates», where the old johnny Depp will fight with some stupid sea monsters, sitting in a wheelchair.

World premiere: 24 may 3 Trainspotting 2 Is the sequel to the cult film «Trainspotting», which was filmed on the cult book «Trainspotting» cult writer Irvine Welsh cult Director Danny Boyle. «Jesus Christ!», as said Mr. masochist. We are happy that this day will come in 2017, because «Trainspotting» — damn, brilliant movie. But that’s the problem. Whether Boyle will be able to do better? I hope so.

The second part of the «Trainspotting» is based on the novel «Porno», which was released in 2002. But this is only the basis of the stories because the filmmakers made a rather free interpretation, although the author himself worked on the adaptation of the book. Irvine Welsh said: «We do not want to tarnish the legacy of the original film, but want to create something fresh and modern.» I hope that this «new and modern» like the old generation of the audience for which Ewan McGregor is a guy named Renton who let the gloomy Vienna.

World premiere: 27 Jan

4 John Wick 2

When we decided to watch the first part of John Wick, was expecting banal movie with a actor who haven’t played in good movies, but the film was shocking in many ways — exactly the kind of fighter we need in this era of herbivores. The protagonist is an uncompromising killing machine, driven only by revenge, and not some «noble intentions». John Wick cute and scary at the same time. He is the anti-hero, but in the modern world this is the anti — hero- the only possible «good with his fists».

In the first part we liked the camera work, brutal script, the game Keanu Reeves and a great soundtrack. What to expect from the second part? I hope the same. Interesting movie which could turn into a full-fledged franchise.

World premiere: 9 February

5 Alien: Testament Remember the movie «Prometheus»? Of course I remember you, but if not, be sure to take a look. This movie can only be created by the person who is treating a fictional universe as though it affects the fate of the real world. Ridley Scott is very attentive to detail. Not his style to reveal all the cards at once, so when the movie came out, «Prometheus», we have a large number of important questions about the plot. Where did the «engineers»? How do they relate to «strangers»? We tortured myself with these questions for five years, and finally Ridley Scott decided to shoot a sequel, which is dubbed «Alien: Covenant.»

If memory you are great, you know of the team of the spaceship «Prometheus» there are only two members of the crew: Elizabeth and Android David. They have to know the whole truth of the universe, which is hidden on the planet «Paradise». They say that there are gods. Or those who imagined themselves to be gods.

World premiere: 17 may

6 War of the planet of the apes

Another film in the piggy Bank monkey ugliness. The logic of the film is simple: if the planet is two intelligent species, one of them will inevitably sink into Oblivion. Actually, with the Neanderthals happened — we survived from the planet, although the view was a clever and maybe handsome. If smart will become a regular primates, the result is predictable. However, why not watch this film?

I hope that the movie «War of the planet of the apes» will be deprived of moral sermons on «what people are cruel». However, if it is, then we have nothing to lose, because we sincerely want to once again see how the primates are holding a human weapon.

World premiere: 12 Jul

7 Logan Cinematographers managed to wriggle out of this universe in such a way that follow the adventures of Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine way every year more and more interesting. In 2017, for example, comes the film «Logan». The film is set in the distant future, when any of the X-Men are almost there. Only have an old Logan as Professor Xavier, who loses his memory due to Alzheimer’s disease. At the most inopportune moment there is an evil Corporation that wants to destroy the world. But whether pensioners are to face it?

It should say that «Logan» — is not a frivolous film. Already, the trailer, feel the weight of being post-apocalyptic world. Logan is depressed, has no «superhero costume», but he is willing to fight to save this rotten planet.

World premiere: March 1

8 justice League

A film by Zack Snyder, so there is a high probability that all slide to hell, but we hope that this will not happen. DC universe is closer to us — there is more darkness, meanness and film Noir. On the other hand, this can easily break into pieces if suddenly the leadership of DC wants to bring the universe under the mood of the wider public. But the Batman movies and so valuable that there not afraid to show blood. Fingers crossed in the hope that it will remain so.

What’s the film about? How Batman and Superman teaming up of the characters of the earthly world in order to confront one of the most powerful villains — Darkseid, the ruler of the planet Apocalypse. Very sorry that the tape is not set to film the sisters (brothers?) Wachowski — then the project could not survive.

World premiere: November 16, 9 Star wars: Episode 8 Here and say nothing — we are waiting for this movie. Not just as Star Wars fans, and as fans of science fiction in General. It is undeniable that the universe, which was created by George Lucas, has played a significant role in the history of cinema. It cannot be denied that this Saga is addictive any neophyte with his head. It cannot be denied that this is a great movie. But such evaluation does not allow us to get beyond the old memories. It always seems that sooner was better.

But that’s our fault-finding. So let’s hope for the Director Ryan Johnson, who has a direct relationship to the TV series «breaking bad», and let’s hope that George Lucas wasn’t sold out and kept the old spirit of «Star wars».

World premiere: 14 Dec

10 blade Runner 2049

We were surprised when they learned that will remove the continuation of «blade Runner» and not a remake. Even more surprised when I learned that Harrison Ford also will participate. But it is unlikely we will see this old man in the first position. Not terrible — let the younger generation take an amazing science fiction universe in their hands. There is every chance that the movie will be good, because the Director is Denis Villeneuve — man, in which we have not managed to find at least one mediocre film. This man knows how to keep the viewer in suspense (remember the «Captives»).

According to our observations, 2017 will be the year of science fiction, which is experiencing a Renaissance in connection with scientific progress and new perspectives that challenge humanity. Every Director interpreterpath these perspectives in a unique way that gives the viewer a look into the future and choose what it will be.

World premiere: 4 Oct

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