10 most anticipated premieres of the fall 2015

Feel the autumn coolness wafted? Back to school! But even in the bustle of working days, endless colds and mental exacerbations «sad time» you want to indulge in something interesting or just to hide from the October slush. Where to do best? Properly, at home. What else? In the cinema, giving a handful of cheapening rubles for viewing quality films. We have tried to make the top ten the most, that is, «kosher» version of your favorite magazine your mom.

1. Hitman: Agent 47

3 Sep

As you know, every third September Mikhail Shufutinsky flips the calendar’s sad, because there again the third of September. I hope that this year he will be bored and will go to the new «Hitman». In world hire the film started on 19 August. We have decided not to hurry, apparently believing that this film will be fans of the game. However, fans of the bald assassin with a barcode on his head better, perhaps, to wait a new game, especially since it’s coming soon. Last film with Timothy Olifant angered fans and failed completely. Say the new is worse: the standard problems with physics, rough work over CGI and special effects. It is noteworthy that the output delay has been associated with the processing of a visual, which required serious grinding. So, it’s not Gallipoli. In General, the silent killer does not even smell.

The main role was to play Paul Walker, but he, for obvious reasons, did not happen. So I called Rupert Friend – star of the TV series «homeland». Say played well, but hardly enough.

What’s the film about? Bald is teaming up with some woman and helps her find her father, simultaneously unraveling the mystery of their origin. A classic of the genre and no specifics.

2. Carrier: Legacy

10 Sep

Luc Besson, of course, a great Director, and he can forgive everything for the sake of «Leon», «Subway», «Nikita» (accent on the last syllable), «the Fifth element», «angel-a» and the first two parts of «Taxi»… Well, someone will add to this list «Yamakasi». But the person absolutely has no brake! As you know, lately, he often acts as producer (in particular all parts of the Transporter) and screenwriter. Well, you did two good pieces, well 3 and that’s enough! Do not continue! The third «carrier» not everyone liked it! «Taxi 4» and «new York taxi» – so even a complete collapse! Calm down! You write scripts for «From Paris with love» and «district 13», so why continue a dead franchise?

Here you are, dude, tell me you need a «Carrier» without Statham? And I don’t need. The franchise died the third part, few people want to watch it, and even without the symbol of the film. Some even believe the film is cheap and a great folly. It is hoped that the young Director Kamil Delamarre will be able to surprise us. By the way, the new carrier – ed Skrein (known for «the Vikings») – not only that, similar to Vladimir Epifantsev (brother of the «Green elephant»), but fights with the Russian mafia. Well, who else?

3. Amy

10 Sep

A friend of mine had never seen any race of Airton Senna. Now he goes and says that is his favorite racer and gold all people. And they will Asipu, Kapadia who made this wonderful film.

Now he took up a biography about Amy Winehouse. It can be viewed as anything but something tells me that after this film its ranks of fans added. The film can be seen in the cinema, although the cinema is not the best place for viewing the documentary, even biographical films.

4. Everest

24 Sep

The Russian audience of this film is interesting primarily to the fact that it tells you about the Anatoly Boukreev. The film based on real events that took place in the Himalayas in may 1996. Then three commercial expeditions, which were both experienced climbers and tourists, who had no previous experience of conquering the Himalayas, I climbed the highest mountain in the world. However, during descent, a few customers were in the worst storm, which killed five people. Victims could be more, if not a renowned climber Anatoly Boukreev, the guide of the group «Mountain madness» by Scott Fischer. He single-handedly rescued three climbers from the freezing slope, not afraid of the storm and zero visibility. Of course, this point is not Central to the film, but he paid considerable attention. The film starred such notable figures as Jake Gyllenhaal, keira Knightley and Josh Brolin. Boukreev played by the Icelandic actor Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson. You know that? Know.

5. Ashby

24 Sep

Mickey Rourke in a sincere drama about the friendship between an ordinary teenager and a dying CIA agent. First, the heroes don’t find any common ground, but soon realize that despite the difference in years, occupations and social status, they both first meet someone you can call «friend».

It is clear that a hardened CIA plays Mickey Rourke. And the role of the teenager got the star of the melodrama «the Fault in our stars» NAT Wolff. There are several interesting actors, but all the attention to Mr. Rourke.

6. Martian

8 Oct

Riddly Scott is at it again and started to make movies about how astronauts get into various scrapes. At this time the victim is Sigourney weaver was Matt Damon. The plot on Mars begins with a strong sand storm and a group of astronauts have early start from the planet. During the evacuation of the hero Damon, hurt by the debris, and friends of the astronauts, considering that it vanished in the vastness of the red planet, leave without him. So he was left alone on the planet without a connection to the Earth, in a module designed for a month stay, and as a true patriot starts struggling to survive.

As you might guess, the film is closer to «Gravity». Most importantly, to the number of space movies that come out recently, from «Interstellar» to the new «Star wars», for which many were waiting for 2015, the viewer does not happened retching and bouts of boredom. Now is not the 61-th year, and the theme of space not so excites the hearts of young pioneers. Although everything will go to watch a movie about Bourne in space, removed the venerable Director of «Alien.» And no advertising is not necessary.

7. Eisenstein in Guanajuato

8 Oct

Not many Russians like the West. Eisenstein admired. So on the film and worked a motley international crew. So, for example, of Sergei Mikhailovich played a Finnish actor Elmer Beck. Shot Briton Peter Greenaway. The shooting took place in Belgium, Holland, Mexico and France. And everything about travelling the great Soviet Director deeply Jewish origin who travels through Mexico. However, the essence of the story is about a short love story guided Eisenstein in Guanajuato – young and married a Mexican historian Palomino, Canedo. The authors believe that these bright and sensual days changed his life and influenced his future career. If we ignore this delicate blue story, the movie was very interesting, especially due to the fact that is shot in a peculiar manner (a combination of documentary Chronicles, staged scenes and varied, including animated inserts).

8. Paranormal phenomena: Ghosts

22 Oct

Fans of the horror worth the wait Oct. Once again will come next «badyaga» on Halloween, see fart trash «Scouts vs zombies». However, in October, will show «ash vs. evil dead» on benzopyrrole visibly aged guy who, apparently, will break the market. But the series, and we’re talking about movies. Fortunately, will come the fifth part of all your favorite «Phenomena». That’s about it, and talk.

This part was removed new directed Gregory Plotkin. Will he be able to make a seemingly banal story about a family that moved into a new house and found a shocking magazine (probably the band «dune»), interesting and exciting as, say, in 3 parts? It remains to be seen.

9. Black mass

29 Oct

Any movie with johnny Depp in the title role will be expected and will collect their cash. But if the film plays incredibly fashionable nowadays Cumberbatch and many other famous people, the film is guaranteed success. Another thing is, how successful will the film. «Malavita» is also very waited, and liked by everyone. Although also a gangster movie. Moreover, based on real events.

Whitey Bulger is one of the most violent criminals in the history of Boston, the leader of the criminal organization, the Winter Hill and the brother of the local Senator. After a series of bloody crimes, he becomes an FBI informant. For 30 years, Bulger works for the Bureau, in order to gather incriminating evidence against a mafia clan operating on its territory. Whitey plays just Depp. His brother Benedict with nevyhovovaly name. Depp’s character is more like an older version of Raoul Duke, but it only sets the intrigue of the painting. I hope that the film will be no less shit-kicking than the last movie about the life of Boston criminals – «the Departed». I don’t care what the Directors and cast are completely different.

10. 007: RANGE

5 Nov

«A coded message from an unknown source, bond’s past sends him on trail to uncover a sinister organization called Spectre, while M is trying to save the secret service from the liquidation,» that’s a sinister plot in the new James bond. This word has always caused a associated with poor cigarettes of the same brand.

It is the 24th official bond movie was the fourth film, in which 007 is played Daniel Craig, and that in this case, perhaps most important, the second part of James bond, delivered by Sam Mendes. It directed them to «007: Coordinates «Skayfoll»» in 2012 not just breathed new life into a fading and annoying manner the spy genre. By the way, the role of the main villain in the «Spectrum» went to Christoph Waltz, so the conflict promises to be interesting at least. And we know that the Drum of the role of villains perfectly possible. Many even say that it is better than the role of bond – Daniel Craig. In General, expect 5 November. The conflict promises to be interesting. And the twists and turns inside the vaunted MI6 promise to add spice to the usual action.

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