10 most anticipated gadgets this summer

As a rule, summer is the time when the guru of virtual technologies are rolling out the red carpet for the new creations of their minds (unless we are not talking about Apple who do this every three months). Although our list is not even one new from these guys. Relax and get ready to explore new technological gizmos.

iTunes Radio

iTunes radioApple already took almost every possible niche on the market of digital technology — and here we add one more thing. They announced the creation of iTunes Radio. And it’s cool! It will be a completely free Internet radio based on the music directory iTunes. You can activate it with your Apple device, the repertoire of the radio depends on the music you listen to. The more radio knows about you, the better it adapts to your tastes and adjusts his repertoire.

The service will be integrated in the new iOS 7 will be absolutely free. Radio stations and services will be managed (surprise!) ordinary people. And there will be advertising. If you want to get rid of it, in a year it will cost you 25 green.

Xbox One

Xbox OneReturns the magic thing that turns men into boys, is a new concept Xbox. Not to be confused with the first version of the console! Feature names that are here and all the fun are collected together, this deep thought was from the creators.

Little black box will tie all the equipment in your living room: TV, Internet connection and, in fact, the game, and it can be controlled by voice. Despite the strange design (and indeed many), the creators assure us that made the previous model as much as 40 improvements. I wonder what they mean? Now for the right to play the game borrowed it from a friend, also you have to pay? Thank You, Microsoft.

The console will cost $499 — why people loves numbers that end in 99? I would say simply and clearly — five hundred. With such a price, the Xbox can successfully serve as a gift from the New year, birthday, February 23.

OS X Mavericks

OS x MavericksIt’s been almost a year since, as the owners of Macs has updated their OSes. A small modification from Lion to Mountain Lion dates from a hitch in the summer of 2012, and now it is time for a Grand update.

There will be a lot of facilities: for example, the Finder finally got tabbed documents, you can assign tags and these tags to look for them, you can use cloud storage to remember your passwords and payment card numbers, the new version of Safari and calendar changes, about which all talk so much. The operating system aims to make users life. Let’s see what happens.

Play Station 4

station 4 playGamers all over the world at a crossroads: deciding what to choose, Xbox One or PS 4. The new brainchild of Sony deserves a special attention.

The exact release date is still unknown to us mere mortals. But we know that the Play Station 4 looks much sleeker your main competitor, and has a more ergonomic controller. In the same checkout you can add the new touchpad design and new joystick DualShock 4. And yet it is 100 «baćina» lower than that of Xbox, the console does not require a permanent connection to the Internet, always on the kinect and allows you to freely share games.

iOS 7

on iOS 7What would be summer without a new products from Apple? All that summer, but without those up — but with them, admit it, dude, much more interesting! Incidentally, this new product is absolutely worth; they say that this is the biggest shock for the market of mobile phones since, in fact, the appearance of the iPhone.

A little review of the new iOS is attached. Messages are synced and disappear from all mac devices, as soon as they check on each of them (important for those who have not one single device from Apple), Siri is a new voice, and telephony will track which apps you use most often. The number of photos of the girls in the mirror at least on our website it is possible to conclude that modern people love to be photographed — especially for such children will have as many as four cameras with filters — including in the form of a box (nice update, huh?). Photos will be easier to organize, and it is also nice.


company lytroIt is not afraid a new word in photography, first told in 2011 — this small rectangular prism without a single button — so you don’t break their bright heads above a lot of options.

Lytro catches light, «looks», and then functions like a kaleidoscope. It’s the only camera that allows you to focus from one object to another already finished photos. This is a new way to remove such «live» photos, here it is possible to intervene in the shooting after the shooting process.

Zoom is a small touchpad on one end of the Lytro, it can be easy and quick to use for snapshots. Very practical and a little camera, which costs $ 399.

Mac Pro

Mac ProAt WWDC Apple announced its new MacBook Air, which is faster and saves battery reserve for the entire working day. Cost this joy will be neither more nor less, $1099 — and again, this strange the price from 99, what are they? Looks stylish and futuristic, works smartly. Well done guys.

a-JAYS Four

a-jays fousThis is a far more important invention than any new technology of production of cars or a revolutionary discovery in biology is earphones that don’t tangle!

If the headphones longer confused and will be ideal to approach the design of your iPhone, life will be much nicer. Three buttons to control the sound and pause. There is nothing more to be desired.

New games for Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii UBy the way, there will be as many as 20 exercises that will help you stay in shape — now gamers will move a lot more. And there will even be fatmeter. And super Mario in 3D — it’s just a holiday! You can even play four. Now you don’t have to sit and wait until your friend dies (in game of course) — you can just join him.

Hashtags on Facebook

hashtagThree words: who cares? Perhaps those who like this social network, the thing is still there. A year ago we had no idea what a hashtag, but now only the lazy do not use them. Now Facebook has borrowed this «innovation» in Twitter.

Hashtags are used to organize conversations, and if this kind of story, important event, or important subject, you will be able to communicate about them, even from strangers, using the hashtag search. This trend will not go unnoticed because people literally pounce on him.

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