10 morning rituals that will change your life


In the morning, we think, nothing we can do. All we have is falling apart, and sleepy just deadly. Early in the morning is almost unbearable, especially when you’re a «night owl» and have to get up at six or seven. You barely have time to do something, some bro skip Breakfast to sleep for a while, but this should not be done. First, I’ll tell you a secret: the more you stay in bed the more you want to sleep then, and the more you will become overwhelmed. You just interrupted your sleep, and then go back to interrupt it after 10 minutes. You’re so vain! Need to get up gradually, but not necessarily immediately. What to do in the morning to get your day went like clockwork and Wake up in the morning was, if not pleasant, then at least fruitful, we’ll talk today.

1. Breakfast with the family

If you do not live alone, you can always start a great habit to have Breakfast with your loved ones. If you live with parents and have Breakfast with them, and they are nice, and you tasty and don’t need to say that you don’t have time — just get up earlier. Are you a family man? Eat scrambled eggs with his wife and children! Do you have a girlfriend? Share with her your meal. No girls? Well, feed the cat. But even if you live completely alone, turning on the computer, open manygoodtips.com and have some Breakfast with us! The sense of unity will allow you with warmth in my soul to go out into the darkness of the city

2. Organize

Most of our problems in life can sometimes be due to the fact that we can’t organize themselves. I’m serious, dude! Chaos, of course, a piece pleasant, but extremely harmful. Order more and balance it should be! From the chaos of things and morning the problems continued to pile up, and after work you have to wash your Cup or making the bed. In order to avoid all this, make it a rule to organize your morning routine. To do this, think in advance what you will do in the morning. I go to the kitchen to put the kettle on; if there’s food that can be eaten quickly or reheat, I just put it in the microwave. While the kettle heated, and the food is prepared, I go into the bathroom and quickly wash and brush my teeth. After I come into the kitchen and find ready meals. This is an example. So my day starts with charging. Make a clear plan of action that you should exercise every morning. Charging, put the kettle on, brush my teeth and to wash, cook eat, make the bed, eat at the same time to read the news, to wash the dishes, get dressed, comb my hair, spray myself with Cologne and go to work. Follow your schedule daily, and will not fuss this morning.

3. Be aware of recent events

Every morning find 10-20 minutes to read the news. Newspapers and the better Internet to help you! So you will know what’s going on in the world or home country. By the way, this is a great topic for discussion in uyutnenko office. For example, you can discuss the next foolish act or statement of a public figure. If you do not do this every day, you are surprised to find that I have no idea what goes on in the world kind of nonsense that is all around discussing. Also, do not forget that additional reading keeps your brain in good shape. You’re probably not reading now books? But if you read, you still read the news in the morning.

4. Shave

The inclusion of shaving in my morning ritual — guaranteeing that at work or in the morning you will look decent. When bro is shaving in the evening, the hairs manage to grow, and the virgin purity of the face in the morning as there is no. Shave in the morning helps you look more refreshed. If you don’t have a beard, a daily shave will soften your bristles and make your hair more uniform.

5. A proper Breakfast

We all know from childhood that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A child, for Breakfast, watched my mom, and when we grew up, we began to neglect this first meal. Sometimes consciously, sometimes it just happens. Coffee and donuts a full Breakfast is not considered! Numerous studies prove conclusively that a regular Breakfast helps your metabolism gets better, reduces the feeling of hunger during the day and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and improves the taste of food. So why the rampant most stupid people are missing this important meal. One answer: laziness!

6. Morning sex

Of course, not every bro in the morning pulls of love, but if you can show the wonders of heroism at 6-7 am on weekdays, our you with the ponytail! Morning sex can easily replace your charger and make your friend even more loved man. In addition, if you have children, you should know that in the morning they sleep all stronger.

7. Shower

You don’t have to do the morning of 10 reps of pushups, but you certainly don’t feel «fresh». Shower helps you better Wake up and get my thoughts in order. And if in the morning your hair is something resembling a cake «Count ruins» the water will help you to put everything in order.

8. Get up early

Reading all these points you may ask yourself a reasonable question: how I can to do everything in such a short period of time? The answer is obvious: get up early! If you’re accustomed to to get ready for work in 15-30 minutes, get up for 30 minutes. So you Wake up faster and faster will come to a state of standing.

9. Stretching

This does not mean that you will have to lay a yoga Mat and curl up into a RAM’s horn. Just stretch, bend, lean on the wall and bend at the back. Stretching for the morning even better than charging. Stretching improves circulation, reduces strain on the spine and allows the muscles to work better.

10. Drink water

Told you a million times: drink more water. Drinking water on an empty stomach will improve your digestion and improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. The consumption of large quantities of water increases the production of red blood cells, and you, in all seriousness, you’ll be refreshed and feel like a new person. The more you drink water, the better your metabolism and a chance to preserve a more youthful appearance.

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