10 mistakes you make after workout

manygoodtips.com_27.10.2014_MZSOdq0oJsxOOYou bought a ticket to one of the best fitness clubs, pay extra coach for private lessons, laid out in full during a workout, but the results are still there? How so?

What all these efforts, if anything you still not get? Maybe you do some mistakes without knowing it? Well, or really even knowing it. Now, the time has come to sort out this problem and poke your nose in your shit.

1. You give the appearance

Stocked ticket, bought new sports uniforms, signed up for the public for the jocks and athletes… Well, good for you, of course, have done so much and even go to a fitness club once a week. Direct business like this guy!

You need to understand that exercise must be regular: at least three times a week. If you barely hobbling from work, still wander on the treadmill, then this is your physical condition gets better. So don’t go to the gym just for personal reassurance. When they decided to do their body and health, not schlock! Don’t make up excuses for yourself, and that will remain drischu until the end of his days.

2. Overload

Another fatal case when you are so hard working that even do not have time to take a piss after a workout and just go to bed. You just have no strength left: you came back from rocking as if you were stirring with a mixer together with a mixture of sweat and dumbbells.

Overload is even worse than inaction. After a workout your muscles and yourself you need to rest, if you deprive yourself of this holiday, the risk of serious harm to the body. Everything should be in moderation. Do not try to jump above their heads.

3. The lack of sleep

Hard to give up fun, if your friend gave you a new console or you’ve met a desperate dude on Facebook. Are you ready to do anything not to sleep, but that is a mistake. The nurse told you that you need a healthy sleep, and you somehow forgot all of her helpful tips.

Ideally, go to bed at 10 PM. At this time your system is configured to restore, but you will hardly be able to put yourself in that time. So you need to sleep in the night, at least eight hours, as the body focuses on the psychological recovery from 2 am to 6 am.

4. Not enough protein

You read a lot about healthy diets on the Internet, but not all of them provide ample amounts of protein in the diet. If authors did not care about your health, you will have to do it yourself. After all, you’re your own man, after all.

Your body needs protein, which helps to recover from the workout and promotes muscle growth. It is desirable that the protein appeared in your stomach at every meal, including Breakfast. If you eat cereal for Breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner, you can easily trigger in your body deficiency of protein. If you train, the minimum amount of protein that you should consume daily 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. So if you weigh 60 kg, you need 60 grams of protein a day.

5. Poor quality food

Was once one of those poor College years, which finally killed your stomach, but you’re a grown man and can afford to buy expensive and quality of food. Pamper your belly with no frills – won’t hurt anyone, even you.

The food you consume should be of the highest quality, so you can get the most out of your workouts. Organic unprocessed natural foods – the best quality of those that you can find on the counter. They are most nutritious and least toxic.

6. Dehydration

Dehydration is not a pleasant thing, as you know. But you can do it. After that, the effectiveness of your workouts will be zero.

If your urine is darker than straw color, then most likely, you are dehydrated. This is a disaster for your training: even 1% level of dehydration will have a significant impact on the fitness program. Bring exercise bottle of mineral water. Do not pull five-liter canister of a bottle.

7. Stress

If you’re nervous hysterical, then do not expect result from proper and intensive training. When the body is under stress, it begins to produce the hormone cortisol, which destroys muscle and promotes fat deposition. Find ways to reduce the stress. It is necessary for your health.

8. Incorrect balance

Everyone has their own balance of nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, which works most effectively for a particular person. For example, some people can eat a little carbs at the dinner table, and they will be bad until the end of the celebration, while the other person is able to consume high amount of carbohydrates and then be in great shape.

9. Alcohol

You can not even try to go to the gym with a hangover, it still won’t do any good. Nobody says that to thump, you can have fun and no you will not say anything, just don’t torture your body and not Pris ‘ in the fitness club the next day after drinking. Give yourself a little time to rest.

The alcohol will accumulate in your body completely unnecessary calories that only hurt. So spare yourself and, preferably, to thump.

10. Stretching

More precisely, the lack thereof. You need to warm up your cords before you begin to exercise, so you should not skip this important part of the training. You don’t want injuries?

There are, of course, the option that for some reason (health or religious requirements) you can’t do stretching, well, nothing, that will help you to cope a great replacement for her.

So no need to drive to a coach or overseas fit for sport is likely to blame, so deal with all of it also belongs to you.

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