10 mistakes that cost your success

manygoodtips.com_9.03.2016_yMKxmnD4KH7GiYou know, why is it so hard to reach the ultimate goal? Not because it is infinitely far away from you, not because you grew up in the wrong country at the wrong time. It is likely that you’ll … you’ll paralyze yourself with the many options that this goal lead. Consider what you choose at some point a wrong decision. And this decision throws you miles ago. Therefore, it is important not to fall into the trap himself.

Society has ruined your life. You have been brainwashed by convincing that there is some right way. Which is so well lit, which is presented in smooth asphalt, it’s impossible not to slip, not to go with it. We want to open your eyes to some stereotype of the solution, which at first glance seem to be ideal for growth and development.

1. Lean on passion

«Find the thing that will love and devote his life.» We do often write about how important it is to do what you like. The emphasis on passion permeates our society, and people constantly recite this mantra. But it so happened that not every hobby which you like, is a good source of income. Here we have to choose between what I want and what gives you money. Difficult choice, I agree. And we always tend to desire and not to the result. But will give you some friendly advice, if you want to achieve success, it is success based on natural talents, your strengths, your knowledge. Passion is important, but it is not listed first in the list.

2. Became a lot of goals

This does not work, although any guru will tell you that first you need to take a pen and paper and paint two hundred goals for the next two centuries. I myself, honestly, it suffered. And it’s a great way if you want to achieve. Put the first goal and fulfill it. And only then think about the following.

3. Long time to plan

Work.com.ua_9.03.2016_fByz8QZAD6Hm4If you spend a lot of time on planning and analysis prior to the beginning of the work you have just lost the desire to do something. And in this case, you’re always going to alienate an important component of your work – practice. Sometimes the best thing to do, without any plans.

4. Use positive thinking

Positive thinking is a good thing, when you are always suffering from stress. But work it will not help. Developing a business plan, you should consider the worst scenario, all disasters and other surprises. Then you’ll be ready for anything but optimism often gives you false hope.

5. You don’t keep a diary

Then you just take our word for it. If you want to be more creative, productive and more motivated, then write a journal. Try to write regularly in it, at least for six months, and you will notice that will change your life. For the better, of course.

6. You should be grateful

What? Why the hell? A deep sense of gratitude for the success destroys your understanding of the reasons for this success. We recommend you to use the rational approach to see and effect, and causes. Then the nature of the «right of choice» will be clear.

7. You’re an optimist

manygoodtips.com_9.03.2016_kFj2H8kxhprM6It is good to be in the short term. But when the situation gets tougher, you get a punch in the stomach, and then merge with the business. Cultivate a bit of gloom in their minds, he will do a good job. If you remove the rose-colored glasses, and understand their weaknesses and the weaknesses of their case. But if you understand them, the result is much easier to correct mistakes.

8. You are copying the habits of successful people

You can mistakenly assume that some movement, some rituals, which carry these successful individuals, is the essence of success. For example, I read somewhere that 89% of managers waking up at 5 am, and therefore you need to Wake up at 5 am. But not all people can work in the morning, so there is a division into larks and owls.

9. You think smart

Nobody smart, we are all idiots, just admit it. The man who boasts of his intellect and puts it on display, the best candidate for the stupidest title in the company. Be above it.

10. Do you believe in error

That’s why you are reading this. You’re afraid of doing the wrong thing, afraid to look ridiculous.

What do you advise? Fuck error. Worry about what matters.

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