10 mistakes guys make in the morning

dude awakeHow I envy those people, who in the morning on the rise and the whole world is not able to knock them out of the rut! In the morning! In the morning, when most of the dudes hates everyone, when is the best time to have this conversation with me as little as possible when you need to be especially careful to each other — these guys are rushing to work, like they have in the ass elektrovenik, and still manage to hum. They know this, I don’t know? And that’s what. Let’s understand together what we are doing wrong.

1. To get off on the wrong foot

Start your day laid in the very second you get out of bed, and then Wake up. I understand: he slept little, had a bad dream, and indeed every day is so stressful as to rejoice the new day? I myself cannot imagine that. But I know that if hard to repeat anything, you eventually start to believe it. As a mantra, which I read some Hindu guys. Tomorrow I’ll try for the sake of experiment from the early morning to convince himself: «Me, me, me, me…» — as well as to do good.

2. Dehydration

As soon as you got up and thought, «my high» (well, another encouraging phrase, immediately to drink a glass of water. And this is no special magic, just water cool podobne your metabolism. And in the morning usually drink coffee, and he was terribly dehydrates — so have pity on yourself, have some water handy.

3. To be lazy in the bathroom

In the morning it is good to wash my face with Tepa water with a drop of soap or without. If you don’t want to wash, then the skin need water, especially the summer heat. you’d be a fool to walk around with a peeling face, if it lacks water.

4. Not to sabrecat

In the morning personally, I’m a bad eater. But even if you don’t feel hunger as such, it is still worth something to swallow to disperse the metabolism. Not necessarily bother to fry eggs, sausages — enough sandwich, yogurt, Apple or something simple. I agree, just pull from the fridge a banana. I use!

5. Lack of vitamins

For energy drink vitamin C. the First few weeks you’re going to podpisyvat your body, and then she’ll get used to it in the morning to be energetic and no longer need additional stimulus.

6. Too much caffeine

I drink a lot of coffee. Many guys drink a lot of coffee. A routine morning at work and understand that the eyelids are gonna fall, gonna have to miss the Cup. And then another Cup. And so many times. Of course, the coffee adds energy, but not for the whole day, but only for a short period of time. And then the energy disappears and you go back for coffee — it’s a vicious circle. Meanwhile, coffee causes dehydration and leaches the body of calcium. To calm his ardor.

7. Staring at the screen

We all used to wait for what we have in the smartphone, just open our eyes. But immediately after waking up to stick into the screen — this is a bad way, he sets the tone for the subsequent day. Stuck in the morning in the screen — the whole day will stick to the screen. Instead, look out the window — I wonder the same, what is there, what the weather is. Even if you are not interested, you still look — there is also the chance to repeat several times: «my buzz, my buzz». And then stuck in the screen.

8. Not to exercise

Morning exercise is the best way to start your day. It not only activates the metabolism and motivating your body to digest food during the day, but also improves mood. When you overcome your reluctance to do a morning workout, you can prove to yourself that you can overcome laziness — a very good thing to start the day. And owing to exercise produces endorphins through which you and be exciting.

9. Smell

Use deodorant and Cologne before heading to work. I understand, sometimes in a hurry you can forget about it, but try never to do. There is nothing worse than to come to work and spread around him the smell of sweat. And you hate, and others not. Possible in case of emergency to have a separate deodorant and put it in the nightstand to protect themselves.

10. Not having a plan

If the morning do not keep in mind what you want to do, there is a chance to forget about some important matters. To avoid this, just write down all things on paper or in a notebook, if there is one. It is possible to arrange things in chronological order or in order of importance — the main thing that you focus on what you have to do.