10 mistakes guys make in the gym

The gym, like any place on our mortal planet, full of dangers and various pitfalls. Today we will tell you what it is better not to do.

1. Donate money for all their levies

the gym

All that you pay is a subscription and coaching on request. And all those entry fees, initial fees and everything in the world contributions are nonsense. You do not have to pay for all this — it’s just a way to cash in on kids like you.

What to do? When you go to the gym, take the maximum laid-back look. If this does not help and you are turning to pay for what is unknown, contact the Manager, don’t be shy. Him you say that you have already paid for a monthly subscription, and most like nothing. And they’ll be off.

Don’t forget to mention that you go to the gym from time to time. In this case, they will realize that if you push, you’ll just go to another place. And so they did not want to.

2. Wearing t-shirts that you yourself cut


Each t-shirt that says: «Hello, I puffed,» now you’re really puffed. You look like a bum. You don’t look cooler, you’re just fooling yourself, pulling that small piece of fabric. If you really want to show off, put on regular drinking.

3. Bring a bottle of water


Don’t tell me how much your body loses during exercise. If you’re not wearing for whatever ski outfit, a bottle you enough. Water is, of course, important, but you’re in the end, not the bass. So calm down.

4. Scream


Screaming can be different.

The first method. It is possible to emit a short sound when the weight is lowered, without throwing the rod on the floor struggling and not creating unnecessary noise. Well, we see you. In many ways bro.

The second method. It shows how much you got in high school. And calm down, damn it. You don’t look cool, courageous, or scared, or however you want to look. And there are different soldiers do not cry when they break their bones, and here you are yelling, lifting 25 pounds. Idiocy.

5. Texting


You came here to do, and not to rummage in phone. And Yes, you don’t look superdonate — you look like you’re just distracted. Wait, you’re really just distracted. Don’t know what you’re doing: playing Angry Birds or reading an important letter — and I do not wonder: both in the gym just inappropriate.

Tip: as soon as you walk into the gym, switch your phone to airplane mode. You’re here to do — and let all of you fall behind. This rule has no exceptions. Even if it’s a girl, she too will have to wait.

6. Stare at yourself in the mirror


Wow, what I have biceps, that’s me!

You’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger — not that very interesting to look at. In addition, and without a mirror and so you can understand what you’re doing and how you look.

7. To do crunches every day

right on Pres

If you’re 10 pounds overweight, crunches will not save you. Moreover, it is likely that you have a good press under a layer of beer and pizza, who settled you in the belly. So you better spend the time, if exercise on a treadmill or doing a special set of exercises.

8. These exercises

Oh, look at that! Good man have already described to you the most useless exercises.

9. Wear weird things

Shoes with toes? — I was wearing them until I made friends.

Headphones Dre Beats? —What’s a red hearing aid?

Jewelry? — Chain? Rick Ross never lifted a weight. I think his figure and chain are related to each other.

Hat?—Are you going bald or what?

10. Roll up girls

the girl in the gym

Of course, I understand, many of them dressed in gymnasium that they are impossible to ignore. If a friend of yours as much you like, just approach her and say something like: «We’re both busy, I need to finish my training. But if you leave me your number, I’ll call you». And leave her your phone. 90% probability that the number you get. But to waste time in silly chatter like «What are your cool shoes» — a vain thing.

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