10-minute workout with a skipping rope

manygoodtips.com_7.03.2014_Tcax8iKNzW6neJump rope is good cardio. Theoretically it is possible to do almost anywhere and anytime. In fact, the neighbors sometimes resent that you are in the mornings and evenings jump like an elephant, but many are not confused. Rope you can take with you on vacation, on a trip or a business trip. It is much cheaper and big good running shoes. So choose a jump rope is a good thing. The only serious drawback of the rope is its negative impact on knee joints, especially if you have excess weight or joint problems.

Training with a skipping rope many experts recommend using TABATA intervals (alternating 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds rest for four minutes). In this workout will be two intervals TABATA and some more movement.

0:00-0:20 — #1: Jumping with both feet

0:20-0:30 — Rest

0:30-0:50 — #2: Jumps straddle

0:50-1:00 — Rest

1:00-1:20 — #3: Jumping with high lifting hips

1:20-1:30 — Rest

1:30-1:50 — #4: Jumping with a wide raising the legs (almost like a Jumping Jack, he’s a star)

1:50-2:00 — Rest

2:00-2:20 — #5: Jumping to the crime from heel to toe

2:20-2:30 — Rest

2:30-2:50 — #6: Jumping sideways, in one direction or the other (five times in each direction)

2:50-3:00 — Rest

3:00-3:20 — #7: to Cross legs


3:20-3:30 — Rest

3:30-3:50 — #8: Double jump (jump once is low, the second time jump up and pull knees to chest)

3:50-4:00 — Rest

4:00-5:00 — a long vacation

The rest of the time you repeat what you did this time. There is a good alternative to this exercise to invert, that is to start with a double jump.

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