10-minute workout at the press


Good news! For someone good and for someone, maybe not. Now, the coveted 6 pack abs can be achieved without boring sit-UPS and crunches.

Aside from proper diet, there are a number of exercises within a certain time will make their job much more efficiently dull sit-UPS. Many fitness trainers believe this approach is much more appropriate.

In addition, the proposed program simultaneously trains cardio, saves you from injury and, most importantly, requires no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The training is simple: perform each exercise for a minute, twice. But once the program is simple, it does not mean that everything will be easy. Be prepared to work hard. It is only 10 minutes. What you can do in 10 minutes?

Exercise 1: Mountain Climber

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It is easy to imagine how a rush of climbers during the ascent. Your task is to move all this explosive beat in their wrists, shoulders and hips throughout the exercise, from the first minute to the tenth.

As for exercise, «climber» (cliffhanger – no difference) is to keep your body (under the body means the distance from the top of the butt to the top of the head) elongated and tense, like a string. Imagine that above you is your teacher and you are a disgrace to the whole class for what your fifth point is raised like a tent in the woods, or omitted, like you decided to mock the floor. No need to stick out. No matter how good it was. Twilight let the teacher out of the recesses of the subconscious and bring her back to normal. After all, everyone had a PE teacher who during push-UPS in gym class were joking about the misplaced butt?

So, briefly about how this exercise to perform:

– Stand on the bar, as in classic push-UPS (not in vain mentioned the PE teacher and push-UPS).

– Pull one knee to the ground (like you’re spider-Man, crouching by the wall in new York’s SOHO district, and climb in order to once again attack the sly).

– Then jump to change feet. If it was bent right hand and the left is extended, the jump they need to change (for the stupid: right straight, left bent).

– Stronger than bent arms, the better, but if the races you involuntarily scratch the chin of the floor/earth/sand/asphalt/existential abyss, you should come.

Exercise 2: Side plank (30 seconds each side)


Even Thomas Aquinas wrote about the fact that the side plank strengthens the obliques, breaking the transverse abdominal muscles and the erector muscles, straightening the spine. The exercise does not run, not utilizing the shoulders and hips, so that will work out and strengthen them. Not, of course, as the abdominal muscles, but your dose of physical activity they get. To perform the exercise for 30 seconds on each side.

– Lie down on the side. Arm bent at the elbow must be directly under the shoulder. Should get a 90 degree angle. The torso from shoulder to foot should be stretched in the string. The only thing that can touch the floor except the elbow, which is lateral side of the foot.

– Lift the top leg… Some inoplanetyanki accent… well, the one that is free, one that does not reference up. For her arm. Aerobatics: to turn my head and look at the tip aimed at the heavens, straight to the Aryan Gods hands.

– If the raising of the hands and feet is a daunting task, simply hold the housing in the extended elbow, elongated in the string.

Exercise 3: Oblique twists with weight


For a more active transformation of the oblique muscles of the abdomen in steel clumps, and flabby belly – coveted 6 pack, just need oblique twists. They can be run without a load, but to improve functional strength and expedite any cargo will be aristate.

– Sit on the floor or ground, or anything else, bend your knees, pull the heels to the floor about shoulder-width apart and hold at navel any load (in our case a dumbbell).

– Tilt the torso back up until your ABS feel the angle of the body was 60 degrees.

– Frozen in this position, turn the torso to the right.

– And so on. Perhaps in 2016, the era of the riot of workouts, someone needs to explain how to do the twisting? So, here everything is the same only with dumbbells in hands.

Exercise 4: Plank with elongated limbs


Firming the abdomen, do not forget about the lower back and this exercise like nothing else, strengthens the lower muscles of the waist and hips. Here is another familiar exercise that anyone as well known as extraction. If suddenly who does not know how to implement it and advise.

– Get on all fours and at one point start gently pulling your left arm and right leg. Try to pull the hand, foot that they were visually on the same level.

– After standing in this position for a few seconds, begin to gently lower the limb, and then to change them.

– The most difficult in this whole process is to find a balance. If not, then long time did not succeed, and therefore, the effectiveness of the exercise considerably reduced.

Exercise 5: Plank Jack


Again, remember the old friends of climbers that make their overload work tirelessly to all parts of the heart. How to achieve the same heart seething? First and foremost come to mind are jumping, but if you’re not comfortable doing plyometric jumps, there are just too elementary and «painless» option.

– Start with a low bar. The body forms a straight line from heels to head, ahead lean on bent elbows. Make sure your knees and shoulders are aligned.

– Well, what next jump is to arrange the legs symmetrically – the wider, the better. And it is impossible to touch the knees sex, they should be slightly bent for shock absorption, but to touch the floor – in no case. Feet should rely only on socks.

– Following the movement of the hook feet the same, knees bent. And so a few times.

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