10 lessons that we gave the school

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Recently, students began a vacation – lucky guys. Left behind all this nonsense with algebra, physics and biology – all of what the newly minted freshmen say: «Forget what you were taught in school.» By the way, for me it was a real shock, especially because everything I did teach in new ways. Well, what school? Useful things they teach us? We asked this question and identified 10 life lessons that we all learned from school. Not always pleasant, not all are applicable, but remember.

1. It is not necessary to pose as cool. In school it is important for everyone to show how they are tough and uncompromising – and often it’s just the steepness of nowhere. I will not say that I was weak: I could always stand up for yourself, but never owned one of those nasty students, who themselves run up conflict for the sake of self-affirmation, «to the boys and girls saw how awesome I was and respected me.» These guys usually end badly. They for no reason think they’re cool, they demonstrate their brutality that they are currently kings of the world. These guys never bullied me, but years later I was pleased to learn that life after all I put them in their place and they busted ass. Just don’t look for trouble: in the world there is no king.

2. Tests. Oh yeah, now we can pass a lot of tests – and the current rogues will be just gorgeous in it. The exam, GIA – lots of good and useful, right? Here we are, products of the new educational system.

3. To serve smart, not be smart. This is perhaps one of the main lessons that we learned in school. Just allow yourself a smart look and at once solved the problem. It worked with many honors. They were not smart guys, just took the material to its plodding, crammed, and then get used to their way of clever and behaved accordingly. Still don’t understand how the teacher was conducted.

4. Stop and think. And now serious. One day my physics teacher said something that really stuck in my head. I think of her still as one of the most important lessons I have learned in life. Here it is: «no One can confuse us, as we are». You can searching for a solution to a problem, to wrestle, to rage – and the result will still be not what you need. Just stop, relax, enjoy the process of critical thinking and the solution will come to you, I guarantee it.

5. Being a man sometimes means to be punished. In school they teach you to be a woman and not a man. For example, one type bullied, he wanted to fight me – and he got his. As a result I was punished just the same as the guy who started it. I was told that I was not supposed to beat him that it was necessary to call the teacher to resolve the conflict. Very masculine, right? They tell you to be a man, but when you act like a man, you are punished for it.

6. It is advantageous to be licking. It usually happened: in order to be ahead of all the people did not hesitate to kiss someone’s ass. If you think you can achieve something in this life by honest means and to be superstability man to be better than everyone else, you just crush, you don’t leave the chance. Nasty-nasty more, people do it more often.

7. We learned to work. This means that everything has its price. If you don’t try, you will not achieve anything, and someone will take your place. School taught us competition, has taught us to sink each other’s throats. How good is it? I do not know.

8. To think – and not only during the lesson. In school I loved literature (why do you think I write?), and our teacher was busy doing telling us what is written in the textbook. I have learned how to learn outside the classroom, I read a lot. The lessons we constantly say some common place, completely averaged data. I learned to think outside of class, learned self, as corny as it may sound.

9. To be knowledgeable, not educated. We have learned to go beyond. What I have read a lot of books that go beyond the school program really helped me in my profession. I like to have a broad vision, and not just to understand something of the framework the average level of knowledge.

10. To be generic. If you’re not versatile, you quickly blend in with a crowd of average guys. In order to achieve something, you need to understand something and that «something» must be more than one subject. Nobody wants a worker just does the job. Everyone needs someone who will be better than others who will be able to combine different responsibilities, who will be able to learn new things – and, moreover, quickly, getting pleasure from the process.

It is sad that this is such a life experience on which to base our entire life. Want the best employee, best student, even the best husband to please girlfriend, you need to be more romantic, more creative, willing to help than those guys that he had met her before you. And that constant competition is a bad thing. Where is she taking us, man?

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