10 lessons about sex that you learned in 20 years

seksualni UchitelI won’t lie if I say that sex can be different depending on our age. If we do everything right, we’re learning a lot and learning a lot. In 20 years you can learn much more than at a younger age, when you hesitate once again to say a word or make a wrong move. You’re confident in yourself, you have more experience, any example and any possibility something to teach you. This post can be a kind of checklist for young bro and nice trip into the past for older children. In both cases one thing is true: you will find here something familiar. And next time you’re with a woman, you will be able to analyze how far along your progress.

1. Girls can be hard to have sex

For most guys it’s an opening. First, you are both undressed, and everything went like clockwork. And then the friend dropped his head from the bed and began to shout obscenities for no apparent reason. Not you. It. At this age, we already allow ourselves to have benefits and things that we don’t like, instead of in adolescence to feel gratitude for every sex with any woman. Well, we should still be grateful to her. But even she admits that both partners are equally responsible for success as for failure.

2. Can you talk about what you like

You can talk to her during sex. So. Yes, you can. You can even look her in the eye. Another step forward is the ability to tell each other what you like and what you don’t want to try. How else will she know that she needed to move faster or slower? No, unless you both are telepathic. And if you start to talk about these things, your sex life will improve incredibly. In 20 years, people usually find out what they like, and that’s hard if you’re not going to talk with a friend. Just do not too much talking.

3. So, women have a orgasm

And that’s a fact. When you’re younger, you somehow don’t care. And then one day a friend tells you that she «never finished». And you shamefully go home, drooping, and wonder what would happen if you did not finish. Suddenly an orgasm with a single race turned into a team sport. You need to take care about her pleasure too. If you do not handle it, the universe was so kind that gave us the Internet.

4. The reality is different from expectations

In school, we often imagine what we’ll do with women when we grow up, and what will they do with us. When you’re twenty, it’s like you Wake up from these dreams and realize that really it would be very awkward. You have to taste it to know what works and what not, but I guarantee you that at this age you start to realize how much was wrong before.

5. Drunk sex can be weird

I know. When you’re drunk, it’s hard to mess up: everything seems nice, sweet, decent. Once you notice that too much booze is bad: it can turn having sex from sleeping together on one bed. Many people understand this, when somewhere in the middle of the process they cease to work, and they give up. In the morning they Wake up and give myself to combine sex with alcohol in different proportions.

6. You can’t sleep with your friends ex

When you’re a teenager, your whole life is like summer camp. People change partners from season to season, as the heroes of some TV series. But now, in adult life, the relationship begins to mean more. Now it is considered despicable to sleep with ex-girlfriends of your friends two weeks after their breakup. It’s part of growing up.

7. Women do not like pictures of your cock

To be honest, some guys never learn, and some women, these pictures may be like. But in most cases men learn this the hard way when they commit this unpardonable error (or an insignificant error — depending on how you look at it). Where is the limit? Try it — you’ll know.

8. Dirty talk can spoil everything

There is nothing more awkward than dirty talk that are not specified. When we are younger, we avoid them, and some never try. But at the age of twenty years we decide to do it. When you fail with these talks, women can literally jump out the window.

9. Foreplay mandatory

However, this does not mean that it is still obliged to give you a Blowjob. This means that before the main event must be something else. When we begin to sex life, one sex is enough for us and friends so we have fun, and make sure everything goes right. As we get older, we realize that we need a little more.

10. No need to brag

When you shkolota, a fact that you had sex makes you a king. When you get older, nobody likes talkers. It may even so happen that you will lose access to the bedroom a pleasant girlfriend, if you’re going to brag about your adventures with her in front of friends. A couple of missed opportunities will teach you of life.

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