10 large escapologists — masters of dismissal

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Escapology — the art of escape or release. The bottom line is this: a person is restricted in movement and freedom in different ways: put on the handcuffs, straitjacket, chains with locks, bind with ropes, locked in a coffin, etc., and people for a certain time, usually very short, should be exempt. Since the 60-ies of the XIX century escapology became more popular shows, and the more appeared the interest of the public to such magical notions, the more difficult and dangerous the stunts. History knows many escapologists, but not all of them were so great and famous, like these:

10. Steve Santini

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One of the leading escapologists Canada — Steve Santini named «Dark master» was recently named most extreme master flight in the world. This title was given to him by «Ripley’s Believe It or Not» company, specializing in the study of a variety of incredible and supernatural phenomena. Show Santini, which often involve power tools and medieval torture instruments, the stage decorated in the Gothic style, and the music evokes associations of c Black Sabbath and AC/DC is kind of magical performances, some concerts of heavy metal.

Although its look is boldly unorthodox, he constantly learns and improves their skills. The most famous rescue Santini took place in the historic Cornwall jail, Ontario. In 2010 he set up the world record, freed from police handcuffs in just seven seconds.

9. Jonathan Goodwin

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British escapologist, known for his modern, sometimes eccentric show. He first became known in 2006 when his number is «Cheating the gallows» live failed. He failed to free himself from the noose of the gallows for thirty seconds, and had to cut the rope. Jonathan received only minor rope burns and, of course, wounded pride.

Despite these setbacks, Goodwin starred in many television programs, including Network Discovery «One way out». He survived being hanged, was buried alive, acted as shark bait and was trapped in a box, almost naked and covered in 50,000 bees.

8. Kristen Johnson

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Kristen Johnson performs with her husband magician Kevin Ridgeway in the TV show «Living the Illusion». Johnson and her husband are transferred to Christians and got significant popularity, speaking at faith-based events.

The most famous stunt Johnson — «Torture in a cage full of water», which requires that she held her breath, while exempt from the locks and chains that restrain her while she’s under water. She can spend underwater on a single breath 2 minutes and 48 seconds and offering $10 000 to anyone who can prove that she takes a second wind or use breathing apparatus. Johnson performs one of the most dangerous stunts of salvation in the world. Incredibly, when she performed this trick 30 times in ten days.

7. Anthony Martin

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Another faithful Christian, Anthony Martin — escapologist, known for his condemnation of the techniques or secret locks. These beliefs led to what he revealed some the tricks that are used by escapologists, especially for ABC. It also showed many of his own stunts, defy death, including the release from a locked coffin thrown from the plane flying at an altitude of about 4.5 km.

Also he managed to free himself and to escape being buried in a steel cage under a ton of sand in the desert, and steel cages, immersed in the icy pit filled with water. Martin is also known for his escapes from prison cells: he successfully escaped from handcuffs and a six by six steel prison doors.

6. Plants Walker

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Plants Walker — British escapologist and stuntman. In his 30 years, Walker has created a high reputation for its daring street performances and records.

In April 2011, Walker escaped from nine handcuffs in a single minute, breaking the previous record of six minutes. Then he went for the world record: for the hour he was freed from 677 police handcuffs. These incredible feats are performed in the spirit of Victorian refinement, which it hopes Walker pays tribute to the main source of his inspiration, the great Harry Houdini.

5. Robert Gallup

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Robert Gallup — American illusionist and escapologist, known for cutting-edge ideas. He is the Creator of what he calls «extraordinary magic». Gallup made a name for himself on the television show «the most dangerous Magic in the world» in the late nineties defy death with stunts such as «Sixty seconds to live», in which he must escape, hanging upside down from three burning ropes.

It is also famous for speed tricks on top, such as «the Rescue chain in the parachute jump», which requires that he freed himself from the handcuffs, locks and chains, being thrown out of a plane flying at an altitude of 7 km. to make the trick even more dangerous, he opens his parachute five seconds before landing. Gallup comments on his performances: «When people see «the extreme Magic of Gallup,» I want them to say not «How did he do that?», and «I can’t accept the idea that he even tried to do it!»»

4. Dorothy Dietrich

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Dorothy Dietrich is probably the most famous woman escapologist of all time. Enjoying a long career, which began with the new York variety show, later she founded the «House of Magic», magic popular meeting place. Considered as the «First lady of magic», it was a source of inspiration for other women escapologists and for men. She was a world-class artist who is freed from a straitjacket, being suspended by a burning rope without a net.

She was the first woman who consistently performed the trick to «Catch a bullet», which was not able to do myself Houdini. That trick she did on the program in 1988, successfully catching 22 of bullets fired from weapons in metal Cup, which is held in the mouth. She offered a reward of $10,000 to anyone who could prove that the bullet was never released.

3. David Blaine

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David blaine is perhaps the most famous magician and escapologist, speaks in our time. Although he is known for his performances of the highest tricks of the victory of mind over matter, he first attracted international attention as a performer of tricks of street magic, close-up shot. Some of his famous tricks: to be enclosed in a block of ice for 63 hours, and be inside a closed case, almost 100 metres above the river Thames in London for 44 days.

A well-known trick in new York 1999 «Buried alive» demanded that blaine was buried in a Perspex box underneath a 3-ton water tank. Incredibly, he managed to endure seven days without food and only drinking 2-3 tablespoons of water per day. His only way of communication with the world was a hand buzzer, which could be used in case of emergency. Blaine’s hero Houdini had planned a similar test of endurance, but died before he had a chance to try to implement it.

2. Dean Gunnarson

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Canadian escapologist Dean Gunnarson got his fame that almost died in the beginning of his career with the trick handcuffs in the release on the river locked coffin. Gunnarson has a reputation as one of the most daring and clever escapologists of all time.

Yes, incredible stunts, such as the «Car Crusher», glorified the name of Gunnarson as the best among escapologists. This particular frightening trick looks so: he is handcuffed and handcuff him to the steering wheel of a Cadillac in 1970, which is placed in a car crusher. Gunnarson managed to break free and jump out just before the car was compressed. To add to these successes, more fame, and in 2010 in memory of the death of Gunnarson Houdini was buried alive on Halloween and unearthed two days later.

1. Harry Houdini

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No other escapologist or magician can not be compared with the famous Harry Houdini. His name is synonymous with magic and superhuman feats of skill and fearlessness, but Houdini’s reputation is largely based on his mastery of escapologist. He constantly created new and more dangerous stunts; some of them include the «Milk can escape» and «Chinese water cell torture», during both, the artist was freed from the handcuffs, chains and locks, when immersed in water.

Harry Houdini performed the trick of salvation «Buried» three times, the first of which almost killed him. He died on Halloween in 1926 and was the only and greatest inspiration magic artists and escapologists of all time.

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