10 jobs of the future

The future is not far off, and now it is important to consider what you will do in 30 years, because many professions will die out completely, they will be replaced by a new one… but they need to be well prepared. Here are just a few.

Recycler garbage

Job description: to turn trash into useful products.

Skills required: extensive experience in science, engineering, and industrial design; interest in debris.

We inch by inch closer to a world where mountain ranges are composed of debris. We need to find more reliable ways of dealing with our waste. Garbage designers will have to come up with clever methods to process waste on an industrial scale, and manufacturers of everything from toys to clothes, will hire them to find better ways to reuse discarded products. In this work there is nothing dirty, exceptional generosity. You’re not bare hands you garbage to compress.

The robot adviser

Job description: service people.

Skills required: basic social knowledge, great knowledge in the art.

Will one day robots will replace people in the service sector, we will begin to serve, to work as a nurse with the elderly and disabled. And they will serve us as advisers. It’s not Gromozeka, there is a lot more useful. It will just tell you what to do, what to buy, how to plan a budget, and whispering conspiracies, as at the court of her Majesty the Empress Catherine. But don’t trust robots, they will become confidence and will enslave us.


Job description: conversion morovich of land in lush natural landscapes.

Skills required: knowledge in agriculture and natural resource management.

At that time, as our natural landscapes continue to disappear due to excessive «underdevelopment» of civilization, industrial agriculture and terrifying massive cracks in the earth’s crust and other nuances, it will be important to attract a fleet of agricultural experts to bring to life nature in the most damned places.

Advisor on digital currency

Job description: to help people to learn the basics of handling digital currency.

Required skills: higher education in the field of financial management and computer security.

While digital currencies are gaining in popularity, people trust traditional, state-controlled money less and less. To ensure that your financial portfolio is not the way to nowhere, you have to learn to understand the intricacies of crypto-currencies, to keep things reasonably diversified.

The Manager of the Arctic tourism

Job description: manage the transport drone.

Skills required: knowledge of aviation and survival skills.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we are all stronger and stronger clasps their hands ruining the Arctic. And ECO-tourism will reach thanks to the technology of unmanned aircraft and ultralight, which will replace the roads as the easiest mode of transport in the North. But with him, you will be working with.

Personal web Manager

Job description: to prevent people fool of himself on the Internet.

Skills required: web technical knowledge.

Like it or not, your reputation is primarily that people can learn about your person on the Internet. If it is difficult to keep track of my accounts in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., imagine what will happen in 20 years when the social media environment will be even greater. Personal web managers will serve and hackers, and publicists, and agents of protection, and methodologists, to ensure your protection from cyber attacks and awkward mistakes of the past when you have uploaded the obscene pictures and videos.

Robot dancer

Job description: dancing in the exoskeleton in any conditions (even in weightlessness).

Skills required: to be able to move smoothly.

Dancer’s career is short and quick. It is very high competition, and received injury most often ensures the continuation of a career or a dance teacher or a shop assistant. However, with the help of exoskeleton technology will be easy to return to the dance floor and tear it up in all senses.


Job description: to recreate the familiar surroundings of residential premises for elderly and sick people.

Skills required: basic skills of interior design; a love of history and old people.

To remain in his old age one is extremely scary and unpleasant. Therefore nostalgist will have to combine the functions of an interior designer and therapists and reproduce the space, which will cause them to have pleasant memories, whether it’s a College Dorm, their young family in the living room or the years of an opium den.

Digital diarist

Job description: to clean up online profiles of the recently deceased.

Skills required: ability to work with the Internet.

It used to be that we leave behind only some of the physical signs, but after us there is now a digital footprint. That is why the leasing of digital memoirs is as important as planning the funeral. It will remove gigabytes of downloaded porn to your mom, God forbid, found it clean infamous photos with duck face, srachi in the comments, the vanilla posts and other awkward online content to death you thought is good and at least occasionally visited the grave.

Media remixer

Job description: design trip in virtual reality.

Skills required: graphic design and audioengineering.

Forget about DJs and VJs, in the future, thanks to the accumulated years of Luggage, audio and visual media from the past and present to create their own virtual reality without any problems. It will be something like visiting a nightclub in acid intoxication.

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