10 irresistible sexy and lovely things that make women

Internet, advertising and the media trying to convince us that the most sexy in a woman is when she undresses and Tits waving, but it is not so. We somehow forgot that the girls may be attractive, in addition to secondary sexual characteristics. Today we will tell you about 10 cute, cool and sexy things that make girls who are so genuinely like us regular dudes. Most of these things, according to surveys in the Western blogs, cause dude uncontrollable emotion.

1. Girl dress jeans skinny

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As it turns out, a bro ready to give a lot of time to observe how girls dress. But most of all they like to watch the morning dance of the girls with very tight pants, in which she’s trying to squeeze. Generally, many men like to watch how girls dress. Usually they do it much more agile us and look at this sweet and shredded. And when the girl is jumping around the house in his underwear trying to put on skinny jeans or tight leggings, it’s so cute. By the way, when after a hard day’s the girl long time trying to take off their pants, and then asks you, it’s also unrealistically sweet.

2. Stretching or warming up before you

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When friends are doing the stretching in the hall, it’s nice to look at, but when they do the same at home in a pretty feather sneakers, it becomes simply irresistible cute. But when she moves to stretch out on the bed, justifying it by the fact that she was too lazy to do stretching on the floor, it becomes even more touching. But even when she just stretches, cracks his joints and flexing my arms and legs after sitting, it also makes the effect that can be measured in clear to any fan of anime kawaii.

3. Throws her hair back

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Probably not in the romantic comedies the moment when the potential love of the protagonist did not reject his lush head of hair so that it is elegant and cute subsided. The wind ruffles her hair, they are not confused, not falling on her face, and just fit as intended. In ordinary life, how she straightens her hair can tell you a lot, for example, that she’s flirting with you and you like him as a bro. In addition, the effect of tilting the hair back girls equal in extent of emotion washing itself the seals.

4. Girl straightens your tie

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In marriage or long term relationship is quite a nice thing. As it so happened, that girls do much better what you need to do neat and beautiful. So is the case with tie or bowtie, which we sometimes have to put on important occasions. There is something incredibly touching and magical. This can be understood if you never been in a long serious relationship.

5. Sneezes

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We, the men, sweaty hairy nasty callous monsters who love to spit, swear, grow a beard and chop wood. Not surprisingly, in the opposite, we attract the opposite things: smoothness, gentleness, grace and lack of odor. When a man sneezes, the explosion looks more like the eruption of a volcano of snot with mucus, microbes with a very loud sound. But when the girl sneezes, she’s somehow very funny. Something like sneeze of a small mammal.

6. Bites lip

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Such an innocent gesture it is worthy to write about a couple of songs to fill a muzzle to multiple dudes and then you can make a lot of stupid things.

7. Walk with wagging hips

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An ordinary walk with a girl in high heels, which is cute wagging the hips, can turn into a little erotic adventure. How do they do it? How the hell did they go, wagging her hips so good and not falling? It’s a big mystery women.

8. Gentle touch

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On the one hand, everything that is written in a stupid romantic novels about the magic the first touch seem to be complete crap. Just think, a girl just put one leg in close to your limb where the sexual arousal, about which so much has been written in different books? But it is, even despite the fact that you’re no longer a boy, and you’re not the first. Tremors, electric sparks all cases, as in a cheap romantic books.

9. Gather your hair into a ponytail

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It seems to be quite a mundane thing — she collects hair in a high ponytail, so they do not interfere her to do daily things. Maybe the fact that we are openly furious when the girl spent hours combing her hair in elaborate hairstyles, and then just a couple of minutes organizing some kind of order on your head? Maybe because all these preparations look pretty cute?

10. Wearing our shirts

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For some reason when we wear a shirt two or three sizes larger, we become more lovely. We look like complete assholes. But when a girl wears a shirt that is her size, she suddenly becomes scared, incredibly cute, especially when pounding bare feet on the floor in your kitchen, preparing tea. Perhaps this is an obvious charm to women’s feet, and occasionally there are female fifth point from under his shirt? Or is it just a terrible female magic?

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