10 interesting facts about our brain


1. The brain feels no pain

In the brain there are no pain receptors. Why surgeons can perform brain surgery without patients anesthesia. Strange, friend? This helps to avoid damage to any of the visual or motor functions. But it looks pretty scary. Why then do we feel pain? Because of the pain receptor, it is same sensitive receptor sends a signal to the spinal cord, informing the brain about danger.

2. In our brain, 100 000 miles of blood vessels

The brain consists of a hundred billion neurons, the same as in the galaxy. Using only 17% of the body’s energy and 20% oxygen, so its mass is only 2% of the body; when waking up, the brain creates an electric field in 10-23 watts which is enough to light the bulb (don’t experiment on bro who fell asleep first at the party). Consist of 75% water, the brain has 100 trillion synapses connecting the neurons, and also enough space to accommodate five volumes of the encyclopedia Britannica, or 1000 terabytes of information. The myth of under utilization of the brain is not true. You always use your brain fully.

3. Einstein’s brain is kept still

When, in 1955, albert Einstein died, his skull was opened to extract from her brain. Dr. Thomas Harvey (L Harvey Thomas) made this operation after seven and a half hours after his death. This was probably done for scientific purposes. Then he disappeared. In 1978, a desperate journalist Steven Levi (Steven Levy) tracked Etc. Harvey in Wichita, Kansas, where the good doctor said that the brain is still kept in his solution of formaldehyde.

4. There is a difference between the right and left hemispheres.

The brain is divided into two hemispheres. They work simultaneously, but the left hemisphere is responsible for rational, analytical thinking and the right for visual and mental. They also work in opposition – you raise the toe of the left foot, and the sensations perceived by the right side. But there is one VERY strange thing if half of the brain shuts down, people still survives.

5. Brain bro is more of a brain friend 10%

Hence, a precise proof that men are smarter than women. But, despite the fact that the male brain larger than the female, the female brain contains more nerve cells and connectors, and it works faster and more efficient men. Women process information more emotionally involving the right hemisphere, and men left the «logical» part of the brain.

6. The brain is more active during sleep

Night is the time when our brain processes all the day received information. Scientists believe that this is the cause of sleep, although no one knows for sure. Some people think that we sleep so our brain can process all information, others believe that during sleep, information is reset. Recent studies have shown that sleep can help to cope with injuries. People with a high IQ allow myself a little nappy. A short sleep during the day is able to charge you with energy and help to concentrate on work.

7. «Inception» really

There is such a thing as «lucid dreaming» , when people can control their sleep. This phenomenon is rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, where he practiced «Yoga Sleep» — committing various deeds during sleep, which speaks of the illusory nature of existence. The term was first used by Frederik (Willem) van Aedena in the 1880s, but was not used until the 1960s.

8. No one knows why we laugh

Real laughter is involuntary. Only humans possess this ability and the kids start to laugh already 4 months. Real laughter is contagious, and it is difficult to forge. But we laugh not because of the jokes. One scientist studied laughter for 10 years, having around 2000 situations that encourage laughter. He came to the conclusion that laughter is not the result of some action. Perhaps when we understand why we laugh when tickled.

9. Does size matter?

Studies have been conducted on the relationship between brain size and intelligence. The size of the brain of albert Einstein – 1,230 grams, while the size of the average male brain is 1400 grams. Other studies have shown that the larger the head, the smarter. However, these results are rather questionable.

10. Highest IQ – 210 at Ung Yang

Born March 8, 1972, Ung Yang has mastered algebra at the age of 8 months. For 2 years he was fluent in 4 languages. He entered the University in 4 and graduated at 15. But he is strong not only in the exact Sciences. He also draws well and writes poetry. He now lives in South Korea and enjoys the fact that he had been deprived of, like, childhood.

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