10 indie games that hit right on target

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2015_0LcouiVqYIvZxWhat is indie games? Developed by an independent Studio rustic masterpieces? Or games different? Or game that you spent less money? God knows it was before, but now the venerable Studio doing projects with being indie, and some independent projects (especially the latter) look prettier than a new Fallout. Perhaps here, as in indie music, there is a mutual diffusion with Commerce. But as one Rabbi: «What’s the difference, you do not pay for it». People like the more. Indeed, we simply have the audacity to advise on the best, in our opinion, projects that could be considered «indie». Maybe you played, maybe you got your hit parade. We do not insist, we suggest. Only without «minecraft», «angry birds», «Teddy Freddy» and others, which everyone knows, and that flooded almost everything.


This game is the jewel of the entire development, not just indie. And I’m ready to sing odes to her at every corner, because, after six years, such a strong impression from the plot and surroundings to me any one game. The man-well done Jonathan blow has managed not just to retell an old Italian tale about an evil monster abducted a Princess, but she sat in a really new, original ideas, decorated slightly metaphorical game mechanics that allow you to manage smooth and sometimes capricious over time.

This game is a revelation. Not only in terms of its game mechanics, but also in terms of the script. She envelops you in an icy shower. «Upside-down» narrative has been so profound that not every movie Maestro Bertolucci could be compared. Bouncing head games with slow time, and puzzles and hints give a full picture of the tragedy, can not remain indifferent. The game is complex, but every minute spent on it is worth it.

Graphics only adds to the charm of events and not as childish. This can be compared only to that old illustration of English literature. But the main highlight of the game, it is appropriate to highlight all the nuances of the gameplay, is the music. Such a stunning instrumental is rarely seen even in high-quality movies.

Since 2008, for the author of this article not come out games better, despite the fanatical love of immersion into the game reality. Every detail is of great importance. Think about it and feel it. Although… I do Not want to hang the label of the imaginary elitism, but it’s really not a game for everyone.


The Czechs can not only brew quality beer, but also to gain a name for himself on the ungrateful field of game making. And on top of all this success, undoubtedly, Machinarium is the game in the spirit of Eastern European Arthouse, which added robots.

The developers managed to forge an interesting mechanized universe with its way of life and social systems, to decorate it with a unique visual style, which lent a certain piquancy to the mountains of scrap metal, deliberately to deprive the characters of the language means and build around the silent theatre interesting narrative line. Timid and naive the main character, timidly sneaks past the cruel, endowed with human characters cans, trying to insert the screw in the compartment for oil and crucial puzzles, which clearly is sympathetic as a rusty, belongs to machinery world. If the world after the uprising of the machines will be, it will be no different from human.

Don’t Starve

The game is almost like this life is harsh and beautiful. The goal – to survive at any cost: not to starve, not to be torn to pieces by wild monsters (swinholide and riboldi, spiders three varieties, high birds, swamp tentacles, and even mechanical pieces from the chessboard), to make a primitive weapon. You can even cook burgers frogs.

In the beginning of the game you are in a panic rush on wasteland, and in the end sit at his Villa collected from scrap vehicles, trained the bees and think what to do before the game world is set on you ents, hungry dogs, the arrival of winter or a huge «boss»-the moose.

The game keeps in suspense, any delay will lead to the fact that mad game the world will fuck you (everything in life). But to put it very difficult, even peihua and 573rd time trying to survive.

To the moon

To address this Korean masterpiece was sung many praises. We still sing, the more that such a masterpiece is not sorry. A magical story that breaks at a tear even us, oblakevich his «lion King» and the second «terminator». Thin interesting story about trying to fix the mistakes of the past would not have been as piercing without the magic of music. Well, the surroundings, simple but humane. Without it, this magical and very sad tale would not have been possible. It makes no sense to say anything more, because in this game, as nowhere else, it is easy to open some cards. And we don’t want to deprive you of your pleasures.

Papers, Please

Primitive graphics doesn’t make this game bad or, God forbid, not worthy of attention. On the contrary, it has its own appeal. Probably, it also allows you to play the role of a PPC officer totalitarian Communist Rostocki. Don’t look for that country on the map, she invented, as well as the neighboring Bristan, Impor and Colace, from which poured a stream of desperate immigrants. As true in our day. Although the game is likely inspired by George Orwell’s «1984» as the government Rostocki and, in particular, «Ministry», like the government of Oceania book.

The whole game you’re going to check the documents of immigrants, finding discrepancies and errors. At first glance may seem boring and tedious, but after a few minutes you realize that your computer you can only something refreshing, like a visit of bailiffs. First, hard, in the end – even more difficult because the demands is becoming more and flow less. But there is a place in the game and mercy, so you have to decide, to divide families, to help infirm elderly people, or with a straight face, to do my duty, after all, among the offenders may well get caught provocateurs who try to undermine the checkpoint. In this case you got a gun, you just have to manage to shoot. What do you want, 82nd year, the terrorists do not sleep, including Irish.

Valiant hearts

Hand-drawn graphics, which is trying a simple language to talk about this unpopular in our country the theme of the First world war. Five characters, whose lives were broken by war, undergoing one test after another, one meat grinder after another. But thanks to risovannoy grinders look aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, throughout the game you realize that you are a witness to something tragic. And the gameplay, as always: twist levers, distract the enemy and shoot him. And all this is accompanied by appropriate and very good music. Of course, the title of «indie» in the specific case of far-fetched. Made the game that the guys from Ubisoft who have proven that they are not only about fighters of the tracer in the hood, but a great indie game.

Super Meat Boy

«Super meat boy» is for those who do not feel sorry for his nerves and wasted time, because at least some of this penalty for the fingers and the reaction is more difficult than to distinguish between Justin Bieber from Miley Cyrus. The plot is about a Kid rescuing his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil Dr. Fetus, sounds like a PostScript to the diagnosis of a schizophrenic. Everything is traditionally difficult and crazy. However, slide and jump your kid fascinating, so much so that enjoying the game. Even permanently turn you into mince traps become family and sweet, as your newly elected Governor.


Limbo is a term used in medieval Catholic theology and signified the state or place of residence is not caught in shower heaven. No, it’s not purgatory. And beautiful, black and white world, recreated in the game with traps and filled with the enveloping ambient music, perfectly fits the description. The whole game is a method of «trial and death». Your decisions will depend on stay alive the main character or not. But he had an important mission – to find his missing sister, wandering through the woods and the city.

The game is stunning. Many consider it the best in the whole indie genre, and it is difficult to argue. Everything is standard: jump, climb, interact with objects, running from malevolent worms, throw Darts. But the whole point of the game is to ensure that our baby is running itself, running, running, running… Because nothing else to do. But the main thing in this game is not action, and that’s where the action is. Everybody agrees about the Catholic limbo. All traps in the game represent a kind of a test, a reward for the passage of which is reunion with his sister. It is possible that the boy, as the girl was already dead at the beginning of the game, and only the last meeting are able to help them move on to the afterlife. The broken glass symbolizes that the protagonist fled from the world, which was the last stop before heaven or hell. Maybe the boy was nearly dead by the beginning of the game, and all subsequent events occur between life and death? The developers are silent. But after such chilling hypotheses begin to look at the game differently and even feel some responsibility for you slave boy.

«Limbo» – the game of few words. But this reticence makes you wonder about the important things. Which is weird, because of all those deep meanings that are in this game, it is actually no magic genius entourage and reticence. Maybe that’s what the calculation.


Simple yet attractive, just like manygoodtips.com fortunately the names are similar. This 2D shooter isn’t mocking, and just in the voice laughs at the genre of a Hollywood blockbuster. Here and American flags at the checkpoints, and the characters are easily guessed Arnie in «Commando» Rambo, die Hard and of course, Chuck. Only all of them have the prefix «Bro», and we suspect to sweet-talk our magazine.

Unlike other games, stunning the spinal cord of the plot or puzzles. The essence of the game – save the hostage, kill, simultaneously destroying all around. So when I get tired of tragic mysticism Limbo and Braid, feel free to play it. It is for souls, not for brain training.

Plague inc.

We long thought, what a game to finish the list. If on the first nine we have no doubt about it, in fact, for them the article was written, with the last question. A lot of decent, but we decided to take a simulator, which many attribute to the genre of indie. Actually, the other is not opposed to this masterpiece took to Indy. We remember the «Shank» and «Shadow ninja», and about the interesting «World of goo», whose origins seem to originate in games on Windows 98 where you had time to build an aqueduct. But, in our opinion, to create a disease that will destroy humanity from the face of the Earth, much funnier. Develop methods of distribution and see how the virus called «import Substitution» (the name you can think of any, though, «syphilis», though «your mother») destroys state-by-state. You’ve seen it in the movies, now they can do it by myself. By the way, the game allows you to develop your knowledge of geography, international Economics and demographics.

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