10 indie bands worthy of your attention

This article is doomed though, because isn’t available here and a good half of indie bands. And some will be foaming at the mouth to prove that half of the groups no indie, and the notorious alternative. But the Indy resulted from the alternatives, and the big difference between the sound of no. In any case, the musicians themselves can’t find. Indy was synonymous with the alternative and was used to separate performers by geography: while alternative rock was the preferred American artists, and indie-rock to British. But over the years all mixed up.

The range of indie music is so broad that it has a comb dump all. If Nadezhda Kadysheva recorded on independent labels and added to its sound more drums and guitar, she also could be considered indie-folk-singer. Everyone who writes original music, automatically becomes an indie musician.

Indie musician must be recorded on independent labels, but nowadays, even when this basic fact has ceased to taken into account. So don’t be surprised by the presence of some groups in this list. We chose only the sound and quality of music. We hope you’ll agree. I’m sorry that there is no Kasabian, Oasis, Imagine Dragons, OK Go, Florence and the Machine and Two Door Cinema Club. We will write about them, but a little later, just in our hit parade only ten of them.

1. Beirut

Very hard to describe their music. Of course, this indie-folk, but to say which musical tradition is traced in their work, impossible. The band – the scuzzy, populated by Hispanics more than half of the state of new Mexico. Consider that this is Mexico, a real one, with deserts, cacti, Spanish, traditional ceremonial pipes and hot Mariachi. Then the thirst for travel has brought vocalist Zach Condon to Europe, where he became Balkan brass music and Gypsy folklore. So the band came up with branded and recognizable rhythms of the spirit. And then Condon visited the French Brittany, and the songs appeared typical of French chanson notes. Now mix all these musical traditions, add a dash of ukulele, the typical «cat» vocal Condon, and you get a dish called Beirut.

All of their music is like a big journey from city to city, from country to country. So the music is always different, but with recognizable Bartowski features. No one messed up. Their songs can be compared with Cumulus clouds: they are airy and unreal. Strictly recommended for those who love a good wind, great music and suffers from wanderlust.

2. Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is on his head «magic» guy, with a very strange relaxing music, very strange views on life and his massive Shcherbina between the upper front teeth. But it is worth it to sing or to throw a special «holey» smile like you thoroughly impregnated with his charm, and the music and soulful vocals begin to act on you as narcotics branch. Even hysterical gash on a homemade electric guitar does not spoil the impression, on the contrary, give zest to the sound. Is it something from the surf-rock, anything from the Doors – a little of everything, but his music is difficult with something confused as gap-toothed smile. What genre is playing DeMarco, DeMarco does not know himself. And what do the critics when the musician plays original music and popularity is not comparable to Kanye West? It relates to indie. So did Mac.

But the main highlight of his songs is humor. Recently, the canadian posted an instrumental album, recorded in just 4 days, consisting of the songs «Little Pepper», «Onion Boy», «Young Coconut» and many other songs on the opinion of the Mac is the perfect soundtrack to a barbecue.

And it finishes your Mac is always extravagant clips. Look, what a pretty little lady turned out.

3. Chad Van Gaalen

There is no greater joy than to add Chad van Gaalen. This is a very well-mannered and perfectly adequate young man makes very strange music which is not clear to everyone. But if you like creativity Vangaalen, you will not be able to break away and become a slave of his songs and listen to them every day, yet the songs never get bored.

And Chad is an artist, its like they say, «freaky» pictures and animations raise more questions than songs. However, the evil magic does not allow to break away from the stunning «arts» Canadians, they are too strange and attractive.

And van Galena managed to make the infernal indie anthem, which was sung by all who could. We are talking about the song «Molten Light». Simple in structure, it is fascinating demonic accordion, suspenseful chords and the author painted a clip. First impression after watching it is, if you chewed and spat out by Satan. But it’s worth it.

4. Smiths

Take some time to the founders, because many believe that if not for the Smiths, an indie-pop in the conventional sense would not be. And it’s not even in the poetry of Morrissey, which was feverish and throwing from the sublime metaphors like «tea with the taste of the Thames» to outright snot: «If a double Decker bus crashes into us… Ah, what a lovely way to die!» All about simple, catchy guitar is johnny Marr, who managed to create a really exciting underground pop sound. The band broke up in ‘ 86, but their music still love. Marr with Morrissey continue to work in the genre, but separately, however, the suffering and lamentations of Morrissey sold better. Probably because the voice became more manly, and poetry is hard.

Marilyn Manson in his book wrote that if you love the Smiths group, then you’re definitely gay. In principle, it was said by many, but don’t listen to them and get acquainted with the work of the Smiths and Morrissey with Maher, if for some reason you don’t know what it was.

5. Pixies

The world is divided into those who attribute to the Pixies alternative, and those who consider them to be indie. Given that the line between these genres is very thin, we thought that Pixies deserve place in this list, especially since they made a huge contribution to the development of the genre, after creating a bunch of followers for whom they do not want to say thank you. They did in those days when indie rock was music rogue and not the anthem of aggressive-progressive youth. It is not surprising that their cult status they received after the collapse in the 90s. David Bowie said it was one of the most underrated groups in music history. And this becomes clear when after a heap of great songs, after the reunification, after being hit in the hipster library to the question: «do you Know the Pixies?» – you respond: «And those who wrote the soundtrack to fight club». Sorry. They would be worth listening at least because of the surreal texts about mental illness and physical disabilities, UFO, insects, and endless allusions to avant-garde works.

6. Gotye

In 2011, the Australian singer of Belgian origin, Wouter de Becker wrote a song that the whole year coming out of every kettle. Sounded with phones and cars, radios and televisions, even of the irons! It is all terribly tired, but couldn’t lose. We are talking about the song «Somebody that I used to know». Apparently, this is the last hit, like people who have different musical preferences: rockers, rappers, and even the boys said that the song is clear. Of course, after such composition was difficult to write something stronger. Is that Gauthier did not happen, but nothing wait. While waiting, I advise you to read his other work, fortunately, there are a lot of interesting songs, as worms in black soil after rain. Mostly indie pop, but very high-quality indie-pop. By the way, «Somebody that I used to know» also applies to this genre. Some songs multi-instrumentalist Gautier was recorded without the help of other musicians something to listen to is definitely worth.

7. Killers

I have the feeling that the group of Killers at least 30 years, and it was time to give a jubilee concert. In fact, im only 13, at this age, even the passport is not issued. But despite this, they have a very Mature indie that they won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Sometimes it seems that their music is nothing special, especially because at first the guys tried to mow Oasis and Duran Duran. But it so happened that every album has its own distinctive and recognizable character, which distinguishes them from many other groups, which sank deep in the music of triviality. Loud singing flowers, confident guitar and brand supply bribe. It would seem that you can come up with a new over 13 years in the same squad? And they do.

Some argue that if you have no money to go to the Killers concert, it is possible to wait, when your city will come from Latvians Brainstorm, they are a bit too similar, even the vocals. But interestingly, the Latvian band came first. So who’s the plagiarist!

8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The first album, published in 2003, has become one of the best selling albums in the world and has sold 750 thousand copies. Well, behind him released the single «Maps» became a hit in the air alternative radio. As for the sound, there is a classic mishmash of retro synthetics, punk and Blues, and shouting – all this has created a very unique sound, did not appear in the music industry so far. Let continue to shout, the shout we have a song called.

9. Arctic Monkeys

Feels heart, if you will not, «Arctic monkeys», will tear the article to pieces. Here I am, Arctic monkeys. One of those groups that showed how to make indie-rock a commercial success, not by signing contracts with famous record labels and preserving the tradition of the original indie, when musicians sang crummy clubs and making music for pleasure. In addition, Arctic Monkeys became one of the first teams that achieved great success without traditional media support. Their music distributed over the Internet. Pretty good way to revive the traditions.

They appeared at a time when indie was gaining momentum in old Britain. Vocals, two regular and one bass guitarist and drummer created a team-leading modern British and world charts. The unexpected success of the group brought their first album, released in 2006. And their first single «I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor» became a worldwide hit.

10. Foster the People

In fact, the group was originally called»Foster & the people» and everything was logical. Keyboardist and vocalist mark foster has gathered around some men with musical instruments in hands. But the people persistently did not notice and, as a result, the group under the pressure of fans ‘ love gave up and shortened the name to the familiar and a bit more laconic Foster the People. For 6 years they became indie gods love them girls around the world and almost as many boys. «Pumped Up Kicks» pulled the band to the top of the universe, and since the boys do not pass revs. What’s next? Let’s wait and see.

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