10 ideas on how to decorate the house for the New year

The problem of the New year for our generation is a simple phrase that uttered by anyone: «I Have no new year’s mood». But think about where it is all you will undertake if you’re not making this effort? Remember when we were kids. Our parents, despite the fact that always worked and was always busy, had time to create this very festive mood. We were waiting for 31 th, waiting for gifts, decorating the tree, some even a house decorated — it was all cool and festive. But now what?

When you grew up, you forgot what the «holiday spirit». Here and complain that it is not. But you have to let him in. And for this you need the house to decorate and then even in that case, if you’re single, the Christmas mood will visit you and bring you joy. In our opinion, it’s worth it, so listen carefully as we recommend to decorate the house. Nothing complicated, but a few points worth investigating.1 Use vinyl stickers

This method is very simple, but it helps radically change the atmosphere of the apartment or house, and for a small amount. Vinyl stickers can be matched to any interior, and they will always look appropriate. Place them on appliances, Windows and even on walls — they are easy to attach. The advantage of vinyl stickers as decoration is their great variability of images of dozens, hundreds, if not more.

For example, there are traditional Christmas scenes: Santa Claus, Christmas tree, the chariot of Santa’s and snowmen. Specifically we really liked the vinyl stickers of Christmas treeswe found on the website Decoretto. They differ in taste, sophistication and unobtrusive. They do not even want to take off after the New year. They are not expensive.

2 Think about Christmas decorations If you’re going to hang on the tree all that will fall under the arms, there is no doubt — the tree of joy does not give. Yourself Christmas decorations appeared in the XVIII century. It was Germany and the Baltic States. First, they had no style, but gradually decorations became the personification of craftsmanship. To make a good Christmas toy, we need to use multiple hands: artist, wood Carver and a glass blower. In those days, Christmas decorations were really the epitome of the holiday.


Today Christmas toys got rid of that spirit. The majority of the Christmas decorations —it’s cheap Chinese products, released in millions of copies. We have something to offer will not, in fact concerned for the welfare of your occasion. In the world of Christmas toys there are a few brands that deserve respect. Few of them — six, seven. But one stands out as better than others — Christopher Radko.

This company creates iconic toys that decorate the house not only celebrities such as Gregory peck, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and the strong of this world — the White house and the house of the Vice-President of the United States. We were particularly pleased that toys Christopher Radko imbued with the spirit of Christmas present, which does not contradict the memories of childhood that still remained in our memory. So if you want to restore the «old and good», then decorate your Christmas tree with traditional and quality toys — it will help, I assure. And you can find them in the online store, Christmas Story. 3 Use fir cones But don’t always need to go to the store to create a festive atmosphere. Steel himself and go out on the street. We know it’s cold, but you will find something there that will help you with the decoration of the house — namely bumps. Seriously, common spruce cones can become the basis for endless amounts of Christmas ideas. In addition, they are part of nature in your apartment. And they do not have to disrupt. In any Park you will find dozens of cones directly under the trees.

In General, try a small package of cones and go home. If you have a friend, you can ask her to do something artistic and aesthetic. Cones can be used to make the same snowman. But if you have your hands curves, just make contact with him with a rope and hang from the ceiling. Can also use cones as a natural Christmas tree decorations. If you don’t like all the artificial and garlands creep you out, the bumps will be a good companion of the New year.

4 Use branches


If you continue the line with «natural design» and what is lying beneath your feet, you can easily collect dry wood for creating wood composition, where to put gifts and toys. Wood composition will cost you absolutely for free and do their simple nature herself for everything you have done, and you only need to skillfully match the various parts.

If you found a willow branch, you can twist in haste wreaths, or like «nests», which can serve as a decor for Desk, cabinets, walls. This whole «forest design» gives your apartment an atmosphere of honesty. You deliberately replaced the plastic on the tree to bring the spirit that has been lost since the invasion of festive balls from Coca-Cola in your life.

5 Artificial snow in assistance Without which can not do a winter holiday? The answer is simple — without snow. And like in Russia, this is rarely a problem, but the weather has become quite unpredictable. Snow can be wet and the frost is so severe that no one even wants to watch the fireworks. If to speak about southern black soil, the appearance of snow, just like roulette — it could not go at all. Fortunately, there is such a wonderful thing as a spray with artificial snow.

Usually this snow adorn small areas in the house. A little table touches, a little balcony. But who is stopping you to get from ten sprays and snow to fill up the whole room? This is best done near the tree, to was an illusion that she’s growing out of the snow. The artificial snow is very affordable — sold in any supermarket for little money. One problem — the cleaning will be painful.

6 Holiday table the Central place of the New year — this is not the room where the Christmas tree stands is a room where is a dining table. Most often we see a large table on which you put everything you have in the fridge. He literally falls from a great amount of food and accumulation of booze. But we want to give you the opportunity to look at the festive table from a different angle.


Imagine that there’s going to be your friend or friends and maybe even colleagues. The table should be prepared not to gluttony, but spiritual, or companionship. To do this, it needs to stand out somehow. We would recommend to pay attention to the candlesticks, candles and tablecloths that are in harmony with each other. You can also use cones, which we discussed above. If many guests, it is better to confine a small number of candles, otherwise someone will throw a couple and pour the wax a herring under a fur coat. Try to serve it up to smell and taste. Better a few times to go get new plates, but save room for every guest, than to force the whole table and take the guests personal space. 7 Hang the socks We’re not talking about your socks. It is better to remove from sight, or, finally, to stick in the washing machine. We’re talking about a special holiday socks to hang some tradition of English-speaking countries during Christmas. And even in Russia such tradition has never been, but we can borrow it, as it is not without the help of American cinema stockings over the fireplace firmly we associate with the winter holidays.

8 a Wreath from wine corks

Christmas wreath is a traditional element of the decor for the winter holidays. It symbolizes that he understand, but loved this element of Christmas is not only Catholics and Protestants, but atheists. That’s just religious meaning secular people won’t invest, so there’s always a chance that creative to «translate» Christmas wreath.

For example, we have a lot of corks from wine bottles. I never understood why our parents put them, but then they began to collect them. This year we’re going to find them finally a practical application, namely, to gather a wreath of them. Yes, you understood correctly — a wreath which is made from wine corks. For this you will need glue, a bunch of wine corks and a small knowledge of geometry — you will need to know what it looks like a circle. A little patience and find yourself holding a great decoration that can be hung on the wall or directly on his head during the festive rampage.

9 Food and flavor

The smell of the New year? You every second compatriot will say that New year smells of citrus.

In fact, the aroma of food seriously affects the perception of housing in the new year days. For example, cinnamon and tangerines can greatly enhance the pleasant impression of the holiday. A person has a memory of smell, which helps it to penetrate into the past and remember the good and carefree times. Do not deprive yourself of this, his girlfriend, and their guests.

For home decoration you can use cinnamon sticks, nuts and, of course, oranges and tangerines. Separately advise to pull that kind of thing: take some mandarins and

a bag of spicy clove. Stick clove buds, the entire surface of the tangerine and put a citrus fruit in some warm place, where you will experience Christmas the aroma is an effective thing, and much better than artificial flavors.10 Christmas song

If you don’t have a festive mood, in this kind of fault yourself. Too lazy to prepare your home before the coming of the New year and you shirk that duty now. But nobody likes people who are shy of Christmas charm. At this time, all want to relax, to rest, to get their portion of «Christmas miracle» and finally move in 2017-th year — the time when all dreams come true. To make this transition was as painless as possible and as nice, you got to let your soul and building a festive mood. About the soul we will tell you some other time, and about the house right now.

So there are these things called «Christmas songs» — they serve faithfully to anyone who wants time to think over the festive surroundings, but wants to do it properly. The outstanding «Christmas song» doing in a place called Bon Bouquet. Guys spetsializiruyutsya on interior design, where large role played by natural elements (greenery, flowers, cones and branches). They do very cool things, which is not ashamed to give and not ashamed to show guests. For example, there are classic Christmas songsthat remind us of Christmas American movies. Waking up warm and pleasant nostalgia.

By the way, if you need professional interior decorations for the holiday, again you can contact the experts with Bon Bouquet. They can prepare not only your apartment, but an office, a restaurant or any other place.

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