10 ideas for sex, which is better only in theory

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Every dude at least once in my life I want to spice up their sex life, and he usually resorts to more or less traditional methods, which are known to us. For example, sex in unexpected places or a Threesome. But most of the things hot on paper, but definitely not in real life. What? Read below.

1. With the help of mirrors

Mirrors help to promote the normal sense of voyeurism and narcissism. The latter, incidentally, suffer much more often, so the mirrors all seem to be such a great idea. Instead of focusing on the sensations and your partner, we will see ourselves in the mirror and think nothing about missing a workout, about how you’re not really looking at the process and how ridiculous it looks your friend during this most. There’s definitely not to sex, man.

2. Sex in the shower

It is surprisingly difficult to implement. In my experience. To begin with, I note that most people don’t have a fairly spacious shower, in which you can do the same thing they do in porn films. Secondly, man, they are slippery and extremely difficult to resist. Slippery tiles does not normally get a hold of her hands, the slippery surface of the bath do not allow it to stand, in short — one big surprise. And on top of pouring the water that fills the eye, nose and mouth. And occasionally flow into the ears. Wet hair girlfriends will get in all the cracks, and the water dripping from them, frankly annoying. Oh yeah, have you ever seen the statistics of deaths from falling in the shower?

3. Sex in the Jacuzzi

For some reason boiling water scary attract people willing to have sex. By the way, always it is worth noting that hot water is a perfect breeding ground for various harmful bacteria that will crawl where it is not necessary. Also faces an acute question: how to get in if there are a lot of underwater currents and bubbles? And the water is dirty, dirty!

4. Massage oil

Quite a common fantasy. Massage oil is quite nice smell, leaves on the body gloss and stains on the bed linen. So, it reduces friction, but every time your bodies come into contact, they will make strange squishing sound that can not be called pleasant. There is also a very big chance that someone does get into the mouth. And it’s disgusting. When you hit oil on your penis with subsequent penetration you will have the feeling that your penis was on the bench. And it’s not good, friend!

5. Sex on the beach

Stereotypical in the worst sense of the word fantasy. All of you probably know what the problem is, for every a respected men’s publication wrote about it. First, of course, sand. He is everywhere, he is in your mouth, in pants, on the body in the most unexpected places. It creaks, it hurt, and honestly not very fun. But it is not only in the sand. If not a sandy beach, you will always find pebbles and other stones. On the cold stones it is possible to track any freeze. In addition, lying on them too hard and unpleasant. Do you have a friend to walk with bruises. Oh yeah, I’m not talking about the dirt and other ailments? Save it for porn.

6. Creating homemade porn

Of course, you’re watching porn. These guys can appear on camera with beautiful girls, don’t you? Disorder! The disappointment comes immediately after you view a film, for example, immediately after the process, after separation or when the record suddenly falls on Pornotube. In fact, it looks… not as good as you think. Your antics, facial expression during sex can even discourage it. I’m serious!

7. Game with chocolate sauce or whipped cream

In the movie, it also looks just fine. But personally, I heard from one of my friend that his friend was poisoned with spoiled whipped cream, which turned out to deteriorate very and very often. And yet many people allergic to them. By the way, no more strange things to do than to lick the other person. Sometimes it tickles, but not very exciting. In addition, the body is sticky gooey feeling that makes… ahem… body hair to stick together. A dubious pleasure, right?

8. 69

Of course, this is a great pose that will help you two to enjoy all the pleasures of oral sex. Ideally. In fact, there are problems: first, the loss of concentration. On the one hand, it should be fun and should be fun. With substantial differences in the growth you can enjoy all the pleasures of physical incompatibility, pain in the neck and bruises.

9. Blowjob behind the wheel

Well, I hope you understand how this idea is incorrect? In one story king, you have all the chances to lose control of sexual ecstasy, and crash somewhere. In addition, when braking your friend can not just bite your dick, but also good to put your head on the dashboard. By the way, you should be focused on the road! You need such a dubious extreme?

10. Sex in the car

All of the above methods extreme and not so sex can end well, this one is no exception. The problem is that in the car (if your size not 160) is quite difficult to really relax during sex so that didn’t grate, to lie comfortably, so that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly spent time. The bumps on the ceiling of the car, the overhang from one end to the head or feet. If you have no tank or a large limo, then fuck you will be really uncomfortable, man.

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