10 horrible facts about moving

movingMoving is hell. And even if you’re moving to your dream home, it’s still a pain in the ass. You’re going to get tired, until dragged from one place to another, and you promise yourself in this life never to do. Come on, dude, keep telling yourself that you are not many things that you will do everything quickly that change is always for the better. And read until 10 horrible facts about moving.

1. You have a lot of things

So, friend, don’t comfort you you really a lot of other stuff, various junk, some useful things, great and small. You just do not realize how much has accumulated. When I last moved, I was given to wonder how I could accumulate so much shit, lived in the apartment just six months. That is absolutely incredible. And the right clothes, shoes, dishes. But, for example, is great. Furniture. Technique. It is above human forces.

2. It is impossible to decide what to throw away

You probably did not know about this fact, but when moving will be, what are you — variant of Elijah. Or Boxes. In short, you have a lot of things that you have no idea, you’ll use it, but to throw out you do not want them. The ticket for a cool basketball game still lies on your bookshelf next to the ticket to an awesome concert and you feel sorry to throw them away. Friends gave you for your birthday some stupid gift like a children’s hockey sticks? Yes, it is still you, and you don’t want to throw it away. Torn backpack? Oh well, the option to sew, still sew. Recognize yourself?

3. In the end, you’ll be covered with scratches, bruises and scratches

When you’re moving, for some reason, your coordination deteriorates and becomes much like a sandwich. You cling to all the angles, throw the box at his feet, hit my head, cut pieces of paper and clothes hangers, slip on the steps. In the end, you’ll look like you’ve rolled down the hill head over heels or run away from the bear.

4. Some furniture resists when you want to move it

If you are the lucky owner of furniture from IKEA, I congratulate you, man. These Swedes are shoved into every piece of furniture some mystery or chudenko: for example, a lot of different cabinets and racks should be screwed to the wall, and then Unscrew. And then another, and dismantle because something wouldn’t fit through the door.

5. You will find reminders of past relationships and you feel like an idiot

When you disassemble your blockages (see point 1) you will always run into some strange shit. For example, card birthday from your ex-girlfriend. There she writes how much she loves you and calls some loving nickname. Then it seemed to you nice and now you look at it, and you’re ashamed of yourself. Idiot.

For such cases, remember: immediately get rid of everything. Open the card, read it and throw it away. Came out of the cinema — put the ticket in the trash. Why all this together? Want to open a Museum of significant papers behalf of himself? If this event is really important to you, you will remember it without such reminders. You don’t need evidence and proof for all the important moments of your life.

6. You will realize how little you’ve accomplished, while living in this house

How long have you lived here? Two years? Wow, dude! So you’ve done nothing for two years! It’s okay though. Now you open a blank page. Now you’re doing it right. Concentrate on your job and get promoted. Take advantage of what the neighborhood of your new apartment gym and start training. Finally learn English. Kidding. None of this never happens.

Every move is another milestone in the process of personal evolution. Before you step through that door for the last time, look at the plans that were presented to him when he moved here. If you did everything right, then you’re out the door with a sense of satisfaction. If not, you can remind yourself that it is time to get your ass up, drink less and get down to business.

7. Try to hang and fix something awful

When you some will put their furniture, it’ll be time to hang different stuff on the walls. It seems a simple matter. All you need is a hammer a couple of nails and maybe even some hardware. You have a higher education, you can calculate how much effort should be applied to hang the plasma with a diagonal of 55 inches? I’ll tell you: really a lot.

You’ll have to drill extra holes to measure something, make a hole in the wall of his apartment and annoy neighbors. Very unpleasant.

8. You will not see all the evils of its new housing

If you rent an apartment, you wouldn’t say it is. My old apartment was like this: everything looked fine but once I enter and it turned out that the kettle boils the water, if only to flatten the hand, the valve closes only with the use of special techniques, and near the fridge plug got corrupted and I had to change it, in the house just the fire happened. In short, be ready for surprises, friend.

9. Different climate

It so happened that people often move in the summer: it usually seems to be the best time of the year. If you didn’t move it to another apartment, and once in another city, you are waiting for the opening. For example, if you go South, you won’t believe how hot it is. Or how humid it is in Vladivostok (and move there, right?). And a lot of awesome waiting for you. Not even weird, you expect heat. Just surprisingly heavy.

10. The first time you will live in anxiety

Regardless of how you are prone to anxiety conditions, you’ll always be a little off, because you have to leave your comfort zone and enter uncharted waters. You need some time to get used to the new house and truly settle in. Over a short time your anxiety maybe even a little stronger, but it’s temporary, it will pass. The noise at night — this is clearly not the bloodthirsty antics of the Ghost that waits until you close your eyes. The neighbors, drafty or just a mouse. Things will get better, friend. With the new house!

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