10 helpful but odd goods from AliExpress

When the Chinese take over the world and all goods — food, clothes, cars — we will only buy on AliExpress. Believe it or not, but better to order a few things to be in the theme, when it begins. And in the meantime we will introduce you with things that may be useful in life, but a hell of a strange look. Apparently, they are the essence of the Chinese people.


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1 tea Strainer


We certainly saw a lot, but the calico in the form of a paint roller… but if your soul lives eternal Builder or a street artist, it is such a small bonus only please heart. If your house is already six months goes repair — this will be a real mockery. Useful, but for those who have particular tastes, for example, us. So we immediately ordered 20 pieces of half edition. Others decided to settle for a tea strainer in the form of a zinc bucket.

20 pieces in the name of tea to order! Discount already 156!

Buy discount 156 rubles →

2 Magnets-sushi


Well, not really sushi… at First we didn’t even know what the point is — two halves of a deer sticking out from the fridge, but then it turned out that there are not only halves, but also «cut» into several pieces serdtsevina. By the way, in the range there is also the tax that raises the logical question: why the Dachshund and the deer were subjected to such ill-serving? In General, it is useful, but weird. We bought two copies — a great addition to the magnets in the anatomical spleen and glasses with astigmatism.

Strange magnets — give two! A break of 54 rubles.

Buy discount 54 rubles →

3 Mug with «handles»


Frankly, it is not clear what guided the creators of such a design for the mugs. Husband comes into the kitchen on a Sunny morning, pouring coffee, and the mug suddenly these bloody palm. Such a gift is clearly perfect for lovers of horror movies, such as our it specialist and accountant Zoe (seriously, she scares us already). In other cases, we would not recommend.

A few mugs for valuable employees — is vital. Especially with the discount at 94 rubles.

Buy discount 94 rubles →

4 Frog napkin holder

Pora was.kom.ua_21.10.2016_WRki5YLlvUDKV

«You will never know what it’s like to choke on a napkin every day,» is a famous meme got probably the best implementation in the real world. «Sad frog» automatically brings a smile every time pick up the napkin from her hands, so she looks sad. However, it is would be if in her place «sneezing Panda». We did not act up and decided to buy three things: one will be swipe in the other Valentines in the third — anonymous complaints (editor-in-chief wants to leave her in the middle of the corridor with glass walls).

Three napkin holders in the form of frogs — a beauty! A discount of 98 rubles is not stifled.

Buy discount in 98 roubles →

5 Pens-coasters


If it was invented in the United States, it would be the most stupid invention patent in the history of mankind. No, the benefit here, of course, there are even 2 in 1, but the assignments are so strange that it is unclear then why there are special cases or human hands, for example? So you just put the smartphone on two such pens and watching some videos… Useful, short, but weird. But we ordered 4 things — just to master the budget. What can Mutko, and we don’t?

Buy four pens — just to be. Besides, discount 62 of the ruble…

Buy discount 62 rubles →

6 Skewers-ants


You’re the entomologist, and you need these skewers. However, even if you just love insects or you want to scare the mother-in-law who came to stay is what you need. This little army of workers seemed to have come with the frames of the animated series «Tom and Jerry» and ready to steal all the sandwiches, berries and even a small Apple. Although this is also the berry In any case, it’s just a find of finds — we ordered 10 sets to the end of the day to play ant «Game of thrones» battles, incest and a dwarf (Yes, we have a runt…).

To make a bloody batch ants with a toy is priceless. And discount at 147 rubles — just archivescan.

Buy discount 147 rubles →

7 Steel flashlight


No doubt, this thing looks great in the dark, and the one who called her «heart», clearly was born in Australia, because it looks a little different. So interesting lantern will look great under a bike seat, symbolizing at the same time your two best qualities — courage and romance. However, girls also can boast of — to attach to a backpack, for example. We respect the feminism in the form of light. Therefore, five of our employees ordered this bright gift. It is only strange that they have bicycles and backpacks…

Why not five lanterns with discount of 57 rubles.

Buy discount 57 rubles →

8 Symbolic hooks


By the way, about courage. Nothing adorns the wall of a bachelor apartment as metal construction. In this case, familiar gestures: «world», «class», a little extra token of alms, as well as reading hand for the phone. Unfortunately, it’s only they’re made of metal — filling is clay, so be careful — don’t put too heavy things. We generally gather every day to wipe them with a cloth and bring them gifts.

In the name of bro-friendship — take a party. Discount 116 rubles here even more.

Buy discounted 116 rubles →

9 Bloody pouch


Surprise your friends at Halloween you everything. Unusual costumes of the doctors were not particularly amused, but if you add to this plastic container, which is usually poured blood, but this time there will be no time for that nonsense strong whiskey kids at the party will appreciate. It’s funny that it’s the perfect cover for perverts-bleeders. Doubly interesting that the chief editor had commissioned for the sales Department as many as 50 pieces…

50 bags of artificial (?) blood good discount 190 rubles.

Buy discount 190 rubles →

10 Friendly Mat


Very, very useful thing that can be left at the threshold of the house or apartment, if you don’t like guests or you are in depression. We would add to the range of the Mat with a wolf from the Soviet cartoon: «well, you do it, come on, if th» — for the friendly owners. However, the existing instance will also be a good idea to look at the threshold of our office. To us, you know, often go a weird person.

A single pad. A kitten. One discount of 27 rubles.

Buy discount 27 rubles →

Well, with such acquisitions editors manygoodtips.com now your work will be even more productive. And since the editor-in-chief then have to read will tell you a secret: we spent 16.7 per thousand! Fortunately, we bought a «Castoring», so we were able to save a thousand rubles, and therefore will have to chip in less. As you know, if you use the service a little longer, the discount will increase, and subsequently you generally can issue individual and fixed. And what is happening in our edition of November 11, the day of the sale on AliExpress! In short, until you fill your online basket, and have been in and out of the box came with ants. The North remembers…

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