10 hard things you need for success

The road to success is long and winding, full of dubious characters and someone’s sticky hands. Nothing is given for granted, and success on a silver platter no one can bring, even God, moved by your prayers. Here should be approached differently.

1. Self-control

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_KaHjvyZ0E8DfyA born leader, like a real samurai should not lose composure in the most stressful environment. Let us remember the animals. Not those with whom you have to study or work, and the noble KOs – Lviv. The male lion is a true leader of his pride, and like any normal leader, he understands that for the group would be more effective if it is by their example show that such a degree of control, even if the group is threatened. Leo Ponte, not hysteria, not throws, it remains a lion. Composure and serenity are the key to organization. When the team sees their leader panicking, she takes it as a signal that you need to disassemble the ship to Board, to do them from the boat and hit the road. Simply put, conflicts, accidents, you have to be calm and collected, not look for trouble and not coming.

2. Good manners for a good life

Come you, then, to meet the parents of his girlfriend, and her grandmother, noblewoman in 6723 knee, the king saw. She you: «if you please, allow me,» the stilted sentences talking, and you in response to a plaintive mooing, «hi» and clapping her on the shoulder. Unpleasant. Therefore, good manners and courtesy should be practiced, because you never know when you need them. Unfortunately or fortunately, manners are the easiest way to make a favorable impression and is not very high society, this art opens many doors. It is desirable to make it difficult, not to scare the interlocutor unbearable schizophasia.

To train this habit is easy to begin to learn not to show their disappointment and self-doubt. The rest is purely can be acquired. Finally pay attention to politicians who are always remain cool. Stalin remained calm and did not send Hitler pigeons with images. In any case, historians have about did not say anything.

3. Punctuality and consistency

The main thing that separates successful people from the rest of the crowd, their ability to organize their life until the last second to plan your schedule to find time for everything. Punctuality – one of the satellites of a successful career. If you work at a big company, you have to go to bed early to Wake up full of energy for new career challenges, to always arrive on time and be on hand when you need them. «At hand» sounds, of course, unpleasant, but we don’t make these rules, so please learn to accept.

All this has one big advantage: you will notice how many obstacles in your way will disappear by themselves.

4. The recognition of their mistakes

By.kom.ua_3.03.2016_OfBYAJsEqzk6nNot to admit their mistakes is to blame for a punctured tyre on the other, then you have the knife in his hand. Childish. A grown man should have a solid understanding of reality and realize your own shortcomings. Of course, it is difficult to be completely objective, but recognize that you made a mistake, it’s easy. Most importantly, try not to do them in the future. It doesn’t make you flawed, on the contrary, the enemies run out of arguments, and the normal people start to treat you as a decent and reliable person, with a very high responsibility. Once you admit their own shortcomings, what are you going to do with them?

5. Development in all directions

Enough to focus on one aspect of life to significantly change. Enough to train yourself to brush your teeth two times a day to solve the issue with hygiene, learn to dress respectably, to become more confident, to have a snack so as not to upset his mother.

And most importantly – to develop yourself to a particular industry, and comprehensively. Engaged in body – don’t forget the intellect, and so on. Pumping of individual skill makes you professional, but not a fully developed personality.

6. Failure is part of success

Some naively believe that success is just a combination of talent and luck. However, the error is another integral part of any success. As said the wise men: «We win or learn.» Do not take the troubles and failures as the collapse of all hope. It’s just a good lesson for you. In some countries, I’ll tell you a secret, businessmen who are in business, everything smooth, looking askance as suckers.

7. Own experience

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_umPzu6AHw5C5GOften information is given to us on a silver platter, but practical experience has shown that it is easier to achieve experience yourself, the more you need to make sure that you consulted legal methods (as for us, it’s legal). There are a lot of myths and misinformation, the price of which is minutes of wasted time to search for answers in Google and spoiled life. You can not just take and believe someone else’s things, you need to at least check it out.

Do not forget that among experts a lot of losers who live in a fantasy world of its own coolness. Believe «martial masters», who gave his life in a single Zvizdal, and that cat somehow… somehow very bad. This incomprehensible level of shit.

8. Overdose work

As it does not hurt, but at the initial stage of his ascension to the Olympus of Success, will have to work hard. You need to carry out their duties and to take a few extra hours. A good option to show your performance and hard work, especially if you’re in a tight beehive with heightened competition. Celestials take only those who bring most benefit. The law of the jungle: don’t paisajes success not see.

9. A careful plan

An ordinary man will ask himself a few questions, give them whip up simple answers and broad strokes to create your plan. A clever person will work it carefully to close all the bases and nuances. Jumping in the pool with his head did not bring good results, and even if you manage to cope with the situation, do not rush to celebrate the triumph ahead of time never know where your holes will be felt.

10. A noble cause called the risk

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_br6LS1iFjp0mjThe real risk is to rely entirely on your intuition and to act, despite the fact that the guarantee of success is extremely small. But know, high risk, great rewards, in the end, life will have to take risks, so you should examine the depth of diving into the unknown. At first be painful, but over time the risk becomes more and more justified. Without risk there is no movement.

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