10 habits that will help to meet girls

Let’s just clarify one important point: it is not about where to go to meet girls. If you’re just will be secured in these places, you’re not going to work. Again, this is to a greater extent tips on how to be more open to new friendships (mostly with women) and in the future to the relationship.

As a rule, women are less wary in their usual environment, where they feel relaxed. If the guy would meet them there, and not in the usual places (club, bar), he will have more chances of success. In addition, immediately draw your attention: if you want just sex, this column is not for you — women know that, you’re not fooling anyone. And don’t think of this list of tips as a pickup manual, it’s just a useful habit that will give you an advantage in the eyes of friends.

1. Make plans for a weekend in the middle of the week


No matter how you’re active, if you want someone to meet you, you have to reach the people. When where you going, better to do it with friends than alone. Often it is not easy to persuade friends to do something unusual, and lazy friends to do anything. Start their campaigning early in the middle of the week, don’t wait for the last minute.

2. Sign up for courses


The reason can be any new knowledge will help you move up the career ladder, you want to learn something new, learn a new skill or just meet new people. Dating even mandatory: there really is no better reason to talk to a girl than if it is stipulated by the task or what you don’t understand it.

3. Sign up in the gym

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And again your goal is not just to hit on a friend in the middle of the workout. It is tactless, it sends her the wrong message if you’re attracted to just her body. However, if you both go to the gym, this suggests that both of you have very noble thing to be in good shape and not ashamed of it, though not flaunt their classes.

4. Keep the stories and themes that evoke a strong reaction


Almost every guy has a couple of win-win stories that he told many times and in which he is sure that they always evoke the necessary response. These stories are very useful because they relieve tension and help to avoid awkward situations in a conversation, and they give you the opportunity to gauge the reaction of the audience. If you can, try to increase your Arsenal of tales. Always be open to new information.

5. Take a habit to introduce myself


A good time to introduce myself, depends on the situation. Ideally, you should respond to a sign from the woman that she spotted you (e.g., eye contact), and do not need to approach her when she is busy about something, and interrupt her. However, if you come, keep the balance between confidence and complacency: smile, act confidently, but don’t be pushy. If this is hard for you, you should start working on this habit. With practice it will be easier.

6. Watch yourself

the guy to clean

You have probably noticed that this list hints: a woman can meet at any time and in any place. You never know where and when you meet the one that will attract your attention, but would be better if it did not happen in the morning when you are too lazy to take a shower and went to work looking like a dirty loser. It’s in the order of things: do not be lazy to cut my nails and comb your hair before leaving the house, it should be business as usual.

7. Use Dating sites and social networks

the guy with the laptop

One of the biggest obstacles to a bright and varied life is the routine of sitting in social networks. If you often agree with people about the meeting, you would often spend time wondering. Thanks to Vkontakte and Facebook you can see who’s having a party, that coming events and shows — very convenient. And, you can meet people through Foursquare.

8. Be polite and offer help


We in any case do not insist that to hold the door for the woman with hands full of shopping, or to give way to transport an old lady is a sure way to meet you. However, even so, you do not earn anyone’s eyes the bonus is not a reason for those things not to do. Remember that if you’re not going to be trivial courtesy, will look like a complete freak. And if you need a particular incentive to behave as a decent type, imagine yourself that watches you, beautiful woman every time you clamp the tip to the waiter or cut the driver on the road.

9. Find the problem that’s bothering you and try being a volunteer


It is very important to take care of something there is can be any problem (again, not lose, if it is related to animals). Spend time making your contribution to the solution of any tasks — it means that you care, and this attracts women. It is important to be sincere, it is not necessary to do what you care about. Fake concern about the problems of society, aims banal pick-up, that’s not what the sign fool, this is crazy.

10. Never doubt yourself


Everything else plays no role, if you are constantly afraid to take advantage of opportunities that float into your hands. If you had the chance with someone to meet or have you met a woman and want to develop your relationship, don’t expect that it will do everything for you myself. Confidence like any human quality: it is possible to develop it in yourself, if you have to work on myself. And if you sit back, you will not be confident just one morning. Show initiative and don’t miss out!

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