10 greatest novels by Stephen king

Work.com.ua_3.02.2015_PSWGGSKQ9KUGUMany works of the King of horror was groaning critics, and many received well-deserved awards and recognition. «New York times» once gave the writer a feature like «author is pretty interesting, but meaningless nonsense.» Nevertheless, king is the author of fifty novels, nearly two hundred short stories and nine collections of science fiction. He is as powerful as a universal master of horror and mystics of all time, so placing in the top ten of all works is quite a hard task because every work deserves attention. But nevertheless, today manygoodtips.com will acquaint you with some of your favorite novels unsurpassed of Mr. Stephen king, maybe it will inspire you to read or reread some of his works.

1. «Confrontation», 1978

Perhaps this novel will not be first in the list, when you think about your favorite works of the author, but it is post-apocalyptic madness, received critical acclaim and is considered one of the best novels of king. «Confrontation» tells us about the world dying from the epidemic, which cleansed the Earth from almost all human beings. The few survivors come into constant confrontation with each other instead of joining efforts and capabilities to save human kind. The first novel was published in 1978, and later republished in edited and updated form under the title «Confrontation: the edition complete and unabridged» in 1990.

And what’s so terrible? Probably what paints the artist paints the disease itself or the symptoms that eats people alive. Stephen king describes the terrible death that was doomed almost every person on Earth. And that’s after reading, feeling a slight malaise and a strange tickling in the throat, you would be horrified, albeit for a split second, yet rational thinking will not give you a slap. But even a fraction of a second is enough to cause a light frost on the skin, and this Stephen King.

2. «It,» 1986

Published in 1986, «It» – a horror novel in every sense of the word. The story tells of seven children who live in a small town in Maine who have bravely taken to investigate a chain of grisly murders. After 27 years, the cycle repeats, and the beast, which the children allegedly destroyed, is back again, celebrating its coming series of children’s corpses. This work gave us the worst image of a clown of all times and peoples, which we fear looking through the eyes of the main characters and happy that we are in their place.

3. «The shining», 1977

The title of the novel was inspired by the song of John Lennon «Instant Karma!», where there are lines: «we All Shine». On the pages we are presented with the story of Jack TORRANCE, a recovering alcoholic and writer, and his family, who in the midst of a fierce winter move to live in a deserted hotel in the world’s ass. Well, of course, nothing good comes out. The book reminds the reader that the worst monsters and demons lie within us, and about how scary it is to be a small child in a world where stronger and more experienced than you. In 1980, Stanley Kubrick shot the same film which instantly received the status of a cult horror film.

4. «Misery», 1987

The overall tone of the book immediately sets the epigraph to the first part of the book is: «When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.» A product of the Stephen king received the award Bram Stoker, and was also nominated for the world fantasy award. Critics and readers appreciated the original story, where at the epicenter of events are not mystical events associated with evil spirits and people suffering from mental illness, and the sacrifice of this man. In this case, is a former nurse Annie Wilkes, who decided to «come out» had an accident popular author, but the love writer turns into a dangerous obsession and predict the development of the plot becomes more difficult. If you have not read, read or at least watch the film – still a classic of the psychological Thriller genre.

5. «The Lot/Fate Of Salem», 1975

The plot of this work is not too tricky. Writer Ben Mears returns to the town where he spent his childhood. To his horror he realizes that this is a small provincial settlement entirely is crawling with vampires. But Stephen king does not write banal stories about vampires, and he knows with a familiar motif to create a masterpiece. By showing us the monsters of the night, it will also remove the light monster of darkness that live in the nooks and crannies of the soul of each person, and already it becomes unclear who is actually a monster.

6. «Duma-Ki», 2008

«Duma-Ki» was published in 2008 and almost immediately found themselves at the top of the top of the newspaper «new York times» bestseller list the year and also received the award Bram Stoker. With the main character of the book – Edgar Freemantle – an accident occurs at work, and he becomes crippled with uncontrollable outbursts of rage. The therapist recommends a change of scenery, and departs Fremantle on a quiet island Duma Key. And here begins the worst part was interesting. This is a magnificent psychological prose with elements of mysticism, where we see a man who, at first glance, lost it all, but as it turned out, he still has something to lose, and then still have something to fight for.

7. «Dead zone», 1979

The book is filled with symbols and metaphors, as an experienced mushroom picker basket after a hike in the woods. On the pages we see johnny Smith – the son of a carpenter, who in childhood received a serious head injury. And like nothing happened, but after ten years, guy gets into a terrible accident, after which in a coma for five long years. Once johnny wakes up, he realizes that together with the consciousness came to him and the amazing gift of foresight, but many things fell forever from his memory and ended up in the so-called «dead zone» of the brain. And now the guy needs to accept that gift or curse, to accept and fulfill their destiny.

8. «Carrie», 1974

The first published novel of king’s, published in 1974, revolves around a humble and very shy high school student Carrie white, who one evening (but not all) using his gift of telekinesis to violently take revenge on those who constantly mocked. The book was withdrawn for the immorality of two student libraries and banned in many American schools. Well what else to write… haven’t You seen the adaptation?

9. «Bag of bones», 1998

In this novel, the mystery is intertwined with the deepest feelings of the protagonist-writer, who has long lost not only inspiration, but also peace after the death of his pregnant wife in an accident. A man moves into a quiet boring town and buries alive his talent, and himself. Not literally, of course. In this novel we are afraid of no monsters and not the paranormal stuff, and total human loneliness, confusion and grief, fear and guilt that permeated the pages of the book. The orderly and smooth description of life is cyclical and repetitive, diluted with strange visions and images of people who are long dead in this world.

10. «Pet Sematary», 1983

The original idea for the book occurred to the writer in 1978, when he taught at the University of Maine in Orono, and his family rented a house next to a busy road in Orrington. The road claimed the lives of many Pets, and neighborhood kids created for them a cemetery in a field near the house of kings. A novel about despair, a novel about despair, a novel about ancient rituals and beliefs… «pet Cemetery» is a really terrible book, which is absolutely not inferior to its film adaptation, after watching disturbed the sleep of hundreds of children.

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