10 great ideas how to spend an evening or a weekend with a friend

Being in a relationship is really cool, if you don’t suffer. In a relationship, how cool would you no would be together, no need to follow the example of the hermits and spend all your time at home playing games and watching TV series. You and her should once in a while to get somewhere with the purpose of self-education. To do something as a couple or with friends is a great way to strengthen your rear and relationships. Today we will provide you some ideas to spend the evening with your friend as fun and interesting.

1. The theater opportunity is there

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If you live in a big city, there is certainly a theatre or stand-up, where there is the opportunity to watch a play, a musical or a performance of the comic and at the same time to absorb food. Love the theater and watch the play of the actors, well, enjoy the play. Don’t like or production stuff? What’s the problem? Eat your steak of lamb with a wine or a Caesar salad and shut up. In any case, to shout across the table worse than silently eat his meal and look around.

In some cities there is something like burlesque shows, go and see it.

2. Bowling

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Bowling is one of those few things that everyone can do, even if he is a complete ignoramus. During breaks between the shots can always be something to talk or to go to a bar where you can drink a couple of cocktails. You can also go bowling with friends or relatives.

Compared to theatre, it’s safe to say that bowling is inexpensive and available even with a modest income at least once a month. In addition, bowling will give you two the opportunity to experience the spirit of healthy competition, what many couples are missing, as well as opportunities to fool around. In many bowling centers there are promotions when you can play all night for a fixed fee. And sometimes girls entrance free.

3. Water Park or amusement Park

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Needless to explain that these two classes are extremely fun? Only on an attraction «Free falling» I will never climb. Since now is still summer, you have a chance to visit with a friend water Park that never gets any worse, even if we consider that around a bunch of kids and overweight women.

Also rides in most parks there are bars and cafes where you can eat. To go to amusement parks and rides with friends — great fun.

4. Go for a walk around the city, exploring new places

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Even if we live a lifetime in one city, it doesn’t mean that we were right everywhere. Should take his girlfriend’s hand and walk up and down the city in the evening. At the same time and fresh air to breathe, city view. Very often in the evening, you can stumble on a flashmob performance of firemen and other exciting events. How can they be to miss?

Besides, it is rare that you know all the interesting places in the city. I once, too, so walked around my town and stumbled upon a cool cafe that played jazz some local group. And it was free, not including beer and snacks. The main thing — in the wilderness in the dark without getting lost.

5. Night games

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I from my own experience I’m telling you, it’s a great idea! If you have Xbox, you can put two of any type of fighting game Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Soulcalibur. Of course, not every girl likes that kind of time, so adequate replacement fighting game night. This does not mean that you have to deal with a girl rules of Dungeon&Dragons for 500 + pages, just buy a good Board game, to quickly understand the rules and have fun, as friends, and together. From myself I suggest to buy a Munchkin, Evolution, Dixit, Uno or Alias. It’s quick and easy to learn game. If you want something more complicated, you can always switch to the «Sid Meier’s Civilization», «Game of Thrones» or «the Horror of Arkham». If you want something really interesting or unusual, we will buy a few starter sets «Magic: the gathering» or starter pack «Warhammer 40,000». It will take you a long PM. And eat a decent portion of the budget.

6. Sporting events

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I think that girls can’t stand any sport if it’s not ice dancing or rhythmic gymnastics? It is not so! Many people like football and Boxing, and swimming, and basketball. But first we must make sure that the girl really love the sport that you are going to watch a couple or with friends. Selfish to leave her bored in a vain attempt to understand what are these people doing on the field.

These activities are good because they are held outdoors, and all around far from junk food and bad beer. Although a plus health!

7. Go for a hike

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One-day Hiking trails, kayaking, and horseback riding is a great way to spend a weekend with a tangible benefit. It is better to do, of course, with friends from banal reasons of security. In nature you can feel a part and a product of evolution, to breathe the mountain air and to feel happiness. And then return to civilization and forget it as a nightmare night in the tent prohibitive number of mosquitoes.

8. Water skiing and other marine activities

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Of course, if there is the sea. All sorts of bananas, pills, sea skiing and other pleasures of life for those who they are not tired. The sense of danger in light of the risks involved.

9. BBQ or barbecue

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If you like American style of life, you can make the meat on the grill, barbecue or fry the sausages. Then you can leave a Frisbee and a game of baseball, of course. But if you prefer the Russian tradition, you can always make a barbecue, drink some wine, eat a tomato and go to play cards. What? The same option, the summer ends!

10. Throw a dinner party with friends

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Prepare a bunch of Goodies and a variety of entertainment together with your friend. Without any reason, just because! Don’t forget to invite a lot of friends, dude, even appreciate your food.

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