10 good reasons why we should all drink beer

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2014_XWFcloK58Pk6cThe Internet enough articles that clearly describe why we need to do something, and what should not. Today, this commonplace list will be added another one. This will be our special article-a justification for any action. You can feel free to show it to her friend, if she be angry that you once again have touched.

But know the measure, man, although it is likely that the proposal you will not even notice.

1. Beer prolongs life

No, it is not so! But the beer is efficiently prolongs life. How? Result Boolean example. My lecturer on the philosophy of the Institute was always surprised when his peers-friends have begun to actively monitor the health. The teacher was and is a very gives a man about 55-60 years old. It’s time to fear death! But instead of buying a pedometer and eating salmon without salt, man continues to drink wine, play the piano and look at the students Asses. Because he understands that the last years of his life to spoil impossible. That’s the point of that paragraph.

2. Beer helps you become more creative person

When I drink a little, I relaxed, and my head starts to work… otherwise. At least, any my idea seems to me to be still alive and cute. Even if it is not.

3. Beer dispels boredom

If you get together with friends to drink, and you suddenly get bored, then it certainly means you’re doing something wrong or you have a party of drinkers. In the latter case, everything is clear, get out of there. When two weeks ago I was visiting my good friend Shred, I was phenomenally bored because I couldn’t drink beer: I have a very sore throat. Dudes were discussing World of Warcraft, with whom I have almost no relationship, because I don’t like online games. I was phenomenally boring. But a week ago when my throat was, and the conversation again turned on, WOW, everything was just great and hilarious. I even laughed at the jokes a Little about the damage and the druid-the owl. Blame the beer…

4. Beer makes you more easy going

It is really so. Stole flowers from a nearby flowerbed and go be reconciled with your ex, if you are intelligent, law-abiding man, only if you had enough to drink. However, sometimes the cases are quite stupid. For example, the same shreds, along with another man going to someone with a hangover to beat a muzzle. The story ended not very.

5. You help the economy and small businesses

Absolutely a moot point provided that no sane person at the moment does not support the government. But small entrepreneurs to help makes sense, right?

6. Meet new people

I had a hard time meeting new people. Not because I’m quiet or dark type with a hostile look. Just because I often don’t see the point in meeting new people. But when I drink, everything is much simpler and easier. I can easily approach girls and even managed successfully to be the wingman one of my bro, although I had no experience to pick up girls in a crowded shopping Mall on Saturday evening. I actually was able to stop? Like Gandalf in Lord of the rings shouting «You shall not pass»? I don’t remember!

7. The world is becoming brighter and there is always something to do

The most boring man you can do better if you give him to drink a liter of beer. I’m serious. I don’t even know why. If there are people to whom it doesn’t work. Probably is, but I don’t want to see him.

8. Beer makes everyone love each other

In the truest sense. I know why, after a certain amount of beer ALL the girls are available. By nature we are programmed to breed from people with «beautiful» genes. And under the beer we all become beautiful. That’s all!

9. Beer makes cheesy movies brilliant

Remember all those stupid kung fu movies with flying Chinese people and daggers? And those trash-movies like «Hobo with a shotgun»? They are simply incomparable when you look them in the company and tipsy. Don’t know why. It’s probably magic!

10. Beer is an ancient and international

It was cooked in Egypt, it was brewed by monks in monasteries. People were drinking beer for millennia, you want to offend your ancestors?

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