10 forgotten American muscle cars

It’s a shame when a damn beautiful cars are forgotten over time. There is no philosophy, no conspiracy, just the harsh laws of the market. Such machines are found in different categories, but we’ll take the favorite and rude muscle cars. Some of them will handicap the Chinese automobile industry even in a disassembled state.

1. Mercury Marauder


The years 1964-1965, 1969-1970, 2003-2004

Mercury Marauder was in the mortal world in three completely different generations, but each time the car was distinguished by one common denominator – careful. This is the most cautious car in the history of muscle cars. The first and the second generation was produced with a V8 engine, while the third came with virtually the same engine as the Mustang 2003 release.

2. Pontiac 2+2


Years: 1964-1967

2+2 started life as one of the variations of Pontiac Catalina before becoming an independent machine. It was huge, much more than his legendary younger brother of the GTO. This giant a short time dominated the market, looking like draft horses on insert pony. Besides, 375 horsepower coupled with a V8 engine has caused excitement among potential buyers.

3. Ford Torino Cobra


Years: 1968-1971

Corba is a powerful package that aims to compete in street races. The base model was offered with the 302-m unit (5 l) and the three-step mechanical transmission, optional with 390 (6.4 l) or 428 (7 l) units. «Cobra» had a standard 428-th block (of a claimed 335 BHP), as an option offered rear axle with a gear ratio of 4.3:1, separate seat, clock, tachometer, air intake on the bonnet and front disc brakes with vacuum booster.

Technically it is the fastest member in the family of Torino, who planted the famous competition Maskirovka Superbird and embodied the very concept of fast muscle cars.

4. Dodge Dart Swinger/Demon/Sport 340


Years: 1968-1976 (all three together)

Surprisingly, all of their «Standards» Dodge released at one time. The top of the heap was released in a super limited edition Hemi Darts produced for legal street racing.

Dodge, who decided to take a number, made the right decision and gave the world a series of long-livers, and also managed to do the impossible: to win the market and impose an impossible competition with its variety of the model range – from the cheapest «national» sedans with economical I6 engines to sports cars fastback coupe big V8 and that attracted a very wide range of buyers. The machine was sturdy.

5. Buick GNX


Years: 1987

«A muscle car with a V6 motor? What nonsense!» – say a fanatic of eight cylinders. But the magic Turbo inscription on the engine cover makes all the difference! GNX is a nightmare Mustangs, Camaro, Corvette and other eminent «pulyalok» that to the 80-th years of the last century a special zeal could not boast.

The official number is «only» 276 HP. The manufacturer claimed acceleration from standstill to 96 km/h in 5.5 seconds, but the measurements of the magazine Car and Driver the coupe had a much better result: 4.7 seconds and passing the quarter-mile in 13.5 seconds. For example, a similar result has developed a supercar Audi R8 4.2 FSI, but don’t forget that compare a car from the 60s and 2000s.

6. Chevrolet Biscayne 427


Years: 1966, 1968-1969

What can I say: excellent V8, two doors and a small weight compared to other cars of its category, and it significantly increases the already excellent speed of simple outside of the car.

7. Buick Wildcat


Years: 1963-1970

«Rys» (the literal meaning of the name of the model) was originally designed as an option engine on the legendary Invicta. As soon as she became an independent car «Lynx» is equipped with the smallest V8 that could come up. This machine is nothing like the miscarriage of the Cold war. Two of these engines can be put on a cart, connect and use as a starter for the SR-71 Blackbird.

8. Mercury Cyclone Spoiler


Years: 1970-1971

Like many cars on this list, it is supposed that Mercury Cyclone Spoiler would be an improvement for the model named Comet. But it was decided to do, as it often happens, independent and very original car with 375 HP and original for the time design, which alarmed the noble audience. However, over time, become accustomed to the model, and people tired of the Mustang and Camaro, elevated her to the rank of divinity.

9. AMC Matador Machine


Years: 1971-1972

401 cubic inch, is connected directly to the soul of the driver using a manual transmission, which ceases to exist in 1973… And it was then, when nothing but the machine was unacceptable.

Everyone who has ever met her, they say only the good things that defy specifications, all at a touch.

10. Ford Falcon Sprint


Years: 1964-1965

Sometimes fate is cruel, and such is the case with this handsome man. When the Mustang debuted in the market, overwriting any earlier achievements (including achievements Falcon Sprint), his predecessors started to lose in popularity and were preparing for a gradual withdrawal from production. Although this pony car was cheaper in his body fought the fiery V8, buyers wanted the iconic Mustang. By 1970 «Falcon» left the us market completely and demand, except that in Australia. In fact, a citizen named Mad Max on one just like it went.

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