10 fantastic things for real geeks

Now, my friend, we are witnessing a turning point in modern culture. Out of the darkness comic book movies and graphic novels. Science fiction is becoming relevant again, just like old times. And computer games have occupied a firm place in the life of every person, regardless of age. Culture becomes much more important thing than before and it can not but rejoice.

A geek can call itself every second person, because every second has a favorite series, favorite book or favorite game that he wanted to stretch out from the virtual world to the real world. manygoodtips.com wants to help you with this, so he studied the great and terrible expanse of the Internet to compile a list of kosher and pleasant things that will please almost any modern guy, if he doesn’t live like a hermit.

1. Black Widow

Many people ask: «Why do we need Black Widow in the Avengers, because she has no powers?!» Well, it is in vain, a strong woman is needed every strong man, especially if she has a great physical form, and face, like Scarlett Johansson. Even if you don’t have a girlfriend, you can just put it in a miniature copy of the table that it inspires great deeds, or rethinking of life. Anyway, girls have to love, and to the Widow, Natalia Romanova otherwise – just our compatriot.

2. Print from «Game of thrones»

Yes, we understand that now the age of high technology, and I was forgotten. Well, about those who write in hand on plain paper, and then put in an envelope. However, as before an ordinary sheet absorbs much more power than a banal message in Viber or Telegram. And there are people among us who prefer to Topstitch close their thoughts on paper and send to distant lands. But it was beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, you need a wax seal. It provides nobility and importance of the letters, and to make it even more grandeur, use print with the image of coats of arms of families from the «a Song of Ice and fire». To choose from – print the stark, Targaryen and Lannister.


Cool, when you always have a time machine, which also performs the role of a space ship. It’s also cool that this ship can be coffee or tea Cup to make it easier to perceive reality. If you watched Doctor Who, you’ll understand what I mean. Because each of us would like to get yourself a TARDIS and travel in time and space far away from this office, climate and urban gray. The mug itself, incidentally, is a genius of engineering. First, it is quite extensive,allowing you to watch Doctor Who while on the addition of boiling water. And second, it holds heat very well, because it has a special cover.

4. The Wardrobe Of The TARDIS

No, one Cup is impossible to be limited. After all, it’s fucking Doctor Who! Because you will have the wardrobe and «TARDIS». If you find real value in there to hide from the evil wife or tax. But we would have used it under a book, because for them is never enough space, and such a large object, surprisingly, suitable for different room design, and looks unique. It is unlikely that your friend’s house there is a telephone booth. In General, these things do not age. For example, now doctors (12-th) plays a Peter Capaldi, a Scottish actor who knows what he is doing, and is a longtime fan of the series. But how many years have passed, how many «doctors» left. Fantastic epic continues without interruption since 1963 awfully long time, but it’s good!

5. Blades from Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft, despite its shortcomings, has created the coolest universe, where they joined a unique story and fervent action. The franchise certainly is to this day the most successful in the company. Well, we, of course, more interesting to talk about the most important things in assasins.com hard case – blade.

Swords in games have always been different but had many similarities. Of course, a secret order of assassins couldn’t swing a huge halberds and firing longbows, because they need to be stealthy like a shadow. And so the blades had to be inconspicuous as possible, such that can be easily hidden somewhere under his cloak or in a sleeve. In fact, such weapons can be bought. They all have a special mechanism that can «throw» the tip out, also they are well fixed on the hand.

6. Sweatshirt Assassin

Once considered a weapon, what outfits to put in a good word. Now, of course, in the mail on the street do not resemble, and the chilly weather today for steel rings. But the sweatshirt comes in handy. This, for example, stylized clothing of the assassin Connor. Warmed white fur (Berber fleece), retains heat, and the hood according to all rules of the game – protects from rain and prying eyes. However, it is unlikely you will pass it unnoticed, if you wander into some Mall.

7. Loki

So, comics and movies with him a bit distorted our perception of Norse mythology. But Loki Hollywood filmmakers succeeded. It creates the same impression that creates a deity from the harsh world of the Vikings. Besides, a lot of fans of «Thor» sympathized with him much more than the main character. Why? God knows, but your collection will not be more than the figure of the God of trickery and deceit. You never know, maybe it will help you to pass the session or to get a job?

8. Han Solo’s Blaster

We hardly threatened by Imperial troops, but don’t underestimate the enemy. And to be prepared in our time is obviously the winner. If the stormtroopers are already on the doorstep, then get Han Solo’s Blaster and get a couple of holes in their shiny white helmets. In General, the replica of these pieces to get right now. For example, our Blaster is a replica in scale of 0.33 from the original, its length is 10 inches, and weighs a little less than a kilogram.

9. Ash from «evil dead»

If you’re dead, but still walking, you better not mess with the old Ash. He’s not very happy like you. We are certainly happy that a new series deservedly got his fans, but old movies need to remember, to reconsider and to love. You can, for example, take a couple of figures of ash Williams and forget about the dangers of black magic and zombie invasion. He may not have normal hands, but there is the good old axe that direct is designed to work with the limbs.

10. Cherry from «Grindhouse»

You can love old movies Tarantino and Rodriguez, you can blame their new movies, but anyone who has followed the work of these madmen, no doubt remember the crazy scene from «Planet of Fear». There was a gorgeous dancer, go-go, whose name was cherry, and that instead of legs was a prosthetic-a minigun. With it-then it poured with lead the half-dead freaks who contracted the next zombie virus. The film is a warm feeling, and the figure too, of course.

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