10 facts about the travel, which no one tells you about

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2014_rL8fUenwVZt7TWhat is the journey? I think it’s an exciting adventure, full of joy and carefree fun? As it is not so. What seems fascinating, as a scene from the road movie is, in fact, is not so fun. What now sounds like a vivid memory, then, in the past, probably did not so much joy.

The truth is that the journey is part of life. Specific, of course, but — part. In this part, as well as in any other, there is a place fun is the place problems. Each of us, having read as a child Jules Verne wants to go on an adventure but only a few will really be ready for it.

We’ll tell you about the travel aspects, which are silent to the travel Agency.

1. The journey does not relieve from responsibility

As tempting as sounds stories about dudes who, leaving the office weekdays and sold all movable and immovable property, rushed to Asia in search of adventure, truth is, they also need something to eat and a place to sleep, and the proceeds from the sale of Studio apartment in a residential district of Saratov, end pretty quickly.

So, they don’t have to sit on your ass in a stuffy office, however, they will be forced to look for other ways to earn a living, and it brings them back to responsibility and obligations.

2. The journey is not one big party

Moments of joy in the journey, as mentioned above, replaced by worries, and there is no way to avoid it. You have to be nervous because of the high hotel prices or the fact that you’re lost in an unfamiliar city. And, no, you’re not out every night drinking and dancing in bars because in the daytime you have to solve a lot of «working» questions.

3. Travel is rare that everything goes smoothly

Accidents happen. Their number is directly proportional to how far from the usual routes «work — home» and «work — bar» you have got. You will constantly have somewhere to be late and lose things, you’ll get lost in three pines and can’t find my hotel. Travel things always go awry, and that’s fine.

4. You will not always be the company

If you think that tourist groups, guides and other bourgeois stuff is not for you, and you’re attracted to the fate of the traveller are single, be ready to face all the pros and cons of their choice. We have written several articles specifically for these lone wolf like you:

Why you should travel alone

10 places that are suitable for travelling solo

5. Disease in the journey to move more difficult than at home

First, because the trip will not be a doting mother, who, after learning that my son had a cold, immediately come running to the rescue and instantly solve all your problems. On the trip you are on your own. No one will care for you, and instead go to bed and cheer at least a couple of days you will probably have to break up and move on. God grant that in the country where you going, a normal level of medicine, and the medical staff kept a drop of conscience and tried to rip off the shirt with the alien for their services.

6. You won’t always be happy with the food

The local cuisine looks so attractive on snico on the Internet, it may be unbearable your unusual taste to it. In addition, it is likely that some of the dishes seem unacceptable your stomach.

7. You change your idea of the usual way of life

Long journey will somehow affect your life after the return. For example, having been in arid lands, where every drop of water counts, you will begin to irritate the habit of your girl splashing in the shower for 40 minutes and more.

8. Few people will be really happy to hear your stories

This is the sad truth, man. Not so much in this world people who are so interested in your life that they are willing to spend a couple of hours, obediently nodding and considering 2 million of your photos.

9. Be ready for financial losses

Even if, calculating your budget, you took into account all possible risks, be ready for surprises: most likely, you’ll have to deviate from your financial plan. Unexpected expenses are bound to be, and not worry if they will be more than you planned.

10. You will not take a long journey, if you do not accept all of what we wrote above

Because people — being distrustful, inclined to accept as truth only what is seen/heard/experienced myself recommend that you immediately go on a journey and to see the truth of our words.

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