10 exercises with a skipping rope


Jump rope is quite childish fun. While Yes, it is like jumping children, but it means nothing! The truth is that no boxer in the world not conducting daily training without most of these shocks that keep the legs in good shape. And feet probably are as important in fighting as the hands. Jumping rope also enhance self-control when carrying out a series of attacks. The breath becomes calm, even when you are approaching a mountain of muscle, and you yourself get stronger. Of course, jumping is a cardio workout, which many do not like, but without them our world nowhere. And even if you don’t want to become a professional boxer, jump rope will help you with health.

Today we want to tell you about the most common techniques of work with rope. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Athletes typically prefer to combine the exercises to reduce the monotony of classes and to enhance efficiency.

1 Classic

Good for beginners. The simplest technique. Relax, stand on your feet and jump together with rope. It is best that the jump was low to the ground. When mastered fully, you can use this method to warm up.

2 Scissors

Front of right foot, and the left leads back. During a jump, moving feet, that is, be right back and left front. Jump rope must pass under you, when your feet hang in the air.

3 Polarisworld


Stand with legs together. During the jump bend your knees and spread ‘ em down the left, while the next leap expand your knees to the right. But remember: the body the body must turn after the lap. Keep it right.

4 criss-Cross

Jump like in the «classics», but when you jump up, then left hand turn right, left and right. At this point, the rope should cross in front of the body.

5 High step

Jump as usual, but raise knee to waist. Of course, in turn.

6 Skier


Feet to keep together. During a jump move them, not taking from each other, from side to side. The body is in an upright position, back straight.

7 Crossing

Keep feet together and while jumping duty the position of the hands: first the cross, then bred in hand.

8 Running

An exhausting exercise, but very effective. Run over the rope, pick up the pace for themselves. Try to control your breathing and be in a clear mind when you run, otherwise you can easily fall.

9 March


Jump, pulling your right leg forward. After jumping on two legs, and complete with extended forward at this time with the left foot.

10 Quick March

Do the same as in the previous exercise, but this time remove the jump on two legs. That is, jump with the outstretched right, then left outstretched, repeat many times.

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