10 excellent ways to make your back more appealing

Once we discussed the things that we do not believe in yourself attractive, while the friend that you are. A strong back not only looks quite bravely, training the back muscles is a reasonable idea: to be swapped with some very important muscle group, and behind them catch up and many others adjacent to them. Unfortunately, many bro in all seriousness score for the development of the back, limited to one or two exercises. And that’s not enough! Let’s look at a few key points that will help you improve the appearance and quality of your back.

1. Never neglect the pull-UPS

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Pull-UPS — is not the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle! Often we neglect them and do them regularly. Series of different types of pull-UPS (narrow grip, wide grip) to improve the effect.

2. Add to your set of exercises thrust dumbbells to his belt in the slope

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Pull the dumbbell to the belt in the slope — a great exercise because it helps to eliminate muscular imbalances in the body, when one hand or a group of muscles pumped less of everything else and stand out. If you neglect exercise on each hand, then in the future you have one bicep is bigger than the other, and back, as a consequence, there will be less lean and disproportionate. I had the same garbage, the other, the upper part of my back was quite strong, the muscles in her perfectly illuminated, but the lower back was a flaccid sight. So it is necessary to develop evenly, and pull the dumbbell to the belt in the slope will help you.

3. Check your posture

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Many guys even despite the fact that hard rock back, neglected posture, so their efforts are reduced to nothing. Watch your posture always, remember her often, and breed rospromles shoulders and back constantly. Over time this will become a habit. Plus good posture that perfectly straight back keeps the muscles overall tone. In addition, poor posture during exercise can cause injury.

4. Do the activity «Flying Superman»

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In General, this exercise is very a lot of names, but I like the «Flying Superman». This exercise, incidentally, can be done with weighting, holding on his back a disc or other cargo. This exercise perfectly develops the lower back.

5. Develop endurance by increasing the number of repetitions

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Have you do 3-5 reps, increase number of repeats from 8 to 10. Yes, I understand that for some this may sound wildly, let you do exercise as much exercise, but approaches will be more. So you will increase overall muscle endurance, which I agree, is useful. Muscles will ache from nice to new loads, as I’m sure old they have become boring. Use different ranges of respite between sets: from very small (10 seconds) to a rest of 45 seconds or a minute.

6. The balance between pumping torso and back

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Another thing that you should be careful not to break the thin line between training the front and back of your body. Most dudes in the gym they prefer to pump the chest, but almost not to pay attention to the back, considering that the spin itself nakachatsya. The chest, which paid too much attention leads to rounded shoulders, the posture of a gorilla, something like muscle hill under the neck and a dull back. About the risk of injury too. Try to pay equal attention to each muscle group and perform the same number of exercises on each of them.

7. Make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly

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Usually, before we start learning new exercise program, we admire in the first days and did not pay attention, that somewhere cheating, somewhere we do absolutely not like it should. Every time you have a new program or do you remember the previous exercise, call a coach or a friend to look at your technique. If you are doing exercises with bad technique, the benefits are meager. I hope no need to explain why?

8. Eat enough protein every day

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If you follow our articles, you’ve probably read an article about how much protein you need to eat per day? If you don’t eat enough protein every day, your muscles will not be able to adequately recover from each workout and grow. Should not shy away from artificial additives, for example, protein in the picture is very good. Creatine and other Goodies, too, should be in abundance. If you can not eat during the day or eight hours (if you sit on periodic fasting), use protein powder or chocolate bar with protein. And tasty, and like 30 g of protein not redundant.

9. Breeding hands with dumbbells in the slope

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Finish your workout with this exercise and other types of wiring perfectly. Many guys neglect the breeding of dumbbells ago, breeding of dumbbells with dumbbells turned over at one point and that is why their deltas are not trained.

10. Don’t forget paimaneh shoulders

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Shrugs or shrug with any type load dumbbells or barbells is a great exercise for strengthening the deltoids and other back muscles. Instead of a thousand uncomfortable and tiring exercises it is better to do the good old and simple shaking with goods of your choice. This will improve the appearance and strength of your back, shoulders and arms. And the back — a very attractive part of body for girls.

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